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It is impossible that you don’t know about the WWE even if you are from the rare part of the world. As you are here, obviously you know it much better than many people.

Lately, the craze of WWE has been increasing because of some super cool matches and things going on in Raw and Smackdown.

It is one of the most entertaining things that most people are watching since childhood.

To watch it from a mobile device or your PC, you need a subscription of WWE Network premium. That is what everyone is behind nowadays.

If you are looking for some ways to watch your favourite WWE shows or to know some ways to get WWE Network Premium subscription at free of cost or with cheap price, then you are on the right page.

In this post, I am going to share my personal favourite method to watch WWE shows, cheap methods to get the premium subscription and will share some working WWE Network premium accounts as well.

Stick till the end, to get the better idea and crazy methods.

WWE Network Premium Subscription

WWE Network is one of the most popular TV that is streamed online and on international TV channel. It is the wrestling show where people fight for championships and much more.

It is pure worth watching the entertaining show with a lot of action and thriller.

[P.S: John Cena, Randy Orton and Brock Lesner are my favourite wrestlers in WWE because of their own styles.]

If you have to get the WWE Network premium subscription from their official website then it will cost you $9.99 per month.

Here is the pricing of their plan. (They don’t have multiple plans like any other streaming platforms.)

WWE Network Premium Pricing

As I said, it is worth paying the money for the WWE network.

Even if it is worth paying money to watch your favourite wrestler on WWE show, it is not affordable for every WWE fan out there.

I am a WWE fan since childhood and it was not affordable for me to get the subscription. (Obviously, can’t request every parent for stuff like this.)

That’s why I am going to share some methods which you can use to watch any of your WWE match you want. I am also going to share some working premium WWE network subscription accounts which you can use. (without changing password.)

How To Get WWE Network Premium Subscription For Free?

Let me be clear, before showing you the FREE METHOD to get WWE Network premium subscription, I am going to tell you my favoritefavourite method.

The method I am going to tell you is by using the accountbot.io

This is not the free method to get WWE premium but this is my personal favourite due to some advantages that you get over the other methods.

Even if this is not the free method, it is super cheap. Here you can see the pricing.

WWE Network Premium Pricing on AccountBot

$14.99 for a year.

Isn’t that cheap? If you are a WWE fan, you can easily convince your parents for this plan for sure.

You can get a one-year subscription at the price of a monthly subscription. What do you want more?

I am going to share step by step process (with proof) to get the  WWE Network premium account using accountbot. Follow the steps to get it for yourself.

If you are still not convinced and want to check the free methods only, you can scroll down a bit where you will find the alternative methods to accountbot method for free.

  1. Go to https://accountbot.io/. You will be on the homepage of the website. You can see the sidebar menu on the left side of the website. Click on the “Register” to create a new account on accountbot.
Register on AccountBot
  1. Fill up all the information for signing up with AccountBot. Once done, click on the “Register” button.
Sign up on AccountBot
  1. You will be logged in to your account. (You will be asked to confirm your email which you can do from the email inbox itself, which is self-explanatory.) Click on the “Explore” to check all the services provided by accountbot and search for the WWE Network.

    Click on WWE Service.
Explore WWE In AccountBot
  1. You will be redirection on the details page of WWE Network subscription. You can get all the details about the service on this page.
details page of WWE Network subscription on Accountbot
  1. Select the plan that you want from given prices. Click on the “Purchase” button once you select the plan that you are opting for.
Purchase on AccountBot
  1. You will be shown multiple payment methods to pay. You can use any method to pay which is suitable for you.
Payment methods on AccountBot
  1. You will get the confirmation from them when you make the payment.
Payment Successful on AccountBot
  1. Go to “Subscriptions” in the left menubar. You will see all the subscriptions that you have you have purchased from Accountbot. Check the WWE which you have just purchased and click on “Get Account”.
Subscriptions on Accountbot
  1. You will be redirected to the account page. The account details will be blank as of now. To get the account details, you will need to click on the “Generate” button.
Generate WWE Account on AccountBot
  1. The account login credentials for WWE Network premium will be shown. Copy the login credentials from the Accountbot.
Generated account details of WWE on AccountBot
  1. Go to the official website of “WWE Network” to log in for a premium subscription. Go to https://watch.wwe.com/signin where you can log in.

    Use the login details you copied from Accountbot on the official website.
Login to WWE Official Website

11. You will be logged in with the premium plan in the WWE Network premium account. Enjoy!

Successfully logged in to WWE Network



If you are looking for the proof, don’t worry I got you covered as well.

Here is the screenshot from WWE network account. You can see that the email that is used to login to WWE premium and the email ID given by Accountbot is the same.


[P.S: As you can the account is active since the year 2014 and it is still renewing every month. There are very high chances that this account will be still active after a month. I can just save this account and keep using this until the next time.]

[P.S.S: I can generate more accounts like this using the AccountBot (it gives us daily 2 replacements) and keep them saved. It is almost like the lifetime deal for the WWE subscription.]

If you face the issues while logging in, you can click on the replace button given on the account page. They will give you the replaced account details for the same.

WWE Premium Account Username and Password

Here is the thing that you guys are looking for. The actual working login accounts of WWE.

I have tested out all the accounts and all of them are working totally fine.

Please do not change the password of the account that you have used. It will be a problem for others. Stay loyal and watch your shows without changing the passwords.

WWE Premium Account Username and Password

If you are facing some issues, do let me know. I will help you with the accounts by myself. I will try my best, just don’t sneak in everyone at once.

Alternative Method: Try torrent

Don’t think it as the illegal method as you are asking it for free.

There isn’t much to worry about. You can search for safe methods to surf it online.

There is method website which streams latest episodes regularly on their websites. You can use those sites as well.

The simple Google search with the name of the episode will help you reach the site with the full episode as well.

You can even try the MOD version of the WWE application in your android device.

I use this method of a torrent when I am not watching constantly. When you rarely watch WWE, it is a better method for you.

Final Words

I have shared three different methods that have worked fine for me. You can try any of them.

The method of AccountBot is the one which I recommend you to try. There are much more advantages with that method as you are getting the real active account which you can use in any device you want.

You can also share that with others as well.

Hope you liked the methods to get WWE Premium accounts.

Do you still have something in your mind? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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