How To Get Scribd Premium Account For Free In 2020

Scribd is one of the favourite networks of book readers and listeners. Scribd provides you with unlimited books, audiobooks, magazines, documents and much more on their platform.

It is a gateway door for those who want to read books while they are on a busy schedule. Scribd makes it easy to find and consume the content they want.

In this post, I am going to show you a few methods which you can try to get a Scribd Premium Account for free and at a cheap rate as well.

All the methods that I have given here have been tested by myself and work really fine. Give a try to any of the given methods and get your Scribd premium account.

Scribd Premium

Before jumping to the exact methods, give a look at Scribd pricing and stuff that you are getting in it.

Scribd is the Netflix of books and audiobooks. You get unlimited books to read and listen on Scribd when you purchase their monthly subscription plans.

If you look at the official pricing of Scribd, it is $9 for a month.

Scribd Official Pricing

To be honest, this is not the high pricing for sure when you are getting an immense amount of knowledge with this pricing.

There is a catch. Not everyone uses this continuously. There are many people who use this twice a week only. It doesn’t feel like they are taking full use of it.

There are also some students who do not afford $8.99 per month to pay as well. That’s why in this post, I am going to show you the affordable and even free ways to get a Scribd Premium Account.

How to Get a Scribd Premium Account For Free?

The very first method that I am going to show you is the Accounntbot method. Let me be clear, this is not the FREE METHOD to get a Scribd account but it is very cheap that almost anyone can easily afford it.

This is my favourite method because you don’t need to get worried about anything when you are using this method.

You are getting support and everything with this method. Look at the pricing of this by yourself.

Scribd Premium Pricing AccountBot

You are getting one year price at almost a few bucks extra than your monthly pricing.

This is really the great deal, especially when you don’t have to be worried about the working accounts.

If you are not convinced and want to check the free method only, then you can scroll down to the part of after accountbot method where I have shown some free methods to get Scribd premium account.

Accountbot is the online website from where you can purchase the subscriptions like Netflix, Spotify Premium, WWE Premium, etc at much cheaper rates. You will get the active login details with replacement guarantee as well.

I am going to show you the step by step method (with proofs) to get a premium Scribd account using Accountbot.

Follow the steps as I am showing you and you are good to go.

  1. Go to You will be on the homepage of Accountbot website. You will be shown the sidebar menu on the left side. Click on “Register” to create a new account on AccountBot.
Accountbot Homepage
  1. You will be taken to the Sign-Up form. Fill all the information and click on the “Register” button.
Register On AccountBot
  1. You will be logged in to your account. (You will be asked to confirm your email which you can do from the email inbox itself, which is self-explanatory.) Click on the “Explore” to check all the services provided by accountbot and search for the Scribd Premium.

Click on “Scribd Premium

Explore and Find Scribd in AccountBot
  1. You will be redirection on the details page of Scribd Premium. You can get all the details about the service on this page.
Scribd Premium AccountPage
  1. Select the plan that you want from given prices. Click on the “Purchase” button once you select the plan that you are opting for.
Select Plan On Scribd Premium
  1. You will be shown multiple payment methods to pay. You can use any method to pay which is suitable for you.
Scribd Premium Payment Options
  1. You will get the confirmation from them when you make the payment.
Scribd Premium Payment Success
  1. Go to “Subscriptions” in the left menu bar. You will see all the subscriptions that you have you have purchased from Accountbot. Check the Scribd Premium which you have just purchased and click on “Get Account”.
Subscriptions in Accountbot
  1. You will be redirected to the account page. The account details will be blank as of now. To get the account details, you will need to click on the “Generate” button.
Blank account details on Accountbot Page
  1. The account login credentials for Scribd premium will be shown. Copy the login credentials from the Accountbot.
Generated Account on Accountbot
  1. Go to the official website of “Scribd” to log in using the premium account credentials that you have got from Accountbot. Or just go to and log in using the credentials that you have just copied.
Login to Scribd
  1. You will be logged in to the premium account of Scribd. That’s it. Enjoy!
Logged in to Scribd Premium


Here is proof of the working accounts. The email that I have got from the Accountbot is the same which I have used to login to Scribd.


Even if you are getting some issues while logging in, you are getting two replacements per day.

It is rare in Accountbot that the credentials are not working. Give it a try.

Alternative Methods

Scribd Premium MOD Apk

You can use the modded version of the Scribd premium. Modded version is basically the cracked version of the original apk in which the content is unlocked.

You will not need to login to a Scribd account in MOD apk. It will automatically start and show you the content.

The only issue with MOD Apk is, it buffers a lot sometimes. If you have fast internet speed then it will be perfect for you.

You can search for the Scribd Premium MOD Apk on Google and try out the apk which is working fine.

Use Torrent

Torrent has almost everything. You don’t have to download a single book every time.

Using torrent you can download the collection of books in a single time. You can search for the Scribd audiobooks collection and get the best collection downloaded using the torrent.

The only hectic with this method is when you have to find a certain book, it might not be found in the collection.

You can do the manual search on google for that.

Free websites to get books

You can use the website called 

This is the website from where I download all the eBooks I want to read. The best thing about this website is, you can even download the ePub version of the books.

The ePub version lets you get all of your books in the Google Books app and it becomes super easier to read books than reading the PDF version of a book.

You will find almost 99% of all the books that you are looking for on this website. Give it a try.

Use free eBook sites and audiobook sites

You can get your favourite books only by simple searches. You can even get the audiobook version of any book that you want on the internet.

A simple google search with “Book Name” + ebook or “Book Name” + audiobook will take you to the legit website to download the eBook or audiobook that you are looking for.

You can also bookmark a few sites to get books for you.

Here are some of the best sites which you can use to get an eBook and audiobooks.

  5. Loyalbooks
  6. Open culture
  7. LibriVox
  8. Lit2Go
  9. Project Gutenberg
  10. DigitalBook

Telegram Channels

Nowadays you can get almost anything on Telegram. It has already become the best alternative of Torrent without any security issue for users.

There is nothing like seeds and leechers like a torrent. All you have to do is search for the thing you want.

There are channels and groups in telegram. You can request for the eBooks or audiobooks if they are not already uploaded over there.

You will find all the original audiobooks uploaded on telegram.

The best thing about telegram is a cloud storage and multi-login accessibility. You can literally use telegram on any device you want.

Give it a try, search for the thing you want on Telegram. Join the channel and groups of the relevant niche and get the best out of it.

Scribd Premium Account Usernames and Passwords

This is the list of the Scribd premium account usernames and passwords that I have taken out.

All the accounts are working fine. I have tested them all by myself.

Please do not change the password of the given accounts so other people can use it as well.

Scribd Premium Account Usernames and Password

Again, please do not change the password of any account. Let others enjoy it as well.

Use Free Trial

Scribd premium provides you 30 days free trial to use their premium plan. You can create a new account and get a 30 days free trial.

You can use the other account after a month when the current one expires.

You can do it as much as you can, as long as you can arrange new accounts. To be honest, creating a new account is very easy.

Make sure you are removing or cancelling the payment option in the Scribd account before your plans expire and money gets deducted from your account.

This is also the best way which you can try and get the actual login details on your own email ID.

You will have all the access to use your own account.

Final Words

I have given you more than enough options to get the Scribd Premium. Try out the one which is suitable for you.

I will recommend you to try the Accountbot method which is best because you don’t need to be worried about buffering issues, downloading issues, account not working issues. You get the premium account details and that’s it.

Give it a try and check how you think it is.

If you have to ask or suggest anything, do let me know in the comments section below.

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