Blinkist Free Account: 2 Methods 2022

It’s difficult to find time for reading, particularly with social networking sites, like YouTube, and computer games which consume so much of our spare time.

Blinkist is an application that delivers informative book summaries in both textual and audio format, enabling you to learn a lot in a short amount of time. 

What is the price? A costly monthly membership price of $14.99. That’s a bit too much right? Don’t worry, in today’s article we will tell you a successful way by which you can access a FREE Blinkist Account! 

We are going to give you a brief of this application especially for our readers who have little knowledge about this application, Blinkist.

The Blinkist application summarizes non-fiction books and novels so that users can understand the main points of a book in 15 minutes instead of taking many hours to read it.

Blinkist uses a vast group of experienced writers and narrators to provide summaries for both eBooks and audiobooks. 

Blinkist is our favourite service since it has a large variety of the top and latest business, educational, and self-improvement books.

Pros of Blinkist:

  • The book summaries are all finished. You don’t just learn a few key concepts and ideas from a book; you learn all of them.
  • It’s incredibly simple to absorb information and learn. The software is fast and responsive, and a kid would learn how to utilise the key functions, such as reading and listening, quickly.
  • Remembering facts from summaries is much easier with the use of highlighters. This is an underappreciated feature that may have a significant impact on how much information you remember, but you must use it to gain the advantages.
  • Blinkist provides a smooth audio experience. You press a button, the sound starts playing, and you can listen to it. Perfect for studying during long workouts, work commutes, cooking, or cleaning.

Cons of Blinkist:

  • The novel is totally without humour and most feelings. Some authors make it a point to include a description that captures some of the book’s distinctive flavour. Blinkist doesn’t; it’s more focused on facts.
  • Reading a lot of summaries in a row might become boring. That’s largely due to the absence of plot, which is why I only advocate reading 1-2 summaries every day.
  • Some summaries are too brief in comparison to the book they represent. I’ve seen summaries with only three or four blinks, but the book itself was very lengthy. I’m sure they’ll leave out a lot of crucial information.
  • Individual books are not subjected to analysis. None of the books are reviewed, critiqued, ranked, or fact-checked by the Blinkist staff. That implies you’re still in charge of these tasks.

Blinkist Free Username & Account

I’ve provided a selection of usernames and passwords for you to use to gain access to Blinkist free accounts, but don’t think about changing the password on these accounts!

[email protected]Kryptonite88
[email protected]redskins81
[email protected][email protected]
[email protected]Julia619
[email protected]wolfman1501
[email protected]jewfish1
[email protected]5Mentario
[email protected]Ilovedogs3
[email protected][email protected]
[email protected]Gaby3112001
[email protected]David1812!
[email protected]MASTERspy1!
[email protected]Wolfout28
[email protected]Kawaninja250
[email protected]taurus59
[email protected]Familyof4
[email protected]darla1017
[email protected]beeps211
[email protected]navfam2000
[email protected]19Cohen14

Did you try accessing any of the above accounts? Not working? Well, we played a prank on you! These accounts are fake and there is no way you can access free accounts this way. Want to know the real method? Then we are delighted to tell you about the software AccountBot.

Accountbot website sells accounts on other websites at a low cost. All major websites, such as Netflix, Disney Plus, skillshare, McAfee, Spotify, Blinkist, and others, are available here. 

This website has the following features:

  • Memberships are available at a huge discount, with savings of up to 90% off the regular price. The most affordable pricing on the market.
  • Automated Exchange – They are also the only site that gives an automated exchange mechanism, allowing you to have a working account 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Real-time assistance – They have such a dedicated support team that works 24 hours a day to guarantee that their clients are satisfied.

Let’s see how we can create a free Blinkist Premium account!

Using AccountBot For Free Premium Account For Blinkist

1. When you visit the Accountbot website for the first time, you’ll see something similar to this.

Accountbot Blinkist Free Account

2. Select the register option from the drop-down menu.

Register to Accountbot Blinkist Free Account

To sign up for an AccountBot account. Simply enter your username, password, and email address. Then press the register button!

Register accountbot Blinkist Free Account

3. After you’ve established your account, you’ll be taken to a selection of platforms to choose from; scroll down to the “Education” area. The option for Blinkist premium may be found here.

Blinkist premium Blinkist Free Account

4. Now go to Blinkist premium and choose this option; you should see something similar to this. There are a variety of plans to select from here. Let me go through these plans with you in detail:

  • 1 Month – $3.99
  • 3 Month – $7.99
  • 6 Month – $11.99
  • 1 Year – $15.99
Blinkist Premium price Blinkist Free Account

5. Once you’ve selected the plan you want, go ahead and add it to your cart and buy it.

Buy blinkist premium account free

6. You will be sent to the payment gateway after this. Where you may pick from a variety of payment options:

  • PayPal
  • Debit/Credit, Apple Pay
  • CryptoCurrency
Playment method Blinkist Free Account

7. After you’ve paid, you’ll see something similar to this:

8. Go to the subscription page and click on generate an account. It will provide you an account. My screenshot is a bit different because I have upgraded to the reseller account.


Here I have attached two screenshots one is from the accountbot website and the second is from the Blinkist app that I took after login into the Blinkist website.

You can see both screenshots email address is same and it has Blinkist premium subscription. If you can’t see then open image in new tab.


As a result, we’ve included all of the information on how to get a Blinkist premium account for free with AccountBot. 

You may also acquire accounts on other sites using the same approach. Disney Plus and Showtime, for example! I hope you found this post useful. 

However, if you have any further concerns about this method, then please let us know in the comments area below!

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