Ehacking EH Academy Review: Is It Legit Source to Learn

Summary of Ehacking Academy


For Beginners and intermediate users, it is pure gold. From learning website hacking to creating viruses. Or voice over internet Call pen-testing. The only source you need to learn ethical hacking or pen-testing.


Its $59 bundle is the best deal. Here you will get more than 200 courses. So technically you are paying less than $1 for a course.


Generally, they reply within 24 hours to any question. I wish there is a Facebook Group to interact with other users and learn from their experience

Wondering whether you should invest your hard-earned money into Ehacking EH academy? My suggestion is to hold on until I didn’t read this review.

Eh academy offers course bundles at a Cost of Around $19-$99 depending upon the Bundle Size. But the question is it a legit source to learn ethical hacking, digital marketing, Linux, etc in 2020 and beyond?

Why Trust Our Review?

Hi, My name is Harinderpreet Singh. I love exploring the software. I didn’t buy ehacking to make a review article. Actually, a few years ago, I have enrolled to learn ethical hacking. Here is my account receipt.

So this review is coming from a real user who has invested money. My reason for writing review is I didn’t find any other site review ehacking.

What Eh Academy Offers You

Basically you already figure at this point, this is online teaching platform. Here you can courses bundles at affordable price.

Generally, their price range varies between $19-99. Except for cybersecurity recently they have also added digital marketing courses.

These digital marketing courses are average. If you want to enroll in the EH academy for digital marketing then this isn’t for you.

You can find better courses on other platforms.

But for people interested in cybersecurity, you will get all kinds of courses. Either you want to learn wifi hacking, pen-testing, SQL injection, Linux commands.

Not to forget: It has courses for programming. That is kind of necessary for pen testers.

So Do I recommend it to others?

Yes, BUT I do not recommend it’s all bundles. After exploring the site I found a $49-course bundle is the best. However, its price is changed from 49 to $59. It includes the following category courses.

  • Cyber Security and Bug Bounty Courses (40 + 7 Courses)
  • Networking Courses (9)
  • Linux Courses (7)
  • Programming Courses (21)
  • Digital Marketing Courses (40)
  • Microsoft Office Courses (30)

Long story short It is a great platform to buy course bundles at a low price. Buying a single course can be expensive.

Best Deal on Ehacking: 200+ Courses at Price of $59

Let do Math here

200+ courses= $59

It means every course is less than $1. Click Here to Buy this Bundle

When I saw this sale, I was a bit skeptical. Are these courses any good? I was on the fence.

At the end of the day, I found the company offer 30 days money-back satisfaction guarantee. So I make up my mind and bought it.


It’s a great platform for beginners especially those who in the cybersecurity world.

These are Few courses that you will get inside the $59 bundle.

python for hacking

Course 4: Using Python For Offensive Penetration Testing

Inside it Instructor will teach you how to create malware/virus using python programming from scratch. This is the first time when I have seen the practical use of python. In case you don’t python programming You can learn from Course 39: Python For Beginners

wifi hacking course

Course 19: Learn Wi-fi Hacking/Penetration Testing From Scratch

I already know about wifi hacking. But if you have no idea how it is done this course is for you. The instructor will teach you every wifi hacking technique like Brute Force Hacking, Man in Middle and other techniques that you need to know

web application hacking

Course 2: Learn A to Z of Ethical Hacking using Kali Linux – Lifetime

This course is for beginners. Here you will learn basic concepts such as kali Linux commands, Metasploit, other tools for pen-testing.

android penetration

Course 4: Android Application Penetration Testing Training

It is a great course for learning pen testing of android apps. In short words, You will learn how to find a bug in android apps.

Sql injection course

Course 5: Crash Program for SQL Injection Lovers It covers everything about SQL injection from basic to advance.

So if you have some idea or you have no idea. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn SQL injection.

On the sales page, you have deal expired. But ignore just  complete the order, Timer was fake scarcity.

It may be a big amount for you. But if you enroll it is worth it.

This is a brief review that I can describe quicky and easily. But you will also get courses related to java programming,  Computer Networks, VOIP (Voice call over the internet) hacking.

Alternative Cheap Bundle

Master In Ethical Hacking, Networking and Linux

It will cost you $39. It includes 28 courses related to ethical hacking. Apart from it, you will get courses related to networking, and Linux. The content of 450 hours is enough to make anyone a world-class ethical hacker.

What Did I learn?

You Know Teaching all information in the blog post is impossible and not ethical as well. But here are the few best things that I learn.

Python for Offensive Testing: Making own undetectable virus for windows in python language & how to secure yourself.

python for offensive testing.
This is screenshot while on successful connection setup

Website security testing: Everything from basic sql injection, cross site scripting, Brup suite, wordpress security checking etc.

Wifi Hacking Techniques. I already know about it. Because I already know. I found information is 100% correct.

Android Hacking By Python Language: There is a full course in this module that how to create malware apps for android smartphones.

Except this, all other concepts of pen-testing such as metasploit framework, linux commands, programming basic knowledge, server setup, MySql programming, VOIP (voice call over internet) hacking, Networking testing etc are part of ehacking course.

So if you have no idea, as ethical what to learn, how to learn then this platform will give you direction in cyber security field.


What If You Don’t Like Ehacking For Any Reason?

You will get 30 Days money-back guarantee. This is a satisfaction guarantee. Meaning if you don’t like the course within 30 days then you can ask for a refund. They will refund your 100% money without any question.

Is It Suitable For Beginners?

Ehacking platforms is mainly for beginners or for somewhat intermediate levels.

Will I Get Any Certificate After Completing The Course?

yes, When you complete any course. A Certificate will be mailed to you.

Is Course Material Up To Date?

Somethings never change. Such as character of ABC. For beginners this is up to date. However, you will find things outdated.

What Are The Payment Options Available?

Users can pay via credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

Things That I don’t like about Ehacking

Honestly, I’m 100% satisfied with it. But I wish there should be a community where people can discuss problems and ideas.

How  Much Money you Can Make In the Field of Cyber Security?

In any Field Money that you are going to make is totally depends upon SKILLS. Any skill that pays a handsome amount of money that means it is not easy.

According to Indeed ethical hackers made around $99000 per year. Of course, it can be more or less depending upon your skills and experience.

Just enrolling in the EH academy is not going to make your expert. In any field, Without spending hours on practice you could not earn a handsome amount of money.

Either you enroll in $1000 course or $10 You have to Practice for becoming master

The same thing true for digital marketing and Programming as well. You can Google it.

By the You Don’t Need Any College Degree to Earn Money.

A freelancer is a person who works remotely on projects. No need to visit any office etc. Generally, freelancers work from the comfort from there home.

There are a lot of websites available online where you can get these projects.

Upwork is one of them. Check the following screenshot of how much people are making in the ethical hacking/ pen-testing field.

People making money ethical hacking

So That’s it for this post. I try to cover everything about ehacking and how can you make money from it.

No doubt it will take time to become a real ethical hacker. Ehacking could be your first step toward’s it.

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