Animatron Alternatives For Explainer & Whiteboard Videos

Animatron is one of the online animation maker tools which is launched a few months back. There are some additional features requested by many users in this tool.

If you are looking for the best alternatives for you to make animation videos, then stay tuned. In this post, I am going to show you the top 9 best alternatives of Animatron.

All the given tools are tested by me and I have also reviewed almost all of them in this blog and on my YouTube channel as well.

Best Animatron Alternatives


Go to createStudio

This is one of my most favorite tools that I use a lot. You might have seen that I have created most of the videos and blogs on this tool.

CreateStudio Dashboard

I always recommend this tool to anyone who wants to make any kind of videos. Be it professional videos, product videos, intro, whiteboard animation, or be it anything, CreateStudio is the best and easy pick for you when it is about Video Editing.

This software lifetime version will cost you $67. Here you can read about createstudio oto

Here are some of the core features that you will get in CreateStudio.

  1. 2D and 3D Characters for 3D animation videos
  2. Pexels Library
  3. Preview available for everything
  4. Custom animation or keyframe
  5. Pre-made templates
  6. Easiness
  7. SVG Images
  8. Text to Speech

And there are much more features in CreateStudio.

CreateStudio is an easy to tool to use and make videos even if they have a lot of features and functions in them.

If you want the big hands in video creation, give a try to CreateStudio.


Go to Renderforest

This is the ultimate solution for you if you want to do the branding of your company. Renderforest covers you with everything about marketing.

Renderforest Dashboard

The best thing about them is the various ways to pay. You can either use the monthly plans or even choose to go with pay as you go option as well.

The Renderforest is based with the AI and it comes with great team efforts as well, that’s the best thing I like about them.

Here are some of the core features that you will get with Renderforest:

  1. Multiple Services: logo intro, whiteboard animation videos, cartoon videos, etc.
  2. Trusted site
  3. 24×7 support

This is something which you can definitely try even if you are a big company or you are expanding.

Renderforest does provide you the best support with their service which makes most of your work super easy.

You can create free account. However, you will get watermarked videos in the free account. Paid plans are starting at $7


Go to Renderforest

DoodleMaker was become super popular for making doodle videos. That’s how it is made as well.

animatron alternative

DoodleMaker is a great tool for you to make an online animation video. It comes with One-time payment pricing. It is great to get access to the offer for a lifetime with one-time pricing.

Here are the features that you will get in DoodleMaker:

  1. Whiteboard, Glassboard & Blackboard videos
  2. Customization without limitation
  3. AI Video Translation Engine
  4. Over 300+ Templates
  5. Text-to-Speech In 70 languages
  6. Unlimited exports
  7. Image Library
  8. Image To Sketch Converter
  9. Built-In Color Changer
  10. Pixabay API

There are so many more features in DoodleMaker. I can’t put them all here.

I will suggest you give it a try, as you are getting 30 days money-back guarantee as well. Doodlemaker will just cost you $49.


If you are not convinced with the DoodleMaker then you might like Doodly. Doodly is the best alternative to DoodleMaker.

Doodly Dashboard
Doodly Dashboard

You will also get the one time offer of Doodly in which you will get the lifetime access with updates in one-time pricing only.

Here are the features of Doodly that you will get:

  1. Create Unlimited Videos
  2. Use On Multiple Computers
  3. 803 Character images
  4. 1,157 Prop images
  5. 84 Scene Templates
  6. 100 Royalty-Free Music Tracks

Doodly is a great tool that helps you make animation videos with much ease. They have got many templates as well.


Toonly is not the online video editing tool but it is the software. It is one of the best software which you can use. You can easily use it with multiple users in any desktop, laptop.

toonly dashboard

Toonly has some unique features that are not available in other editing services, that’s what  I like the most about Toonly.

Here are the main features that you are getting in Toonly:

  1. Lips sync
  2. Enough actions
  3. Install on multiple computers
  4. Easy to use

If you are more comfortable with software instead of online tool then you should try Toonly.

The best thing is, you can work on video editing even without internet (offline).


Go to Powtoon

Powtoon is a well-known name in the whiteboard animation world. You must have seen the whiteboard animation videos on YouTube where they tell you some stories using animations on the whiteboard.

powtoon dashboard

That is easy to understand and very popular way to make content. It is also easy as well.

You can use Powtoon to edit and make videos which are professional. You can also make the other type of videos as well which you can make for your work or company.

Here are some great features of Powtoon that you will get.

  1. Unlimited characters and assets
  2. Advance level customisation
  3. Stock photos and videos

If you are going to make some animation videos, then you should check Powtoon for your work. It is the best tool to make animation videos and it is easy to use as well.


Go to Animaker

Animaker is always there in the list of best alternatives of tools like Doodly and Toonly. Animaker is the cloud-based animation maker tool that is very helpful to make business videos or projects.

animaker dashboard

Animaker is popular for providing one of the finest assets in the tool for video editing. They have a large collection of assets.

Here are some features of Animaker:

  1. Drag and drop builder
  2. Powerful character builder
  3. 100M+ stock videos and photos
  4. 1000+ premade templates available
  5. Upload or edit 4k quality videos
  6. Instant resizing

If you look for the best asset in your video editing stuff, then Animaker has some of the best ones.


Go to Animaker

Viddyoze is known as the world’s easiest video animation maker software. It is the tool which lets you make videos in about two minutes.

Viddyoze Dashboard

They have got some big amount of templates and features as well.

Here are the best features of Viddyoze that you will get in their front end sale (they have some upsells as well):

  1. Unlimited video renders
  2. Unlimited usage rights on all videos
  3. 170 Professional templates
  4. Cloud-based software
  5. No Watermarks
  6. Access to premium Facebook group with 33,348+ members
  7. Free lifetime support and updates
  8. BONUS: The “Reverse Sales” Frictionless Client Getting Blueprint
  9. BONUS: YouTube Profits Elevator

If you don’t want to get into some hard stuff of technical things in video editing, then you should try Viddyoze.


Go to Animoto

This is the last tool which I have tried a few months back for some of my videos on the YouTube channel.

Animoto Dashboard

They do provide you free version as well if you need something to try. Animoto does have some professional award-winning templates.

Here are some features that you will get in Animoto:

  1. No watermark in paid plans
  2. Up to three users
  3. License to resell to businesses
  4. High-Quality Videos
  5. 3,000+ music tracks
  6. Templates
  7. Support
  8. And much more

If you need some professional templates, then you should check out Animoto as the tool. You can even give a try to free version of Animoto as well.

Final Words

All the suggestion that I have given to you are tested by myself and I do have also reviewed most them as well. If you want, you can check the detailed review or the comparisons of them.

All the tools are perfect for video editing. Obviously, some of them have minor issues, yet they are good.

All the tools have a money-back guarantee so you can try out and if you didn’t like it, then you can easily make a change.

Do you have anything to say related to online video editing tools? If yes, do let me know in the comments section below.

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