Speechelo Review & Demo: Must Read Before Buying

If you are looking for any of following question then you are on the right page.

  1. What is specchelo
  2. Speehelo demo
  3. Price and Upsells
  4. Discount Code
  5. Real Pros and cons
  6. Quality bonuses over Quantity

Then let me tell you that you are on the right page. After that you don’t need to make another search on google about speechelo.

Let’s start

What is Speechelo Exactly?

Speechelo is a cloud-based solution that can convert text into audio format.

You probably listen to some audio. The advantage of speechelo is you it doesn’t sound robotic.

I know you need real demo. A lot of peoples are publishing audio that is created by its founder so you will not found any flaw. That’s why to see real demo I have purchased the speechelo.

Video Demo

Without Demo, every word is useless. The following videos audio is generated using speechelo. You will get a tour of the speechelo dashboard. Must view it.

Speechelo work in 23 languages.

  • Arabic
  • Mandarin
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • German
  • French
  • Icelandic
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Welsh

Things That I like about Speechelo (Pros)

1. Tones Options

There are two engines AI and standard. AI has three tone options. Friendly, normal, and serious as you can see in the screenshot.


If you use standard version then you can add breathing, emphasize the words can adjust pitch, the volume of the speech.

speechelo oto

No Need for Microphone. The final audio will be without background noise.

People living in crowded areas where they can’t get peace speechelo is really helpful.

2. Works Fast Enough

I was worry about speed. I thought it will take a lot of minutes to produce audio quality. In reality, it works really fast, results will be produced within seconds.

Price, Upsells & Discount Code

After spending couple of years I can say pricing is something that can make or break a game.

The difference between upselling and OTO (On-time offer) is OTO is now or never offer. While upselling (upgrade sell) is something that can the user buy any time.

The Good news is that speechelo come with upsells. You can upgrade later anytime.  

Anyway, here is the pricing information.

0. Speechelo Front End

$47/lifetime ($37 with coupon code)

  • 30 voices of male, female & kids.
  • 700 Words limit At once

Everything that I have mentioned in the features, For example, Pitch control, Speed, Breathing & Pauses you will get inside the Front end version.

The main limitation of the Front end version is the limit of 700 words at a time.

Luckily there is a merge feature, it can join two or more audio and make a new file.

1. Speechelo Pro

Price $47/Quarterly or $77 with a trick written blow

Speechelo Pro is to enhance existing features. Here is what you are getting in pro version.

  1. Additional 30 Voices
  2. Word limit increased to 2800 words
  3. Royalty-free Background Music
  4. Commercial license

On the landing page, it will you price $47 quarterly meaning every 4 months.

Because you are Globalbestoffer reader so I have a trick where you can save at one time fees $77.

If you can afford $77 then go with it. Because a double number of voices with no limit of words makes it worth of its one-time fees.

2. Speechelo Tube

Price: $37/ Not Recommended

The last upsell is Speechelo Tube. It can basically convert a youtube video into any other language available in speechelo.

Just provide a video URL it can translate into any other audio within seconds.

So Why I don’t recommend this?

I have two reasons for this.

  1. Still translate isn’t good especially for the text that is generated from audio. You know how we speak English, not as writing.
  2. Youtube can catch you and you’re video will not get views.

However, in case you want to use audio for any other purpose then go with it.

Speechelo Coupon Codes

I have seen some bloggers copying my trick to that I’m gonna share with you.

Discount for Front end version

First I’ll show you how to save $10 on the front end version and then how to get pro version at one time fees.

For the front end version, click on the buy button it will take you to the checkout page. On the checkout page replace speechelo47 (after coupon=) with founders37 as I did in the screenshot.

Speechelo coupon

Press enter you will see cost is changed from $47 to $37.

Speechelo Pro

For pro version, you don’t need any coupon code. Just click on the NO button as shown in the gif.

A new popup will appear where you can get pro at one-time fees $77 only.


Total Cost with recommended upsells

So real cost is $37+$77=$114

Real Cons That Nobody is Sharing

I already shared Pros after video demo. Now Talk about limitations.

Nothing is perfect in this world. Every Product has its own pros and cons. Here are Few Speechelo cons

1. AI Engine isn’t available for Non-English Languages: In the speechelo, you have two engines. AI and Standard. In the started user can add breathing, Adjust speech, emphasize words.

AI engine voice sound much better than standard. AI is only for the English language.


2. No Editing Option: Once you have produced audio it’s available to download anytime. But you can’t get your script back to make few edits.

I’m the kind of person who always makes mistakes in the first attempt. So make sure you keep backup of script somewhere else.

Otherwise, you will have a problem.

speechelo limitation

3. Plenty of Mails: Speechelo is from the blaster. The company has already created products for making youtube thumbnails, A video ranking system.

Once you bought speechelo you will receive a plethora of emails. I unsubscribed for peace. Unsubscribe button can be found at the bottom of any mail send from blaster software.

My Exclusive Bonuses

Did my speechelo review helped you to reach a decision.

Why not get some extra bonuses that will get you most out speechelo. I mean probably you want to do something with your video maybe selling product or service.

My bonus list is full of quality video courses that alone are worth more than Speechelo cost.

Make sure on the checkout page affiliate is equal or harind.ad. If not then try opening link incognito window. Without this, I can’t provide you following custom bonuses.  

Please don't forget to mail me your receipt at [email protected] When some purchase thorough my link and didn't mail me back it break my heart. 💔

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6. Time Management and Productivity Skills That Work for Me!

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More Bonuses

I don’t want to make it overwhelming for you by posting a lot of bonuses. But definitely you will receive more bonuses video courses that help you to succeed if and only if you learn from them and work on it.


What If I don’t like speechelo?

Well, you have 60 days money back guarantee.

You Don’t create these video courses, Do you have permission to share or you will share by Google drive, etc.

I have full permission to share these courses. You will receive a link with a 100% discount. Create an account and watch anytime.

My Question is not answered?

Write us at [email protected]


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