How To Get Grammarly Premium For Free in [currentyear]

Grammarly is something that is a must when you are writing for the web. I remember back in the day when I started my first blog, someone suggested Grammarly because of my poor English.

Although Grammarly’s free version is enough however if you are looking for a pro version then you are on the right page.

The pro version is bit expensive; $ 11 for every month. That’s why I start looking for free and cheaper methods.

Here I will share all the methods to get the premium version for free or at a lower cost. But before that let me share why you should switch to Grammarly Pro

Why Use Grammarly Pro?

Unlike Grammarly free version pro version helps in a lot of ways. For example, it can show synonymous for repetitive words.

It can find also find passive voice sentence and recommend you to change into active voice.

All the places where you miss commas and so many other great things that will make your English truly great.

If you think why my English isn’t great even after using the premium version then you are here not to learn English you are here for the pro version.

So don’t judge my English keep reading.

Using Accountbot

Most of you are wondering what is accountbot. Basically, it is a website that offers other sites accounts at affordable prices.

Not only grammarly you can also get netflix, funimation, VPN accounts at tight budget.

Here is the price of grammarly

Grammarly premium cheap price

Pretty cheap right? If you are wondering Is this website even work? Don’t worry I will show you a proof however before that let me show you step by step tutorial.

First of all visit accountbot website and Register for Account.

Once you create your account click on the explore tab and scroll down until you don’t see Grammarly as shown in the screenshot.

Click on it, this will show you pricing. Select the suitable plan. I will recommend you to go with annual plan, you will get maximum discount.


Once you decided, click on Purchase. It will take you to payment option. You can make payment using paypal, crypto currencies (bitcoin, ether) or using your card.

gramarly cheaper

Don’t worry this website is safe, I have made multiple orders in the past 1 year. If you are still worried then make payment using PayPal or cryptocurrency.

Once you make payment, you will see success message similar to the following screenshot.

order success accountbot
It is showing expire in 10 months because I order 2 months ago before taking screenshot.

It may show you a different success message. if you found the message is not on the accountbot website then visit the accountbot website.

Now go to the accountbot subscription page from the left sidebar.

Grammarly using accountbot

In the subscription, you will see the Grammarly option.

You will not see this account the first time, You need to click on generate button. It will provide an account within few seconds. Then you will see something similar to the following page.

Grammarly account

This is your Grammarly premium account. Now you can log in and start writing BETTER English.


As you can see the email address is the same in these photos. The first image is from accountbot and the second screenshot is from the Grammarly website.

There is also premium badge.

If you found that your account is not working or stop working after 1-2 months don’t worry you can get a replacement account with a click of a button.

You can also contact accountbot team they will help you.

Using Account Sellers

I don’t know about you but I know a lot of peoples who sell Grammarly accounts on Facebook. Here is a screenshot of one of them.

You can find these peoples in FB groups named premium accounts free or telegram groups. I think telegram groups are better than FB groups.

Now do not impatiently place an order, check their activity, do other people recommend them? do they share something free etc?

Then you can place the order. I have also bought accounts from sellers. The account was working. The problem is he mentioned that account will work for 1 year however it stopped working after 3 months.

I also contacted him after 3 months, he said I will send you a new account tomorrow but it didn’t get anything.

How do these People get Premium account?

Well, these peoples hack other peoples account, It is known as cracking. People are using the same password on all sites. So they hack low-security sites then use the same email address and password on Grammarly.

Not only Grammarly they also try on other sites such as Netflix etc. That’s why you are not allowed to change the password. If you do so you will again lose the account.

These people sell at low prices. Sometimes account owner finds this activity and he change the password.

Moral: Don’t use same password everywhere.

Grammarly Premium Username & Password

Here are the Grammarly premium account usernames & passwords. Do not change the password. You will lose the account.

Don’t tell me that you are thinking about changing email too. You are not tom cruise, even after you change your email you will lose your account.

By the way, grammarly don’t let you change email, you need to request the team.

[email protected]dmpatel30
[email protected]Eb112004
[email protected]Alice3hoping
[email protected]Eded9848
[email protected]q2dm1111
[email protected]Fabian120699!
[email protected]lolim2lazzy
[email protected]frank1997
[email protected]DemonicDeath1134
[email protected]e16*01Mr
[email protected]Crazy123!
[email protected]hamster1
[email protected]0blivion
[email protected]Shadow@2
[email protected]ahmad1975
[email protected]choosie
[email protected]cdefgahc
[email protected]krithi88
[email protected]indirani
[email protected]b5191467
[email protected]arsenal007

Using Flikover

Flikover is a website for Indian users. If you are a blogger probably you already know about this site. Basically, this website offers internet marketing tools at a cheap price. You can get 20 tools at 1200/month.

If you want to purchase Grammarly alone then you need to pay 200 INR per month. IKeep in mind that flikover will not provide you account details like accountbot.

Basically, you need to install two extensions in the chrome browser. (It only works in the chrome browser)

Once you make payment and both extensions are active then can access grammarly editor.

Grammarly premium account

In short you can’t use grammarly extension.

Personally, I don’t recommend this method because you can’t use Grammarly extension. You will access only their online editor.

Earn Money By Referring People

Do you know Grammarly has a referral program? Basically, if you can refer them customers you will make money.

You don’t need to refer them customers that will buy a premium subscription. Even if you can refer them, people, for the free plan you can make money.

You will get $0.20 cents for each referral customer. If you have a website or you have your own way of referring customers then you can make money.

With money, you can purchase Grammarly. If you are thinking about starting an affiliate marketing blog then maybe you can start with Grammarly.

Quick warning, this is going to difficult in the initial days. However, once you start getting organic traffic then you will even make money while you sleep.

Grammarly even have android & iPhone keyboard app. So you can even refer this to the mobile users.

People interested in learning English, writing, digital marketing is the target audience for Grammarly.

Not to forget using this method you can also make money. However, no doubt this is the most difficult method.

Is There Any Other Way?

You may find other methods such as Grammarly promotional code, cookies, etc. Cookies are a temporary method and it will not work for a large audience.

Once I found a working promotional code which is very difficult to find. My account remains premium for 5-6 months then it stopped working.

I know about methods are not permanent. However, they are better than cookies and promotional codes.

99% of the people who share cookies know that this will not work. They just want to write longer content so they can rank in google.

So yeah maybe there are working cookies and promotional code. However I didn’t find it, that’s why I’m writing they truth. They are difficult to found.

Final words

I hope you got value from this article, if you have any questions or query then let me know by the comment section.

If you think I missed a crucial method or information then again let me know by the comment section.

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