Clickvio OTO & Demo Info + Quality Bonuses

Email Marketers are always looking for some ways to increase the open rates, clicks or sales from their email campaigns.

Once you optimise the open rates, clicks or sales, you are going to increase the profits. That is the end goal of every marketer.

There are many tools in the market for it. Choosing the best once for you is the game of testing and trying out different tools. After all, email marketing is all about the experiments.

In this post, I am going to introduce you to Clickvio; it is the tool which will help you optimise your email campaign.

I will tell you everything you need to know about Clickvio, what you are getting in it, OTO information and there are some bonuses at the end for you as well.

What is Clickvio Exactly?

Clickvio is the new email marketing tool for those who do email marketing to optimize their email marketing for more open rates, clicks, and sales.

Email marketers buy many tools and autoresponders to automate or optimize their email campaigns. If the number of open rates, clicks, and sales are increasing for your emails, you are making extra profit. That’s what Clickvio helps you do.

When you send the emails, there are multiple email service providers such as Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail, etc. Every other ESP (email service provider) has a different way of showing emails. That results as emails look different in different email clients.

If the email is not similar in all the clients, then results will vary and it will be dynamic.

Clickvio comes with the new technology of MJML to solve this problem. It uses the new technology that lets your emails look exactly the same on all the email clients.

You don’t even need to opt-out of your current email autoresponder. It is tested and worked out best for every autoresponder out there.

Clickvio has been tested extensively to see the results. Everywhere it resulted in higher open rates, click rates, and sales as well.


ClickVio is going to help you if you are a Marketer, Email Marketer, Affiliate Marketer, Local Marketer or even an Agency.

Clickvio Demo

Here is the demo video of Clickvio in which you are getting the full walkthrough of Clickvio tool.

Clickvio Pricing & OTO

Clickvio provides you with a lot of great pricing options with some extra bonuses. I’ll tell you everything you are getting in their pricing plans, OTO, and bonuses as well. [Don’t forget, you are getting some bonuses from us as well. Stick to the end for that.]

Unlike other email marketing tools, you will not need to pay a monthly or yearly recurring amount for Clickvio. That’s what I like about Clickvio. You get the one-time payment option to use it for a lifetime. You can upgrade with other OTO options if you need them.

The pricing and OTO of Clickvio are as follows.

Front End

Price – ($27 – $37) | Sales Page here

This is the main Clickvio tool in which you are getting two licenses. One of them is the personal License which will cost you $27 and the other one of Commercial Licence which will cost you $37. Both the licenses are self-explanatory by the names.

You can choose any one of them as if you are the individual or the company.

Here are the key features that you are getting in Front End version of Clickvio.

  1. 100 Done For You Emails
  2. 10 Done For You Templates
  3. Built-in retargeting and preview text feature on email openers
  4. Additional widgets including Instagram Post, YouTube Video Links, Location, Image, Countdown, Button, Divider, Spacer, and Social Links (for more traffic)
  5. BONUS: 2 months free of Mailvio 25k Plan (worth $134)
  6. BONUS: 6-Figure Emails (Training Session)

You are getting the 2 months free of Mailvio 25k Plan to try and test your email complains which is a very awesome deal if you ask me.

OTO 1 – Clickvio Unlimited

Price – $97 | Sales Page here

This is the first upsell of Clickvio which gives you unlimited campaigns and some more benefits as well.

If you want to get onto marketing with some extra added elements or done for you templates then Clickvio Unlimited has it for you.

Here are the things that you are getting in Clickvio Unlimited.

  1. Unlimited Campaigns
  2. 2,000 Done For You emails
  3. 100 Additional Done For You Emails
  4. Some addition elements
    1. Invoices
    2. Banners
    3. Testimonials
    4. Bonus Boxes
    5. Email Signatures
  5. BONUS: Overnight Success Challange (worth $97)

This OTO is for those who want to get more creative and get some extra additional elements and Done For You templates as well.

You are also getting the Overnight  Success Challenge which is three days challenge that teaches you how to build an email list.

OTO 2 – Spyvio Agency

Price – $197 | Sales page here

This is a great OTO for a smart marketer who wants to spy on their competitor’s emails and Facebook ads. Gives you an extra edge over your competitor. Basically, it is a kind of storage where you can store ads, emails, etc.

Here are the features that you are getting in Spyvio 50K which is OTO 3.

  1. Spy On Your Competitor’s Emails
  2. Sell This Software As Your Own And Keep 100% – Monthly Or One-Time
  3. Spy On Your Competitor’s Facebook Ad Campaigns
  4. Create And Sell Unlimited Sub-Accounts For Your Clients
  5. Export emails
  6. Includes Dedicated Reseller Panel
  7. DONE FOR YOU Library with up to 10,000 assets
  8. Spy On Your Competitor’s Funnels
  9. FUTURE FEATURES: YouTube Ads Spy and Funnel Spy

This is a great OTO offer for those who are into dropshipping or eCom business. It will help smart marketers keep eye on their competitors.

Spvio 100 $297

  1. 100 Sub-Accounts
  2. Each Sub-Account can have 10,000 assets
  3. Each Sub-Account can have folders, & the ability to edit and export emails
  4. You can sell seats at a one-time or recurring price.
  5. Personal License With Same Limits

Spvio 1000 $497

  1. 100 Sub-Accounts
  2. Each Sub-Account can have 10,000 assets
  3. Each Sub-Account can have folders, & the ability to edit and export emails
  4. You can sell seats at a one-time or recurring price.
  5. Personal License With Same Limits
  6. Get Clicvio Team Emails
  7. Clickvio VSL
  8. Landing pages

Spvio unlimited $797

  1. 100 Sub-Accounts
  2. Each Sub-Account can have 10,000 assets
  3. Each Sub-Account can have folders, & the ability to edit and export emails
  4. You can sell seats at a one-time or recurring price.
  5. Personal License With Same Limits
  6. Get Clicvio Team Emails
  7. Clickvio VSL
  8. Landing pages
  9. BONUS: Get our DFY Library with 25,000 Assets
  10. BONUS: 1 Hour Kickstart Call With Neil Napier

DN) Personal License

Price: $97

If you reject this offer then clicvio will offer you personal license that includes the following features.

  • Collect & Store Emails From Any Newsletter
  • Stealth-Sign Up Without Using Your Personal Email Address
  • Edit, Save & Export These Emails For Future Use
  • Send Emails Direct To Your MAILVIO Account [EXCLUSIVE]
  • Collect & Download Cold Leads From Incoming Emails
  • Setup Alerts To Get Instant Email Notifications
  • Collect Facebook & Google Ads
  • Reverse Engineer ANY Funnel With One Click
  • Simple Folder Structure to separate Emails, Funnels & ads
  • Done For You 10000+ Assets Library

OTO 3 – Clickvio + Spyvio Business

Price – $57 | Sales Page here

Basically, this is a commercial license to both clickvio & spyvio. Thus you can sell service to other businesses.

You will get pre-made stuff to sales easy. Here is everything that you are getting in this upsell.

  1. DONE FOR YOU Professional website with pre-done graphic designing and content
  2. Easy PayPal integrated to collect payments
  3. Add Featured Samples of Services Offered
  4. DONE FOR YOU Clients Contracts
  5. NDA Contracts (Non-Disclosure Agreements)
  6. 3x Cold Emails

All the offers that you are getting in OTO offer are for those who do some business or sell online services.  Client Contracts and NDA contracts are very useful. Paypal integration is also supported.

This is a complete business package OTO offer.

OTO 4 – Motvio Agency

Price: $197 Annual or $497 One time Price | sales Page here

Using Motvio you can run Webinars both auto webinar & live webinar. There is no limit on attendees.

Here is everything that you are getting in motvio.

  1. Run UNLIMITED Autowebinars – & Utilize Our 10 DFY Fully-Tested AutoWebinars
  2. Supports Unlimited Simultaneous Attendees And 5 Presenters
  3. Fully Mobile Responsive Modern Chat For User-Friendly Experience
  4. Integration with all major such as mailchimp, activecampaign, aweber, mailvio, getresponse, zapier etc.

Use Coupon Code meetvio to get $100 off on annual license.

OTO 5) Funnvio Commercial

Price: $97 | Sales Page here

This is the last upsell. Using this basically, you can create funnels. In other words alternative to clickfunnels & other similar solutions.

All of the clickvio pages are build with this software.

Here are the all features.

  1. 50 Sites
  2. 100000 Visitors/month
  3. Unlimited Funnels & Pages
  4. Page Importer for 12 months
  8. Superior Support With Our 24/5 Rock Solid Support Team

Clickvio Quality Bonuses

If my article has helped you in any way, that’s great!

If you have decided to buy Clickvio tool then wait a minute. What about getting some additional super bonuses?

Get the exclusive super quality bonuses, if you purchase Clickvio using my affiliate link. I will receive a small amount of commission for recommending you and you get extra bonus.

You don’t have to pay anything extra. All you have to do is, purchase Clickvio using my affiliate link. It will not cost you anything extra.

Here are the exclusive bonuses that you are getting from me. Bonuses will be automatically send to you.

Did my review get you interesting in this product?

Why Not get some extra help to start your journey.

Instead of overwhelming you with whopping bonuses that you will never use I have created a non-fluff bonus package for you.

All you need to do is buy through my affiliate link ( I will get a commission). All the links on this page are affiliate links.

You will receive bonuses automatically if you haven’t received bonuses then mail your receipt at [email protected]

2) Google Ads Bootcamp


Video Course $0.00 $199.00

Google Ads Bootcamp is a 5-day online course that shows you how to structure your marketing model and budget for a higher ROI.

2.5 Hours content completely free.

3) Facebook Ads Bootcamp


Video Course $0.00 $199

Facebook Ads Bootcamp is an online course that teaches new Facebook advertisers how to set a budget and target the best audience.

4) Noah’s Youtube Secrets


PDF Guide $0.00 $9.00

Noah Kagan has 57K subscribers at this moment. He has grown his channel is an extremely competitive niche business niche.

5) Million-Dollar Email Templates


PDF Guide $0.00 $9.00

Million-Dollar Email Templates is an ebook of 30 email scripts used and curated by Sumo and AppSumo to help develop business and client relationships.

6) Making Remote Work Work


PDF Guide $0.00 $17.00

Remote Control: Lessons from World-Class Experts & Entrepreneurs is an ebook that condenses over 20 hours of interviews into simple, actionable advice for a variety of industries.

Linkedin Outrach Bootcamp

PDF Guide $0.00 $19.00 check price here


LinkedIn Outreach Bootcamp is a 5-day course that teaches B2B marketers how to use LinkedIn outreach to consistently generate new clients.

Agency Survival Bootcamp

Video Course $0.00 $199

Agency Survival Bootcamp is an online course that teaches you how to sustain your business and find new growth in a down economy.

Final Words

Clickvio is the perfect tool for you if you want to optimise your email marketing campaign. You are using the new technology in this tool which is not available yet in other tools.

Even the offers that you are getting are worth every penny that you are spending for.

Anything to say? Do let me know, in the comments section below.

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