Do Not Buy List

I don’t recommended follow programs to anyone. I’m sharing everything from my experience. I think these programs are not worth of money.

At the end You Have to Make a decision.

Dan Lok Programs: A few Days Ago I have written review on dan lok. I don’t recommend any program from dan lok. Either it is HTC, HIC, Tube Your Horn. Don’t Buy. You will waste your money

VMB: It is also known as Video Marketing Blaster. I’m doing SEO for years. If this thing can get a result then I’m going to leave the blogging world forever. It may work once a while but can’t bring you consistent results.

Wesley Programs: If you don’t know about this person then you don’t need to know.

His Programs Overnight Millionaire, Online Millionaire Mastery, Unrevealed Secrets Of A Millionaire Mind, Wealth Visuals, etc are a waste of money.

I will keep updating the list as I found the more shit product online