Doodly vs VideoScribe vs Explaindio: Differences & Comparison

Here in this article I’m going to compare 3 video animation tools doodly videoscribe and explaindio.

In case you are familiar only with one or two software still, I will explain about every software so you don’t need to use Google again.

Before I dig deeper into comparison I have some special words for Explaindio. Please read them carefully.

Explanindio can not only make doodle videos where a hand draws the objects But it can also 2d and 3D cartoon style animation videos. Probably this is the reason what it is more expensive from both doodly & videoscribe.

This is what I have supposed before buying. After buying it, I found it is not worth the money. It is old software that hasn’t received any major update, full of bugs. Definitely overpriced Product.

So Just ignore the Explaindio. It is simply not worth it. If you need software for doodle videos then read then continue reading.

In case you need something All in one for making 2D animation videos, 3D animation videos then check createstudio review here. It can’t create doodle videos.

Anyway, let’s back to the comparison of Doodly vs Videoscribe

If you search on the google videoscribe. You will see an ad from Doodly.

videoscribe keyword ad

Is it really better and cheap as well? The true answer is not a black and white picture.

In some scenarios, doodly is better and in some cases videoscribe. In other words, to know the answer you have to read the whole article.

If you make till the end then you don’t need to search another query about either doodly or videoscribe.

Table of content

Features comparison
Price: (What is Doodly Hiding)
Final Thoughts

Features comparison

First I want to see which is best for creating a whiteboard video without thinking about price.


When you start the doodly. It asks about style as shown in the screenshot.

It even allows you use any custom color, or image as background.

doodly styles

After selecting the style it will take you to the video dashboard as shown in the screenshot.

doodly dashboard

In the text templates, doodly allows users to upload their own fonts. that is amazing.

The number of Pros Images, characters, music depends upon the plan you subscribed to.

Doodly has two plans standard and enterprise. Here is the difference between them.

doodly plans

Like Videoscribe Doodly also has an option for selecting hand. You can either pick the left or right hand. Real hand or cartoon hand as shown in the screenshot.

doodly hand settings

Coming to Library its higher end plan will have 3000 images. Off curse you can upload own custom image.

On top of that, Doodly allows you to set custom paths. Meaning how the character will be drawn (left corner to right corner) You can customize on your own.

Recently Doodly has added Camera feature that means you can control pan and zoom settings.

Coming to Music because the internet is full of royalty-free tracks so I will not compare this feature.


Videoscribe is also software that can be installed on Mac and windows.

For the background you have 9 styles. But unlike doodly these background has just change texture not like doodly custom color, glassboard options.

In the videoscribe, you have a different hand option. Actually you have more options than doodly.


You can also select different for a specific element. There are more than 300 hands in videoscribe.

Videoscribe hands have an eraser option as well for exit animation.

Coming to the library it has a bigger library than doodly. There are a total of 6000 images. Obviously you can import your own images.

Coming to camera, videoscribe goes from one asset to another asset.


This is so much better than doodly.

However you can’t set custom paths for images.

Doodly ProsVideoscribe Pros
Background OptionsBig Library
Custom PathA lot of Hands Options
Can’t work offlineCan work offline


As a Trial Doodly offers you 30 days money-back guarantee. While Videoscribe offers you a free plan.

Doodly price is complicated. Videoscribe has a plan. Either you can purchase a monthly, yearly, or one-time subscription.

Doodly sometimes sells where they offer a one-time subscription which is monthly based.

Then Rainbow add-on which is for adding colors to assets. Without a rainbow, you can’t make colorful videos.

Here Standard and enterprise plan.

doodly pricing

You will get an extra discount if you subscribed to the annual plan.

Coming to their one time fees subscription $67 which they run sometimes.

In the $67 you will get access to the standard plan. After than upsell of enterprise plan at $97.

Not to forget that rainbow addon is a must for adding colors. It will cost you $67.

So their sale cost will be 67+97+67=$231.

By the way, you will also need to buy a rainbow addon if you purchased a monthly subscription.

VideoScribe Cost

Videoscribe doesn’t have a complex funnel-like doodly. Their plans are simple.

  • Monthly: $17/month
  • Annual: $96/year
  • Quarterly plan: $35/after every 4 months

Off curse, you can cancel the subscription at any time. They have one time fees plan as well that will cost you $800.

By the way, videoscribe also comes with a free plan. That is mainly created for testing because you will have watermark over videos.

Final Words Which One to Pick

Both are good. I will say if price matters to you then go with videoscribe even if you have to find doodly one-time fees subscription.

Because $96/year is less than $231. Probably in two years, your finical condition will be changed.

Let’s say you can afford both software. Then Doodly is a bit better than videoscribe because of different background options and custom paths.

Still confuse buy doodly and download free subscription of videoscribe. Test both in 10 -15 days. If you found videoscribe is better then buy the whole subscription, cancel doodly. if you found doodly then better the uninstall the videoscribe. 

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