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This Blog is managed By Harinderpreet Singh.

I’m a common man from India. I do blogging thing to make money online.

Here Is My Story

While studying in B.tech first I start search how to make money online.

I found some ways, Blogging was one of them. So I decided to go with it because it was easy for me.

My plan is to make money with Google Adsense. I work hard to learn a lot of new things, SEO, content writing, etc. English too.

Because I’m not a super-intelligent person so it took a long time to start seeing some results.

Finally, After 14 months I received my first income from Google Adsense $134. After that, it took only two months to reach $100. (It’s the minimum amount in Adsense to redeem)

Slowly I starting earning more. When I reached $700.month then I decided to leave college.

Because I was not interested anymore and the study wasn’t helping me anyway.

Now I’m was full time blogger. My earning was increasing.

But slowly I start feeling boring about writing about apk. So I start looking for new ways.

Then I found a fake guru Dan Lok. I had invested money with program HTC ($3000 ). Biggest mistake so far

Soon I found that he is scammer. So again 100% effort on blogging.

The next month I made $6000 month from Adsense. But next month Google enrolls a new upgrade that just killed my website.

My traffic was decreased from 1,50,000 visitors to 10000 visitors a day.

I was also bored with it. So I decided to sell it. I found a buyer who purchased that site at $15000.

Then I decided to start 2 new websites. Later on one of them shutdown due to low earning.

After that, I have decided to do CPA marketing. I have wasted around $700 but don’t make anything out of it.

My friend warn me that CPA isn't profitable in these days but I ignored his warnings and wasted money.

Finally, I decided to leave it and start doing affiliate marketing. I don’t want to do Adsense thing as the mainstream of income. That’s how I started Globalbestoffer.

I was interested in Software so i starting review Software.

It’s growing slowly. The most important thing for me to recommended people quality software except just making money by affiliates sales. I’m serious about this. That’s why several vendors ban me because their software sucks and I said it openly in the public

By the way, It’s me. If you want to see my imaeg for any reason.


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