The Best Face Filter Apps For Android & iPhone Users in [currentyear]

Face Filter Apps are on peak. It all started with Snapchat in the year 2011. Then Instagram and Facebook started coping those features.

Today we have a number of apps for Face Filters. From adding a DOG filter to changing age. Everything is possible in using the face filter apps in [currentyear].

I personally created this list after testing many face filter apps. Every Apps has its own Unique Creativity. Making a list doesn’t mean it’s their ranking depending upon features and Filters. All the apps do have something unique. You can try out a few of them and stick with some of them which you like.

In this post, I am listing down some of the cool and unique face filter apps for Android and iPhone users that you can use.

Check it out:

1. Snapchat: Still Is A King in Face Filters

Download: Android/iPhone

After testing hundreds of face filter apps Snapchat is a clear winner with hundreds of filters and matching on the face.

snapchat filters

Snapchat shows a clear difference. The Biggest reason is Snapchat has a large number of users which is good for the AI system. They have good data and many experiments to do.

Moreover, it helps them invest money in filters. All of you already know about its filters.

Additionally snapchat allow users to create custom filters

2. Sweet Snap Face Cam: Great App Girls

Download Android/ iPhone

Like Snapchat this all a lot of all filters. Which makes it one of the Best for taking a selfie.

Not all filer app allow to show camera filter. But this app does. User can also apply filters to gallery images.

You will get countless stickers inside the app. It also shows famous stickers of the week.

Apart from Sticker app it also allows cover beauty features. For example lipstick, Blusher, eyebrows, Lips size control, noise size and many more things.

In the filter section You will get some color tunes settings. Which unfortunately can’t customized except the scale of applying 0-100.

Beauty and stickers are mainly created for girls.

Key Points

  • A large Number of Stickers
  • Beauty Options
  • Color Tuning Filers
  • Video Photo, Gif and Boomerang Options

3. YouCam

Download Android/iPhone

Unlike the above apps, Youcam does contain not any stickers. This app has beauty, color filters, and frames.

In the beauty it also you to customize eye size, Face smooth and other functions.

In the play store you can find a lot better apps than Youcam But unlike other apps it will show like preview before taking picture ors shooting video.

It also photo editor which has more editing features.

Key points

  • No 3D Sticker
  • Color Tuning Effects
  • Beauty Options
  • Photo Editor and Collage Features

4. Instagram

visit website

After analysing Hundreds of apps Social media apps are clear winner


  • Because They have Bigger budget
  • They Have More Data

Above two things help AI to work better. Like snapchat instagram also allow you to create custom filters.

Instagram has great variety of filters but still far away from snapchat. Some new filters also take time to apply.

But instagram is huge better than a lot of apps. If are looking for snapchat filter then go with instagram

5. B612: It can Beat Instagram

Download: Android/iPhone

B612 cover almost everything from beauty to stickers. Youcam has features mainly related to beauty. Still can’t compete with b612 app.

Because it covers a lot of advanced features. This app also match the colors for better photos.

b612 face filter app

All filters are divided into multiple categories. You will also hot section. Which is obviously trending filters.

In the beauty cover a lot things. Probably the number one app in both stores.

From forehead to chin. Every single can be customized by the user. You can install the app and can get lost inside this.

With these colors filters are expected. B612 also remembers the last used beauty or sticker. So on opening next time you will get everything as you left.

Apart from photos and videos, it has a story option. Where users can add stars and other premade filters to make stories.

Key Points:

  • Great variety of Stickers
  • Beauty and Makeup Options
  • A lot more features

6. Like: In iPhone Store It is Known As Likee

Download: Android/iPhone

Once upon time Like is trending. But then tiktok overtake it. But still, million people use like.

It is a kind of social media app. In social media, face filter is expected. These new social media apps

Like is more like an alternative B612 app. Both apps features are similar but Like definitely has some more beauty and 3d stickers.

On the other side, it is complete tiktok. You will get some type of content in the Like app. Like has pre-made templates as well. The user just needs to select photos to Apply.

But unlike B612 Account is necessary.

Like can be only used to take videos. You can’t take picture.

7. Tiktok: Hats Off

Visit website

Probably a lot of you already using Tiktok. Similar to like it as a great variety of option in stickers and beauty

In tiktok you will find sticker in the Effects section.

Either you can shoot 15 sec or 60 seconds video. It also comes with transitions.

Effects not only contain stickers but transition and other things as well.

Like Snapchat, it also covers some country-specific stickers, for example, Sikh Turban and other Indian culture-specific things.

8. Beauty Camera

Download Android/iPhone

I was expecting that a beauty camera would have a selfie feature. But it’s not. You can create videos only.

Apart from being a face filter, it is also a photo editor. It also has a collage option with multiple templates.

Beauty features are obviously inside this app that you can find in the Retouch section.

It looks like this app is mainly dedicated to girls. Because all beauty and 3d stickers are girls related.

You will find some sticker for men but not as many as for girls.

9. Besite

Download: Android/iPhone

Personally i don’t artificial beauty. Anway, similar to Beauty camera Besite Cameraa360 is cover similar features.

This app is widely popular in the Girls. Even it’s features images are made up of only girls.

In the beauty section it cover following things.

  • Natural & radiant complexion retouching
  • Exquisite face feature & contour reshaping
  • Adjustable skin smooth, whiten & brighten effect
  • Smart acne, blemishes & pimples remover
  • 100+ filters developed for portrait selfies

These app stickers are animated. Contain a certain type of moment. Sticker are more dedicated to animals. In fact, I didn’t find any sunglasses sticker.

For Selfie lovers Bestie Either cover only stickers and color turning filters.

But with this Beste can also used as photo editor. Photo editor contain a lot of beauty options.

Changing Skin tone to Making eye size.

10. Banuba: Filters are Amazing But

Download: Android/iPhone

Banuba provides a free version as well. But its main features are available in the paid version.

Its Filters are amazing but It’s AI struggle to find correct position. I tried a lot of filters but they are struggling to match the position.

You can try But something is wrong with my face. Immediately after installing the Banuba show offer about a paid version with 3-day trial. It can be bypassed by tapping on Cross icon at the top.

Another problem is you will get watermark over your photos or videos. The watermark can be removed by using paid subscriptions. It will cost you $99/year.

Banuaba also does a great job to match colors of stickers on the current situation.


If you are willing to spend 99 then go for it if not then it is waste of time.

11. FaceApp

Download Android/iPhone

After facing a lot of controversies faceapp is back on the track. It does have any 3d Sticker.

It is more like photo editing. It’s feature are amazing I thought I should write about this app.

From changing the age to applying Mustache everything can do inside this app.

This app is for creating real photos. It does not matter who professional photo you take in B612 or other apps.

Anyone can tell that it is a sticker. But face app provides a real look to the photos.

To access it’s all features you have to buy it’s premium subscriptions.

12. Apple Clip

Download iPhone

iPhone users have built in app know as Clip. If you used you already know it does not contain any sticker.

But it contains emoji. That specific emoji will be applied on your face. It will react as you react.

This app also has feature of adding background music, text. Moreover you can apply custom pre-made background.

It also allow to provide illustration, sketch and other filters.

Unfortunately, this app is only available for IOS users. Android users can cartoon maker apps as an alternative.

Some of its features also found in the Tiktok app. But I didn’t any single app having similar features.

13. MSQRD (Masquerade)

Download Android/iPhone

MSQRD app does have some story behind which made it popular for some time on social media as well. It was in the talks for a long time.


It is very simple application to use with some basic filters. Many people love it because of the simple navigation of this app.

Right now, Facebook has acquired the MSQRD app and that’s why it is not the app by Facebook itself.

You can use to go live on Instagram using filters and much more. It does a great and smooth job of applying filters and effects on you face.

MSQRD is also one of the first face filter app made after Snapchat. That’s why it was in the talks for a long time.

If you love simple layout and effects, you will love MSQRD app.

14. Line Camera

Download Android/iPhone

If you want clear navigation with very minimal designs yet beautiful filters and options then LINE is the app for you.

It is the clear example of “less but the best”. The navigation and icons and everything is super easy in Line Camera app.

LINE Camera

Line Camera app does provide you many options to customize even the smaller objects or things in the image.

The filters in the Line app makes it more colorful and bright which gives it very decent look to the images.

If you love to edit or take photos which are more colourful or bright then Line App does have some great filters and effects for you.

14. Face Swap

Download Android/iPhone

Face Swap

The app name says by itself. It has been trending a lot on instagram to swap faces with celebrities or some people.

It is best for making memes as well.

Swap Faces app helps you swap faces of two people. You can swap faces with your friends, celebrities or with anyone.

You can click live swapped pictures as well. The app if great to have fun and make some memes as well.

15. X Photo Editor

Download Android/iPhone

X Photo Editor

X Photo Editor app does have some unique features that attratced me the most.

Using X Photo Editor app you can literally change the gender of the person or you can even change the body shape of the person as well.

It comes with the live filter which gives you a great view while clicking the picture.

The only thing is, you should be careful if you are buying their subscription or something in app purchases. It is bit tricky.

Want to try something cool and funny? Give a try to X Photo Editor App.

16. Lemo Cam

Download Android/iPhone

Lemo Cam

Lemo Cam provides you the best stickers and filters for face in app. The best thing about the Lemo Cam app is that they update new stickers and filters regularly.

You will get new filters and updates time to time with Lemo Cam App.

The app experience is very smooth and flexible as well. You will love to use their stickers for sure.

Lemo Cam will help you use the stickers that are not available to everyone yet.

17. Retrica

Download Android/iPhone


Retrica is my personal favorite Face Cam app that I have used for a very long time.

The effects that you get in Retrica are very decent and professional. The effects are not much fancy like other apps. It is much better and elegant filters.

The Retrica camera is very clean and captures some great pictures with cool filters with it as well.

If you are looking for a professional photo effects then Retrica app is one of the best for you. It is also best to use as the primary camera app as well.

Give it a shot and capture some clear images.

18. Airbrush

Download Android/iPhone


Airbrush app gives you the most natural filters to work around your images. It will make your photos look more natural and elegant.

Airbrush app does have some features which let’s you customize the skin tone of the skin and that provides you the makeup effects as well.

If you have to remove some spots from your face or anything like that, then Airbrush does that very smartly.

You can even highlight and increase or decrease the shapes and size of the eyebrows as well. The app is very flexible and much better align with everything.

Airbrush is one of the best selfie camera app as well.

19. A Color Story

Download Android/iPhone

A Color Story

If you love having a lot of color options which let’s you control over the small changes then A Color Story is a great app for you.

There are many people who does not want the exact red or blue color in their photo but they want some other shade of it, if you are one of those then A Color Story App is perfect app for you.

The app has some templates which you can use the make professional images as well.

A Color Story is an app which is all in one solution for editing images or clicking images with the filters. Be it anything, A Color Story App is the best for you.


In the earlier days, I used to apply sunglasses, hats manually. But today it can be done easily by artificial intelligence. It gives much better results than humans.

I try to cover apps with different features and app that are Best.

If you think that I miss an amazing face filter app then let me know by the comment section. It will help other users.

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