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Did you know that are there are over 2 million active Facebook advertisers? So if you are someone new or experienced, it is becoming hard to stand out on Facebook.

What if you can use this competition as you power. So there are 2 million active advertisers so they have tested what works and what not.

Instead of creating your ad why not spy over them. In [curentyear] spying on ads is possible. Just by spying on them you can get result and reduce your cost.

In today’s article, I will review a tool that is a Facebook spying tool. The best part about this tool it is available at one time fixed price.

Not only review I will also provide you OTO information and quality bonuses if you decided to use my affiliate link.

What is AdScouter Exactly?

Adscouter is Facebook & Instagram Spy tool. Basically, type a keyword and it finds all ads on FB & insta platform.

Except keyword, there are several other filters. Thus you can find your competitor’s ads and if they are running ads continuously it means they are making money.

Video Demo Of AdScouter

If you are looking for the demo of this web based tool then check the following video.

Things That I like About This Course

Here are the best features that I like about this ad spy tool

ProfitScore score features: Profit score is basically an indicator that tells you how profitable is is ad comparing with other ads. To be honest with this indicator isn’t 100% correct but still you can trust it.

This feature saves time without this you will waste time in tracking unprofitable ads.

Huge Database: Before buying this tool, I was worry about is this tool database large enough. Then I found it has 50 million ads, and the database is continuously growing.

Track Other Language Ads: No matter in which industry you work, non-english continents always has less competition. Adscouter lets you find ads in 60 different languages. So you can also track local competitors if you in a non-English speaking region

Image Analysis: This is one of the best feature that I didn’t find in any other tool. Tracking ads by text is easy but adscouter also analysis the image. For example let’s say you want dogs ads. It will not only analysis the ads containing dog keyword in copy but also those ads which contain dogs image

Adscouter oto

Reverse Image Research: Sometimes we have a popular image. So you can find ads that are using that specific image.

For example you sell tattoo machine motor. Then why not use machine image to find your competitors ads.

AdScouter Price & OTO Information

Price is something that can make or break the game. Adscouter is pretty cheap you can get one time fixed price.

And if you are not satisfied due to any reason then let me tell you, you have 30 days for asking refund. Similar to other software it comes with 30 days money-back guarantee. Anyway, here is the pricing information

Front End $47

Visit Sales Page

There are two licenses for the front-end version. Personal & Commercial, as both plans are self-explanatory the only difference is either you want for personal use or commercial use.

Here is what you are getting in the front end version.

  1. Rapid ‘Ad Detection & Monitoring’ Technology
  2. Discover The Most successful Ads with proprietary ProfitScore
  3. 30 Million Ads Database
  4. Discover ads in 60 languages
  5. Search For Objects & Text Within Images using AI
  6. Facebook, Instagram & Messanger Ads
  7. Competitor Analysis
  8. Find Active & Inactive Ads
  9. Landing Pages of Ads
  10. No Limit on the Search
Currently all coupon code are expired. There is no working coupon code.

OTO 1 – AdScouter AI – $47

View Sales Page

The first upsell will cost you $47. Here in this upsell you will get Some AI features explained below.

Basically, it can scan ‘Face, image & text’ from Fb ads images. So if you are looking for something specific product ads etc then you should purchase this upsell.

Here are the all features of this upsell.

  1. Search Ads with Photos (Image reverse Search Feature)
  2. AI Engine to Scan Text within Image
  3. Search For Object + Text Within Carasel Ads
  4. Ads Spotlight: 30+ most profitable ads list every month
  5. Ability To Request Inclusion of New Advertiser: So You can track your exact competitor
  6. VIP Support: Priority support & future updates to the AdScouter software.

OTO 2 AdScouter PRO – $67

View Sales Page

  1. Monitor Competitors
  2. Competitive Analysis
  3. Landing Page SEO Score
  4. Done for Ads Service (20 Ads per month)
  5. Winning Product Masterclass

Honestly, I think the first two features are super important. But rest are crucial.

OTO 3 AdScouter Agency – $47

View Sales Page

If you have a team then this upsell is a must-have for you. It allows you to create sub-accounts & several other features.

  1. Create Sub-users
  2. Client Campaign Management System
  3. Client Acquisition Resources
  4. Client Acquisition Funnel
  5. Support For Several Languages

OTO 4 AdScouter AdCreator – $67

View Sales Page

This is the last upsell. If you are looking for tool to create ads for facebook/instagram then in this upsell you will get complete toolkit for making image & videos ads.

  1. image Creator Tool
  2. Advance Video Creator Tool
  3. Background Removal
  4. Image Enhancer Tool
  5. 100+ DFY Video + Image Ads Templates – Inspired From Real Profitable Ads

Adscouter Quality Bonuses

Did my article help you get more information about the adscouter? If yes and you are considered to buy then why not get some extra bonuses to enhance its value.

For the exclusive bonuses, you have to just purchase by my affiliate link. I will receive a small cut.

Did my review get you interesting in this product?

Why Not get some extra help to start your journey.

Instead of overwhelming you with whopping bonuses that you will never use I have created a non-fluff bonus package for you.

All you need to do is buy through my affiliate link ( I will get a commission). All the links on this page are affiliate links.

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2) Google Ads Bootcamp


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3) Facebook Ads Bootcamp


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Facebook Ads Bootcamp is an online course that teaches new Facebook advertisers how to set a budget and target the best audience.

4) Noah’s Youtube Secrets


PDF Guide $0.00 $9.00

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5) Million-Dollar Email Templates


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6) Making Remote Work Work


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Linkedin Outrach Bootcamp

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Agency Survival Bootcamp

Video Course $0.00 $199

Agency Survival Bootcamp is an online course that teaches you how to sustain your business and find new growth in a down economy.

Final Words

Definitely, you need a spy tool if you are a Facebook marketer. Adscouter has unique features such as ProfitScore, reverse image search etc that makes it better than other tools.

The best part unlike other spy tools it is available at one time price instead of monthly or annual subscription.

Anyway, if you have any feedback for this article then let me know by the comment section.

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