Hoverwatch Review: Is This Spy really work?


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If somehow, you came across to hoverwatch while finding a spy/keylogger app. Now you are looking for a review. Then you are on the right page.

Here in this article, I will review the hoverwatch with all pros & cons. I will also compare it with alternatives. So at the end of this article, no question will be left in your mind.

Let’s start

Why Trust Us ?

Hi, My name is Harinderpreet Singh. I love testing software products. Then I share my honest opinion through this blog.

I don’t write anything without testing. So I spent my own money to buy the hoverwatch software as you can see in the receipt.

hoverwatch receipt

I keep installed the app on phone for several days. To find out all the pros & cons hoverwatch. So this review is coming for real user, not from a writer who read tutorial on internet & then write in his own language.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How long is my data stored?

As long you stay with on the subscription. On canceling your log data will be deleted after 7 days.

What Device does It support?

It supports android, windows & mac Pc.

Does Hoverwatch really work?

Yes, it does if you configure the app correctly.

Is hoverwatch detectable?

No, not at all. Once it is installed no antivirus can detect this

How Do I Get Rid of Hoverwatch?

You can uninstall the app from the victim phone by the hoverwatch dashboard remotely.

What is Hoverwatch Exactly?

Hoverwatch is a spying app for android, Microsoft windows & mac computer. For computers, It will record every keystroke typed by the user and send you remotely.

 For android, it will send call logs, messages, Whatsapp, Messenger, etc remotely through the internet connection. 

All you have to do is install the app on the victim phone, login into your account & some configuration.

While configuration you can hide the app icon so the victim will never know that a spy app is installed on this phone.

You don’t need to root the phone. It can be installed on any device. Don’t worry about antivirus. Antivirus just can’t detect this app. 

Hoverwatch Demo: For a demo video I have installed a hoverwatch on my phone. You can the dashboard & information that I’m getting via internet connection.

What Data It can Send To You

That is an important question because everyone is seeking a different kind of data. Some need call logs, while some are looking for WhatsApp message history.

Hoverwatch sent you the following data.

1. Call Details

It can provide you a full log of answered, dialed, missed calls. Complete list of saved contacts. In short, a complete copy of the phone app. 

Not only this, but you will also time when the call is made, call duration, and most importantly call recording. 

2. SMS Details

Another crucial information is message logs. You will also get complete details of SMS.

All sent & received messages, time, etc. Basically a clone of Message App.

3. Internet History

If you think your child is opening adult websites. With this, you will his phone complete internet history.

All the websites visited with time details. It doesn’t matter which browser is used by the victim.

4. WhatsApp Spy

Whatsapp is the new SMS service in 2020. With hoverwatch, you will get a complete log of all messages with media files both sent & received.

Thus you can easily find how much time the victim is spending upon WhatsApp & who is sending/receiving messages.

5. Messenger Spy

Facebook messenger app is another very famous app where youngsters waste time. 

With hoverwatch, you will get complete details of the messenger app.

6. Snapchat Spy

How could forget Snapchat? Like other apps, you will also complete log of the Snapchat app. 

7. Track Phone

If you want to get the exact location at any time. Hoverwatch can help you track the phone. It will show you live location on Maps. 

8. Phone Screenshot

Because you are getting internet history. If your victim is log in account or chatting by browser then phone screenshots can help you to reveal the actual content.

Hoverwatch will keep taking screenshots after every 5 minutes.

9. Sim Change Activity

Last but not least if you victim inserts & remove a sim, then you will find out by hoverwatch dashboard.

10. Other Things

Except for the above-mentioned details, you will also get a log of Viber, todo list & you can track the camera. Tracking camera means it will automatically take a Snapchat when the user unlocks the phone

For mac & windows, It will record every key typed from the keyboard. There is no limit if you are a victim is using windows & mac computer.

Price: How Much It Will Cost?

Price is something that can make or break a game. Hoverwatch has 3 kinds of plans. Basically, if you want to spy on more than 1 device then you can get a discount.

Keep in mind that hoverwatch is an ongoing monthly subscription. That you can cancel anytime once it did the job for you.

Track 1 DeviceTrack up to 5 devicesTrack up to 25 devices.
Mobile App to View logsMobile App to View logs
$60/3 months$99/3 month$299/3 month
$99/1 year$199/1 year$499/1 year

You can make payment using Credit/Debit card, Paypal, phone order, fax order, wire transfer, or country-specific method of payment.

Hoverwatch wants to push you towards an annual plan because that’s where the company is making maximum revenue.

Pros & Cons Of Hoverwatch

Every product has its own pros & features. Here are the pros & cons that I found after using the hoverwatch.


It really works: This is the first thing that I like about this app. Obviously I have some doubts before using But it works.

Affordable: If you compare hoverwatch with other apps then you will find out that hoverwatch is the most affordable option in the market

Undetectable: While installation an antivirus app is installed on my phone. Obviously it scanned once the installation is finished. As you can see in the screenshot, antivirus is saying it is safe.

hoverwatch Undetectable

Keep in mind, that Google play protect can warn you, But once you installed it really become invisible.


After the checkout, I receive an invoice email without a password. While checkout there was no password field.

In the email, it was mentioned that Use the email and password that you’ve set during the Hoverwatch registration process.

I tried to create an account but found My account exists already. So eventually I reset the password.

So this the extra step. Maybe I have created in my past and forget about it. But you have to go to the hoverwatch website & sign up for the free account.

Is It a Trusted Website?

Hoverwatch started in the year 2014. So far it makes several changes in the product & website except pricing.

This is not a random website that suddenly appear online & starts pitching products.

I spent my money on the software & everything is working properly. No issue with the service.

So yeah if you are looking for spy app then you can trust on this website.

Another thing is Hoverwatch claims that our app has been installed on 12 million devices.

How to Install Hoverwatch

Installing a hoverwatch is tricky. If you are a tech lover then you will not face any problem. Basically all you have to do is install the app. Allow all app permissions & login into the account.

On login into hoverwatch you will see something like the following screenshot.

So remember the URL download the app on the victim device.

For the installation my suggestion is watch vide. But if you prefer text then keep scrolling.

  1. First, you have to stop play protect. Go to Play store Menu > Play Protect > Settings. Here turn off Scan apps with Play Protect as shown in the screenshot.
    hoverwatch tutorial
  2. Download the app by visiting the URL shown in the hoverwatch dashboard.
    Because you are not installing it from the play store then maybe you also need to enable Install from third-party permission.
  3. Once the installation is done. Open the app it will ask you the relation between you & the victim.
    hoverwatch tutorial
  4. Then the End-user License Agreement that you have to accept if you want to move forward.
  5. The next step is all about allowing permission. First, turn on Basic. It will ask you to call, files, etc permissions. Make sure you turn on every one of them
    hoverwatch tutorial
  6. Then you need to enable Accessibility service. It will take you to the settings. Where you need to enable Sync Service.
  7. After that Turn on Access to Usage. A popup will appear with instructions. Clicking on ok button will take you to the Usage Access. Where again you need to turn on Sync service
    hoverwatch tutorial
  8. Like this, you have to enable overplay permission, Disable app notification & Disable Battery Optimization as well.
  9. After that login into the hoverwatch account that you have created while purchasing.
  10. On successful login, you can select turn on service that want to monitor. you may need to allow several other permission as well.
    hoverwatch tutorial
  11. Last but not least It will ask you to type a pin. Because the app is hidden. If you want to access the app you need to Dial ***pin-code###.
    hoverwatch tutorial

Hoverwatch dashboard demo: Here is the quick look of dashboard to where I have received the information.

Alternative Options

If you are looking for an affordable spy app then you can’t find better than a hoverwatch. 

However, in case you need more features then try its alternative options.

Its alternative mSpy which more features & a better dashboard will cost you more. Here are the plans

  • 1 month: $69.99/Month
  • 3 months: $39.99/moth
  • 1 year: $16.66/month ($200)

This is the pricing for the Platinum subscription. Its Basic plan is limited ($29) & costly as well. Hoverwatch is better than the basic plan & affordable as well.

ikeymonitor is another alternative option. Similar to mSpy it is more expensive. Either it will cost you $59 for a month or $29.16/month when you build annually.

ikeymonitor advantage over hoverwatch

  1. Everything feature of hoverwatch
  2. Capture Screenshots
  3. Remotely Take Photos
  4. Listen to surroundings
  5. Block Apps/Games

There are a lot of alternatives to hoverwatch that are better but the hoverwatch is the most affordable option with the necessary features.

Now you have to decide either you need something for necessary features or you want something like ikeymonitor that can fully control the device.

Final Words

Overall hoverwatch affordable spying app. According to the hoverwatch, you should not use this app for illegal purposes. You should permission to install on the victim device.

But we all know that, that’s not possible. If you want to spy over someone that is not legal. Nobody will give you permission to install spy. Company is also aware of it. Lol, that’s why they created this app.

I hope you get some valuable information from this article. If you have any questions, feedback then let our team know by the comment section. We will happy to assist you.

Get Hoverwatch at


Here is what you are getting

Call Logs & Recording
WhatsApp Messages
SMS History
Android Screenshots
Track Phone location
Track Camera
Detect Sim Card Change
Saved All Contact list

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