Dan Lok Is A Scam! Here Is Why


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You have probably watched some Dan lok videos on youtube. Then you get information about his course.

The course is not the right word. Courses are perfect. Because he was a lot of courses.

Once you visited any of his webpages. Then you will see his ads everywhere

First of all, I want to show proof to you. Here is my certificate of High ticket closer

high ticket closer certificate

If you are looking for information about any other course don’t worry keep reading

Who is Dan Lok and How He makes Money?

In reality or information available online He is a YouTuber who makes money from courses.

Dan lok doesn’t know how to cook. Otherwise, He has created a create about it.

These are his courses

HTC (High ticket closer): This course is about sales. I will talk more about it and you will be shocked by his funnel. It is a very expensive course. $2500 is just front end cost. Here is the sales page

HIC (High Income Copywriter): This course is about copywriting. He mentions a lot of times that copywriting was the first skill that he learned. Here is the sales page.

Instagram Secrets: This course about how to become an Instagram influencer. It is one-time fees $49. Sales Page

Tube Your Own Horn Program: Seriously! $1995 for learning how to become Youtuber. I doubt there will an upsell when this program finished. Sales Page

Recently He hosted webinar Secrets of Rich: Cost is just $697. I even received a personal email. That was about the Real state. Seriously!

Unlock.it: This is a book written by him. I didn’t buy it. But I bought his first book Fu money. To be honest with you book was Good. If you bought unlock it book then he will upsell you unlock Millionaire. Just for $297. Check Sales page here

Dan Lok Shop: It is print on demand. People who think dan lok is god here they can buy t-shirts, hats, mugs, and other things at a high price. All his courses that I mentioned above here available on this site. Here it the sales page

Did you notice? He makes money by Selling course on How to Make money.

His youtube channel has 2 million subscribers. So I get it creating a course about youtube. But about Instagram. Most of his followers gained by youtube.

As he shows that in his videos that he is running several other businesses apart from youtube. Then how can be master a million things?

Any successful businessman master 1 or 2 skills.

But dan lok is dan.

From these courses. High ticket closer is the Best profiting from my opinion. Here is everything available about HTC

Dan Lok Funnel For High Ticket Closing

what is High ticket closer?

In Dan’s words, an expensive program is difficult to sell online. But easy over the phone call. If you close the sale by the phone call then you can charge a commission for it. Search online if you don’t understand it.

His Funnel

Maybe over a period of time funnel is changed.

He created videos like how to make money with a cell phone. Where he introduces HTC.
He is also collecting leads in exchange for his book FU money and from the messenger chatbot.

Thus he introduces high ticket closer program. After that, an email about booking a call with a closer.

He will ask several questions and tell is high ticket closer program is for you or not.

If someone not booked a call his team also runing ads on facebook and youtube. 

Once you did it. Then he will send you a free webinar explaining what is a High ticket closer, How can you make money with it.

Then on the fixed time, you will receive a call. Where you can clear doubts. His closer will also ask you simple questins.

At the end closer will ask you two questions

  • On the level of 1-10 how committed you are
  • Are you resourceful

If you say yes! congratulation you are good fit for high ticket closer.

It is a seven-week program. You will get one class every week. Closer over the phone mentioned to me that the class will be live. But in reality, it was recorded videos.

You will also be part of the Facebook group and a discord channel. Where you do role play. Basically practice with other students.

In every class, Dan lok give an assignment that you have to submit to his team. Sometimes I asked questions while submitting an assignment. No one reply back.

Dan also calls himself sifu. Sifu is a Chinese word that means Teacher for life.

He mentioned that if you call me sifu you should mean it. Otherwise, call me dan Lok

First Upsell

Dan is not satisfied with scamming $2500. In the 7th week he introduces the inner circle.

Long story short he mentions that last 7 weeks as high school. The inner circle is the University.

You will get more advanced training. One every week I will come to live during dinner. Where you can clear doubts.

Guess the price of Inner Circle?

$2000 upfront and $200/month. Isn’t cheap? I did not enroll in this.

Anyone who wan to work for the dan lok team and other influencers have to enroll in the inner circle.

Yes, you will get contacted influencers. But while doing role play few inner circle members shared that so far they didn't make any money. 

At that time I was able to understand that dan lok is a scam. But a few people who have enrolled in this shared their experience on Coffeezilla channel.

Above one is 1 hour long video. I will explain here keep reading.

First of all, it was bullshit. But the surprise is that he hosts an event Closer in Black in Vancouver

$100 is its price. I think it is free for the inner circle (I’m not sure about it). Here dan lok share the story of Jack Maa.

Then He announces that today I will tell you to make a million as High ticket closer?

funny gif

Another Upsell

It’s funny but he call it inner circle of inner circle.

In this you will get more information and you can directly call me once a month to clear doubts.

Take a guess of Price?

Only $2500/month. Don’t you think so it is cheap?

You probably enrolled in some courses from other guru’s. Maybe some top-level experts. I haven’t seen anyone charging this crazy amount of money.

Does High Ticket Closers Make Money?

I didn’t make any money.

But assume for a second assume I’m super lazy person.

The person interviewed by coffeezilla shared that none of us (he and several others) didn’t generate a single dollar.

But some just a fraction are making money.

Do you want to know How?

By Closing for Dan lok programs. His programs are expensive. So anyone who books a call talk with one of his closer.

Same thing true for copywriting. A Fraction is hired to write a copy for his programs.

You see Dan lok is running MLM.

If you want Buy Dan lok Program Then DO THIS

If you don’t believe me and want to enroll in this program. Then you can enroll in his program at a very cheap price.

getwsodo is a website where you can get a lot of premium courses at cheap price Just $23/month. All the above-mentioned courses are available on this website.

With that said, I have explained everything about Dan lok. Ask yourself How many skills a human being can master?

1,2 for max 3. Assume for a second dan lok is master of all skills that he mentioned in this course.

But he also spending time on Youtube and managing his business. By the way, he mentioned a lot of times that he has several other businesses.

But the truth is Youtube is his main business and he makes money by selling courses. Courses

  • That are overpriced
  • And Does not have the best information y

Choice is your.

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