How To Make Tutorial Videos Easily and Quickly


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how to make tutorial videos

Tutorial videos getting popular day by day. There is one thing common about all the tutorial videos.

Videos looks easy But it isn’t

If you ever try to make video even if you are behind the camera then you can creating videos are not easy.

In this blog post, I will show you all the necessary steps that you need to take to make great tutorial videos. Even if you are not good at this.

Either you want to create your product-specific videos or just a random video for youtube this stuff work.

Let’s see How To Make Great tutorial videos

First Step: Don’t Care about Equipments


If your smartphone has a decent camera then you are good to go. For screen recording video may need external microphone if not build in your computer.

I suggest Filmora9 for video editing. Video editing is most necessary for creating professional videos. It is easy to use, a built-in screen recorder and has all the features that a creator needs.

In fact, Indian YouTuber technical dost reached 1 million subscribers By Using his smartphone for shooting and editing.

With that said You second step is create structure of your video.

Structure Of Your Video

In the earlier days, I first open the camera then I thought

  • What to say
  • How to say

If you are also thinking that you don’t think about how your video will go on the you are wrong.

Generally every video has 3 structures

  • Intro
  • Tutorial
  • Conlusion

Did you see marvel movies? Something bad happened in the starting, or some fight scence


Because they want to grab audience intention so they make it to the end.

The tutorial is where the main stuff happened. While doing it make sure you are telling Why you need to take this step.

Explain all necessary steps. So no doubt left in mind.

In the conclusion or end Generally, creator share personal experience, add a call to action

For example, you have also seen YouTubers saying like this video, leave a comment, etc at the very end.

So always make a structure of your video. I have seen experts are making structure in mind. Beginners on paper or computer screen.

Script: This isn’t Always Necessary

video script

If you beginner especially English isn’t your first language then make a script.

Believe me or not But it can save your hours of time. If you don’t try to shoot a video.

But as practice enough then I will suggest to Writing only the key-points.

For example Suppose you are creating video about how to Edit video

Then you can write the main steps like Adding text, split-screen, background music, etc.

Soon when you create enough videos. You will realize you don’t need a script anymore.

However, for creating complex or long videos script can be used or write the main points

Key Point: Beginners need the script. Experts need key points

Starting Should Be Attention-Grabbing. Here is How To Do It

cat in shock

Don’t start your tutorial before making intro part.

But it doesn’t mean bore your audience with common things.

There are two templates that work in 2020.

  • Start with Interesting Fact
  • Show them What they needed

Interest Fact: If you are thinking where can I find interesting fact about my topic then Google it.

Fact About topic

Other Day I decided to create video about israel. Here is What I found

facts about israel

Although it does not work always but I get result about in 90 cases.

You can also use quora. People share real-life experiences while writing an answer. Check answers related to your industry.

Show them what they needed

You have seen, youtubers pitched something from the middle of clip. While some shows end result.

The other day I was watching video about explosion on car accident tutorial.

The youtuber quicky show end result within the one minute.

If you tutorial is going to give a end result then make sure you show result to grab attention.


  • If your tutorial leads to end result show them results at the end start.
  • An interesting fact also leads to users to the end.

In case you want to show specific thing about your product then you can do it by simply saying something like

A very warm welcome to everyone today we will learn how to do x. But before that double-check, you pressed the like button and subscribe to my youtube channel.
Let’s do it.

Obviously like and subscribe is applicable IF AND ONLY IF you are going to upload on the youtube.

Practise Practise Practise

4 Years from now. I was reading all blogs about blogging. But as you know it does not bring huge results.

You may watch hundreds of videos or read blog post. But If you are not practise then you are never going to create amazing videos.

Every master was once a disaster

T. Harv Eker

Learning is import but Practise is more.

The other thing that you can do is viewing your video and not making the same mistake again. Thus over the period of time, your skills will be improved a lot faster.

It’s not important to shoot the whole video in a single shoot. You can combine all your video parts into one. Or you can remove your mistakes while editing

Key Points

  • Improve one mistake in the next video
  • Not important to shoot the whole video once
  • Remove mistakes by Editing.

Remove Mistakes By Editing And Add Necessary Details

If you read every word of this blog post then I mention filmora9 to editing and screen recording.

This one video can make you master in filmora9

Some unwanted scenes, For example, starting and ending on video isn’t eye-catching and interesting. So don’t forget to trim your videos.

In case You Need Audio Editing

Filmora9 has the option of removing background noise. After editing hundreds of videos I can say it’s background noise is not good enough.

Audacity is free software for audio editing. I always use it’s noise reduction feature if I want to reduce background noise.

More Tips For Creating Great Tutorial Videos

Crop video if Need: For screen recording, this is a must. Showing click on icons can be done smoothly by cropping that specific part. Moreover, in the filmora, you can apply effects on mouse clicks for recording.

filmora recording

Background music: Don’t bore your audience like my college teacher. I’m just kidding. Filmora has an inbuild audio library or you can download royalty-free music from the internet.

View your competitors: People who spend years in the industry know what works, whatnot. So check them what they are doing. Probably they have tested hundreds of things. See how they are creating videos.


Making tutorial is not rocket science and same time this isn’t everyone cup of team.

Any skill can learned by practising. Your first video never be your best video.

So maybe you are doing everything write. You just need time to make great tutorial videos.

If You are making good at tutorial videos then Share your experience by comment section so it can help other users.

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