Doodlemaker vs Doodly: Battle Of Whiteboard Videos

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According to Cisco, 81% of the internet’s traffic will be video-based by the end of 2021.

Now video making is not about turning on the camera & start speaking anything you want. It isn’t always the best option especially when you want to create 

  1. Inspirational videos
  2. Explaining concepts
  3. When you have a lot to say

For any kind of video, doodle videos are perfect.

Here in this article, I will compare the newly launched Doodlemaker with Doodly to find out which is best for doodle videos.

Why Trust Us

Hi, My name is Harinderpreet Singh. I own this blog, here mainly I review video editing products. I have spent my own money on both products. Here are my receipts.

doodly vs doodlemker

So this review is coming from real user.

Let’s jump right in to find out which is better for making doodle videos.


The library is one of the most important features for video creators regardless of the ability to import custom photos from computer. 

Doodlemaker founder Paul Ponna claims that it has the world’s biggest library comparing to any other competitor available in the market.

That is true, as well. Doodlemaker assets are bulging. Except for carton characters & prop images, it has a built-in Pixebay API. In case you are unfamiliar with pixabay, it is a free stock media website.

As you can see, it uses multiple third-party libraries such as icon finder, pixabay, photo bin & jump story.

Doodlemaker library

Inside doodly, you are getting around 3596 characters images and 3000 prop images. The number is big enough, but in front of the doodlemaker, it’s nothing.

Doodly library

Winner: Still after having the biggest library I didn’t find characters for doodle videos like doodly. Basically, it just uses the API of different sources to make its the biggest library.


I appreciate that both software allows change default whiteboard background.  Here are the background options.

Whiteboard (default)Whiteboard 
Dark chalkboardGlassboard
Green chalkboardBlackboard
GlassboardCustom Color
Custom Custom Image

Inside the doodly, when you select a green chalkboard, then you can change the color as well. 

Winner: Tie 

Hand Style 

Another vital aspect is hand Style. Once again both have different types of hands.

Inside doodly, you will get 15 real hands along with 13 cartoon hands. It even allows you to pick a side (left or right)

Doodlemaker has only eight hand styles, as you can see in the screenshot.

hand option in doodlemaker

But doodlemaker has the advantage of choosing a transition while making slides. For example, hand painting will use a brush, slide from the left will pull from the left side.


Winner: For me, 8 Hands are enough. But the advantage of having transition gives a plus point to doodlemaker


Another essential feature for me is font style & customization.

Doodle has only 3 default font styles. At first glance, it disappointed me. However, later on, I found it doodle allows users to import their fonts.

doodly fonts

On the other side, doodlemaker has a ton of default font styles that can be customized. But doesn’t have the ability to import custom font family.

doodlemaker fonts

Winner: I think it depends upon your needs, do you want to upload your own font family or want more build-in styles. My choice is for a doodlemaker because I am kind of lazy person.

Video Render Option

Doodly builds in render option is max up to 1080P. You can select custom, but if you increased more than 1080p, then it will depixelate the video. 

On the other side, doodlemaker also allows up to 1080p. But because it is a cloud-based solution so, it has the ability to upload directly on youtube & Vimeo. That can save extra time &  mobile data.

But unlike doodly, you can’t review the whole video once. For the preview, you have to preview each slide differently.

Winner: Doodly is the winner

Features that are available only in Doodlemaker 

  1. Text to speech almost in all languages: It uses amazon Polly and covers almost all major languages.
  2. Build-in templates: these templates have voice over & complete video that can use as it as for ads.
  3. Color changer: Doodlemaker allows you to change the color of the build-in icon & prop images. 
  4. New template every month: For one year you will keep getting new templates month after month
  5. AI engine: Just type the text it will automatically select the icons for the video. It is very basic nothing like something extra ordinary.
  6. Convert any video into doodle with one click: Just give it the youtube video URL it will
    Transcribe it, convert it into the selected language, and create a video by automatically picking prop & icon images.
    All this thing will be done with one click.
  7. Image to sketch converter: If you want to bring your own or another important image, then with one click, it can be converted into the sketch to match with the video. You can use real photos as well.
  8. Background Remover: Another fantastic feature that allows you to remove the background from photos with one click.

Doodly only features 

  1. Custom Draw paths: For your imported objects, Doodly allows you to select hand drawing. You need to apply dots. The last dot will be connected to the previous dot. Thus while drawing hand will go through each dot. 
  2. Whole Video Preview: Unlike doodlemaker, you can preview whole videos at once. That is a kind of must-have feature.
Doodlemaker is the new tool and that's why it has a lot bugs. I also don't like its dashboard because I have scroll multiple times for adding new things.

Price & OTO

In the end, everything bowls down to money. Both products are starting at $67. But it isn’t the real cost. Because at the backend, both products have an upgrade plan to extra money from existing customers. 

Doodlemaker Pricing

Like createstudio ( My favorite software for cartoon animation videos), it has two front end license commercial & non-commercial. 

Almost everyone is going to purchase a commercial license but non-commercial for write Starts at $47, so click on the ad and then bought a $67 commercial license.

Here is what you are getting inside the front end deal

  • Whiteboard, Glassboard & Blackboard videos
  • Customization without limitation
  • AI Video Translation Engine
  • Over 300+ Templates
  • Text-to-Speech In 70 languages
  • Unlimited exports
  • Image Library
  • Image To Sketch Converter
  • Built-In Color Changer
  • Pixabay API

OTO 2: DoodleMaker Deluxe 

 Price $49 Recommended.

Deluxe is the must purchase upsell. There are two reasons for it.

  1.  Any white label reseller can’t provide you this upgrade option.
  2. Priority Video rendering: Get your videos rendered faster than other customers without waiting inline

Except for this, you will also get the following things.

  1. For a Year New Templates, Every month: Templates are amazing, especially for people working in the advertising area. Some of these templates have a voice of real humans. Not only this copy of templates is written by a professional copywriter. You can 
  2.  56 Additional Premium Text-To-Speech Voices In 29 languages: Let’s not discuss it.
  3. Premium Royalty-Free Music Files:
  4. Priority Access To Videos Future Updates

OTO 3: Toon Videos Creator

Price: $59

It’s founder developed some software before doodle maker. Toon video creator is one of them. Using it, you can create carton styles of animation videos. My recommendation is createstudio. 

OTO 4: Client Engine App

Price: $29

In case you want to make money by selling your videos to other people, then the client engine app is for you. It can find freelance jobs. It can discover projects from the following websites.

  1. PeoplePerHour
  2. Craigslist
  3. Freelance
  4. Project4Hire 
  5. Guru

OTO 1. DoodleMaker Whitelabel Unlimited

Price: $497

With this upsell, you get a reseller license.  You will have full permission to sell it, other peoples, at your price & terms.

Science isn’t about features; that’s why I’m covering all features of this upsell.

Doodly Price, Upsells

Pay special attention to this part because of its one of the most import section.

If you browse to, it will show cost you a monthly or annual subscription.

There is sale going on doodly where you can get lifetime subscription at one time cost $67. For this blog post, I’m going to break down this funnel

Front end

Price: $67

Here is what you are getting inside the front end deal.

  1. Create Unlimited Videos
  2. Use On Multiple Computers
  3. 803 Character images
  4. 1,157 Prop images
  5. 84 Scene Templates
  6. 100 Royalty-Free Music Tracks

OTO 1:) Enterprise Plan

Price: $97 

  1. 3,596 Character images
  2. 3,000+ Prop images
  3. 150 Royalty-Free Music Tracks
  4. Everything in the front end version
There are two more upsells, but those not related to doodly, so let’s not talk about them.

Doodly Rainbow

Price: 67

This is an add-on. While making videos, you will realize that existing prop & character images are only black & white format. 

Purchasing this add-on will add colors to them.

Doodly vs Doodlemaker And the winner Is

The biggest catch in doodly is that after spending $164, your videos will be black & white, No Color. For adding colors to existing pros & characters, you have to purchase their rainbow addon at additional $67.

The rainbow add-on will cost you an additional $67. Colorful video content is vital in these days.

So the real cost of doodly is 

Front end  (67) + Enterprise Upgrade (97) + rainbow add-on (67) = $231.

Let me know by comment section how many of were expect only $67.

Doodlemaker cost with recommend upsells

Front end (67) + Deluxe  (49) = $116

If you can afford doodly go for it. The reason behind that

  1. It is software: I faced downtime in doodlemaker website.
  2. Better library: That’s no doubt.
  3. Less or No bugs: you can find a lot of bugs in doodlemaker.

If you are someone who wants to create doodle videos at a minimal cost then maybe doodlemaker can better choice for you.

However, overall doodly is better.

I hope you like this article. If you have any questions or query then let me know in the comment section.

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  • I have a question.
    Features that only doodle maker have
    Under this heading, at point 6, what I understand is that ” we give url of a video, and it automatically convert it’s characters into cartoon character and also change the language into our desired language and provide us doodle video in our desired language as final product. ”
    Am I right. ???

    • It doesn’t convert its characters into cartoon characters. It uses its AI technology to decide which character to select for specific slide.

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