Glorify App 2.0 Review: Does Lifetime Deal Worth It?

Probably you found glorify app through Facebook ads. Now you want to know does it worth the price, should I purchase its lifetime deal.

In this blog post, I will review an in-depth review of glorifyapp. So at the end of this article, you don’t need to make another search on google.

If you just need link to the lifetime deal here it is

Why Trust us

Hi, my name is Harinder maan. I own this website and mainly review photo/video editing products. I personally purchase products before writing the review. I don’t need to purchase glorifyapp because glorify provides 14 free trial

About Glorify App

Similar to the Canva glorifyapp is also a graphics design tool. However, it is developed for the eCommerce industry. There are a lot of features that you will not find in any other tool. Unlike canva you can’t get a free account however there is 14 days free trial.

There are a lot of features that are crucial for designing physical product images such as reflection, ground shadow, special effects such as adding water, etc. You can’t find these features in any other tool.

Not only features its templates are also made for the e-commerce industry. Pretty much you can find templates for almost all physical products. While searching for templates you can sort them into categories as shown in the screenshot.

glorify app

Glorify is founded by Omar Farook. Before developing glorify he used to run a design agency for e-commerce brands. I think this is the biggest reason why glorify templates looks so amazing

Glorify app launched in August 2019. Within 2 years it attracted 25K users so far. Glorifyapp gets a lot of credibility because of producthut. This is the website where users rate Saas products. Glorifyapp sticks for number 1 on producthunt for a long time.

If you check Glorify sales page, you will find out their roadmap. Glorify team promise to add more features than just graphic design tool. For example mockup design, I have seen people purchase different platforms such as artboard for mockup design. So Glorify can save money when it released all its features.

By the way, mockups will launched in the end march.

If you sign up for the trial then probably you are familiar with glorifying the Facebook community. The team share valuable content to scale an E-commerce brand. Here is the screenshot of 1 hour-long video about landing page design.

Glorify app traning

So Basically glorify is more than just a graphic design tool. If you are looking for tutorial then check the following video.

Things That I like

Here are the features of glorifyapp that you can’t find in any other app such as canva.

Effects & Texture: You can find the effects & texture section in the left sidebar while making graphics. Basically here you can find fire, lights, water effects, wood, cracks in your design as shown in the screenshot.

Glorify effects

Not only this, you can also adjust the color and other settings.


Advance BG Remover: Today almost all graphics tools have an image background remover feature. However, glorify BG remover offer solid features. There is a hair tool, that can while removing background from women’s photos.

You also get a Scalpel for selecting a specific area. However, you rarely need these tools because most of the time They will automatically remove the background.

Here is the screenshot of BG remover. I really like this image comparison feature.

Glorify background remover

However, the best feature is dropped shadow and reflection. This will drop shadow only around objects of the image instead of treating the image as an object.

Glorify background remover

There are no unlimited credits. It depends upon on the plan you have picked.

Color Controls: First of all, you are getting a color picker that can save your time. Glorify app also lets you customize the gradient color. You can customize the start and endpoint.

You can also add gradient color to the text as well.

Training: Best things in life are free. As I mentioned above that you glorify team make training videos for E-commerce. It is be really helpful. If you want to view free training then join their facebook group and go to announcement tab.

Amazing templates: Glorify team previously used to run a design agency for E-commerce platforms. I think this is the biggest reason why their templates look so amazing. You can find templates for all social media placements and the website section. You can resize the existing template or create a custom emission template as well.

Live Chat: Unlike other platforms, you glorify team offers suport through live chat. Just click on the contact us in the left sidebar inside the dashboard.

Ebooks Designer: If you want to create a pdf for a lead magnet, you can also do it inside the glorify. Basically, there is a save as Pdf option. It will combine all of your designs and create a pdf.

I have found some cool templates for ebook design. Not so great for the content.

Custom Shape & Images Into Shape: Do you know glorify app lets you add blob? Basically, you can decide corners and complexity for making a custom design shape as shown in the screenshot.

Glorify blob

Off course, there are pre-made shapes available as well. Inside the pre-made or custom shape, you can add an image. As I have added an image to a custom shape.

Smart resize: Today Omnichannel market is necessary for brands. That’s why we need to design graphics in a given aspect ratio.

Glorifyapp smart resize will automatically adjust the size, obviously, you can make tweaks if you want to. However, this simple feature can save time.

Things That I miss

Not everything is amazing. Here are the limitations that I found in glorify app.

Can’t Delete Multiple Media Once: You can’t select multiple images at once delete them. Personally, I never developed images from cloud-based graphics design tools. However I found some members are complaining about it, maybe it matters for some peoples but not for me.

Can’t Download All Design: Unlike Canva, you can’t download all the images at once. You have to download everything manually. There is also no quality control. When you download it as a pdf, it takes time to download the pdf.

No Text Effects: This is another crucial feature that I miss. You can drop shadow or add border however there are no effects similar to the Canva.

Stock Media Could Be Better: You are also getting a library of premium stock media from icon8. The download is limited you can pay an extra $67 for unlimited downloads. I think these images are limited.

No Animation Effect: This is another feature that I miss inside the glorify. I wish I could animate things then download them as GIF or video. However, currently, glorify let you design graphics only. The animation effect is part of their roadmap however we don’t know when they will release it.

Delayed Updated: Glorify promise a lot of things in their roadmap. They mentioned a mockup design in 2019 when the tool is launched. It needs to be launched in Feb 2020. But it delayed to the end of March.

Which Plan Is Best For You

I hope this short review has helped you, now if you are ready to purchase this section will help you to decide which is the best plan for you. Their $ 97-lifetime deal offers very basic features.

If you visited their lifetime deal page, you know there are 3 subscriptions with a few optional add-ons such as more background remover, etc. There is no upsell.

The price is starting at $97. You can’t add an add-on to this plan. By the way, do not forget you can upgrade at any time until a lifetime deal is available. This lifetime deal is available until glorify doesn’t get 10000 customers.

Here are the major differences between the three deals.

Solo $97Startup $197Enterprise $397
BG Remover50 per month150 per month500 per month
Premium Stock Libraries (Icons8 icons, illustrations, photos)10 per month30 per month100 per month
Team Member1310
+100 BGR Credits pm
Unlimited Premium Stock$67$67

I think the Startup plan with an unlimited premium stock addon is the best plan. One of the biggest limitations of the solo plan is only 10 premium images. Sadly you can’t extend it.

Glorify is a new tool that keeps enrollment updates. Looks like they are here for the long term. I think this is the biggest reason to purchase a lifetime deal. Once the tool becomes more mature and added all the features then you will not get a lifetime deal.

Glorify FAQ

Can I upgrade my plan later on?

Yes you can

Will lifetime deal end in near future?

Glorify team will end lifetime deal once they hit 10000 customers

What If I don’t like the tool?

It is covered by 30 days money back guarantee.

What is the alternative option?

Canva however if you are in Ecom then it will not disappoint you. Except glorify there is no other graphic design tool made for Ecom

Does Glorify Suitable For Other Industries?

Well, it depends. if you don’t use pre-made templates and glorify features such as drop shadow, ground shadow, reflection something that you desire I think it can be worth it.

Final Words

I hope you got value from this article, I try to include all the crucial points that can help you to make the decision. If you have a question or you think I miss something important then let me know by the comment section.

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