How To Get MasterClass Account For Free in 2020


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The world is heading towards online learning.

Learning has become more than easy for anyone. It has never been this easier to LEARN back in the days.

The best thing about learning online is, you can learn from almost ANYONE and from ANYWHERE.

masterclass premium account free

World leaders are giving lectures and sharing knowledge online. They are spreading knowledge as anyone can learn at their home.

The Internet has made so many things easier. It has already reached almost any corner of the world. Which has made it cost-effective as well.

If you have to take an appointment from Sara Blakely to learn business, that might cost you a lot of time and money. The Internet has made it super cheap that any common man can afford it or find a way to use that knowledge.

I believe learning should always be free. The Internet has almost done the same.

Masterclass is one of the BEST PLATFORM to learn the skill you want from the world leaders in that skill.

You can directly learn through their lectures on Masterclass.

In this article, I am going to share a few methods which you can use to watch Masterclass lectures at minimal cost or almost free of cost.

Before moving to the methods, let me introduce and tell you a few of the amazing things about Masterclass.

What is Masterclass Exactly?

The masterclass is the new learning and education platform which was founded in the year 2015 to make learning from top leaders easier.

As the pandemic things going on and online learning is on the peak, platforms like Masterclass are exploding like nothing.

People are moving a lot towards learning online. Masterclass it one of the platforms that is making it much easier for anyone to learn hard skills at their home. provides you with the top-notch quality video courses from the lectures which provide immense knowledge from the field experts.


There are more than 9 categories to learn from such as:

  • Business, Politics and Society
  • Design, Photography and Fashion
  • Culinary Arts
  • Film and TV
  • Lifestyle
  • Music and Entertainment
  • Science and Technology
  • Sports and Games
  • Writing

The best thing about (which makes them different from other learning platforms such as Udemy and all) is you are learning all the things from the well-known industry experts only.

Unlike other platforms, not anyone can come and launch their courses on

Benefits of Joining Masterclass

Here are the few key features of which you should know.

  • Industry expert instructors to teach you
  • Super high-quality videos
  • Practical and approachable lessons on every topic
  • Collective and experienced knowledge
  • Broad varieties of classes and topics in every category
  • Mobile application and Web app to learn as you are comfortable
  • Easy to understand and properly made course structure
  • Additional resources and links attached to learn more about every topic

Pricing is one of the best and premium learning platform available online. All the courses are from experts and they are investing a lot of money to make super high-quality content on a constant basis.

The pricing of is 15$ per month if billed annually. It becomes 180$/year price for the subscription.

Even if it is cheaper than the actual cost that you might need in order to learn from those experts, it is still not affordable for most of the people.

180$ is a very high price for some people who are willing to learning but don’t have much of the money to invest.

As I said, knowledge should be free that is why. I am sharing you few methods by which you can get the subscription content of as very cheap price or even free of cost as well.

The best method is getting subscription from which is trusted and verified platform by myself.

I have also attached proofs as you can see in the whole article.

Get Free Using AccountBot is the website which provides you with the subscriptions of some popular streaming networks or subscription-based platforms at affordable prices.


Accountbot is one of the trusted websites which you can use to get the subscriptions at lower costs.

All the proofs of are attached in this article and all of them are captured by myself.

You can even try to get the subscription of other popular platforms such as Netflix, Disney+, Skillshare, etc.

If you are thinking I was looking for something free, this is paid. Then You waste time on free methods or pay little money to a premium account at an affordable price.

How To Get Masterclass Account From

Follow the step by step process which I am sharing (with the screenshot) to get the subscription from at a lower cost.

  1. Go to and click or Register.
  1. Fill up all the information to create an account on
  1. Once done registering, Verify your email address and login to your account.
  1. Go to to check all the services available on AccountBot.


You can directly go to This is the page of Masterclass.

  1. Select the plans that you are looking to buy.

The yearly plan is affordable as you are getting it at just $20 which is worth $180. You are saving more than 160$ per year. That’s a great saving. If you want, you can even try out the monthly plan to check the service by

  1. Your subscription will be added in your cart. You will get the details of the plan that you have selected. Confirm all the details and click on “Checkout
  1. Click on “Purchase” button. Select the payment option that you want. You will get PayPal, PayTm, Ripple, Bitcoin, etc. as the payment options. Choose the easy and best option for you.
  1. Once payment is made, you will get the confirmation message and email as well. Like this
  1. Go to where you can see all your subscriptions which you have bought. Click on the latest MasterClass All-Access Account which you have purchased. Click on Get Account.
  1. You will be shown the account page with empty login and password details. Click on the “Generate” button.
  1. The Masterclass login credentials will be shown as you click on Generate. Copy those login credentials.
  1. Go to Click on Login and enter the login credentials that you have copied from the AccountBot.
  1. You will be logged in to Masterclass. DONE! Enjoy the Masterclass All-Access.

Here you can see the payment method with the expiring date (which is May 2023). You can even cross-check the email address.


Here is the proof of everything you might be looking for. The email address that I have generated from is the same that I have used to login in Masterclass.

I have also provided the account details from dashboard as well.

In some rare cases, the account might not be working, or it might give you some error message. You can just click on the replace button provided on the account page.

I have been using this for more than three months and haven’t got this issue more than once.

Isn’t that super easy? Give it a try by yourself now.

Alternative Methods?

Getting an account from AccountBot is the easiest and less effortless method that I have found. You won’t have to put in some extra efforts if you are using AccountBot method.

If you still don’t want to use that method and want something more comfortable or something FREE, then here are two more ways that you can try out to watch your favourite shows.

METHOD 1: Torrent Search For The Masterclass Course

Hold on! If you are having any other thoughts in your mind. Keep them away for a few minutes.

If you are not ready to use the method then torrent is something that is perfect for you.

You can easily get any of the masterclass topics course by a simple search in the torrent search engines like 1337x.

You just have to put the title of the course name + masterclass in the search engine.

You can use torrent by keeping certain things in your mind as safe. You can use VPN and different IPs to stay safe.

METHOD 2: Google Search For The Masterclass Course

Try the same search you did in the torrent on Google Search.

There are many websites which leak the courses from Masterclass and many other sources.

If the course is popular, there are high chances that you will get the course easily.

Popular the course, the better it is.

There is not any free trial given by Masterclass or else I would have recommended you to get the free trial to check the quality of the content provided by Masterclass.


Is there any free trial of Masterclass All-Access?

NOPE! There is no free trial given by Masterclass.

What is the pricing of Masterclass All-Access?

Masterclass will cost you 15$/month if billed annually. That is, it will cost you 180$ per year.

Is Masterclass worth it?

By all the reviews by the users and after checking personally, it is worth every penny that you are paying for.


I have given you the three methods to get the masterclass for almost free. The best option according to me is, using the

You can easily get the masterclass account without worrying much about if the course is available or not.

The other two methods, torrent and google search depend upon various factors.

You can try your luck on both methods, but spending very low amount is the best option for you.

You won’t need to deal with any kind of issues if you are purchasing it from

If you don’t mind compromising on the experience, then you can try out the free methods.

If you have any questions related to this, do let me know in the comments section below.

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