How To Get Free Disney Plus Premium Accounts 2020 (3 Methods)


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Disney Plus has become one of the top streaming platforms for the last few years. They have been adding popular shows to watch for their audience always.

The reason behind the popularity of Disney Plus is content quality. The quality of the shows, movies and channels is at a peak.

They are also leading in the sports industry by streaming live sports matches. If you are a football or a cricket fan, Disney Plus is one of the must-have a subscription for you.

Even if it does have bit low pricing compared to Netflix or other streaming services, the pricing is not affordable for everyone.

In this article, I am here with some ways you can get a Disney Plus Premium subscription for a low price or at almost no cost.

Disney Plus

Disney Plus is one of the top streaming platforms that provides you with unlimited entertainment in multiple genres. They do have a most comprehensive variety of categories in the catalogue.

Some of the main categories in Disney Plus are TV, Movies, Shows, Sports, News, Premium, Disney+ NEW, KIDS, and much more.

The best thing about Disney Plus is that varieties. You can watch movies, sports, news and much more all in one place.

Netflix and other platforms do not provide you with features like sports, live streaming, news streaming or TV, etc.

That is the reason why Disney Plus is one of the must-have subscriptions for everyone. It gives you access to almost anything you wish to watch.

You can get the Disney Plus Subscription at low cost from

I will show you how you can also get the subscription for you. There are also some alternative methods which you can try.

AccountBot is the website where you can get the subscriptions at low cost. You can get the subscriptions like Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, etc. at a very low price than the actual cost.

The pricing is very affordable, and the site is trusted as well.

The way they operate is by sharing the accounts. It is similar to group buy system; the account is purchased and shared between a few users.

You can trust and get any of their subscriptions. Let me show you step by step process to get Disney Plus Subscription at affordable rates.

How to get Disney Plus from

Here is the step by step process for everyone to get Disney Plus Premium Subscription from account bot. Follow along every step.

  1. Go to and click or Register
  1. Fill up all the information to create an account on
Register For AccountBot
  1. Once done registering, Verify your email address and login to your account.
  1. Go to to check all the services available on AccountBot.
AccountBot Services


You can directly go to This is the page of Disney Plus.

Disney Plus Plans
  1. Select the plant that you are looking to buy.
    You can go with Disney+ only. If you want, you can add Hulu & ESPN plan as well.
    [I will recommend you to go for the yearly plan as it will save your money. You can also go with the 1-month plan to see the service quality.]
Disney Plus Plans
  1. Click on “Purchase” button. Select the payment option that you want. You will get PayPal, PayTm, Ripple, Bitcoin, etc. as the payment options. Choose the easy and best option for you.
Payment Options for Disney Plus on AccountBot
  1. Once payment is done, you will get the confirmation message and email as well. Like this
Successful Payment on
  1. Go to where you can see all your subscriptions which you have bought. Click on the latest Disney Plus which you have purchased. Click on Get Account.
Purchased Subscriptions on Disney Plus
  1. You will be shown the account page with empty login and password details. Click on the “Generate” button.
Disney Plus Account Page on AccountBot
  1. The login credentials will be shown as you click on Generate. Copy those login credentials.
Generated Disney Plus Account from AccountBot
  1. Go to and enter the login credentials that you have copied from the AccountBot.
Logging in to Disney Plus using the AccountBot Credentials
  1. DONE! Enjoy the Disney Plus Premium.


If you have some doubts, here the proof the account. The email ID that is logged in in DisneyPlus and the email ID given by is the same.

Proof of AccountBot

In some rare cases, the account might not be working, or it might give you some error message. You can just click on the replace button provided on the account page.

I have been using this for more than three months and haven’t got this issue more than once.

Isn’t that super easy? Give it a try by yourself now.

Alternative Methods That You Can Try

Getting an account from AccountBot is the easiest and less effortless method that I have found. You won’t have to put in some extra efforts if you are using AccountBot method.

If you still don’t want to use that method and want something easier or something FREE, then here are two more ways that you can try out to watch your favourite shows.

METHOD 1: Use torrent to download the shows that you want

This is one of the most used methods all over the world. You can find almost everything and every show on the torrent. For any show, movie or content on Disney plus you can use torrent to download.

You can’t get the live streaming or news or sports in the torrent as you can only download the content.

I know torrent is banned in many countries. But you can use VPN service to unblock the torrent.

In case you are not aware of the torrent. No need to figure it out. In short it like internet world where you can find almost everything for free.

To use Torrent 3 Things are required

  1. VPN: Because govt ban torrent
  2. Device to use the internet: Android, iPhone, Pc anything.
  3. utorrent software: For Downloading torrent files.

What are the steps

  1. First, unblock torrent sites and change the location using a VPN. That way the government will not able to find you.
  2. Then Download movies or series torrent files from websites.
  3. Open the downloaded file in Utorrent and start downloading

Ready, Let’s go

VPNs are both free and paid. For the tutorial, I will use a hotspot shield free version. By the way, you can also order Nord VPN service from the AccountBot website.

Note: I’m assuming that you already downloaded the uTorrent software.

Once the VPN is connected. Open your favourite browser and visit any of the following websites.

  3. extratorrent: Visit this page for extratorrent.

Basically, these are Search engines of Torrent. I have opened the as you can see in the screenshot.

1337x website

Type movie/web series name that you want to download. By the way, not only movies you have the option of downloading paid software or any other digital assets.

On typing, you will see multiple results. With every result, there will be a green bar. Select which has the highest green bar.

It will take you to the next page. Then Click on magnet torrent. This will open uTorrent software. Where your movie will start downloading.

Torrent for free netflix

The speed of the download depends upon how many people are downloading the same file. More download means better speed. Yeah, torrent is different.

You can also start watching while downloading. Once the download is complete don’t forget to exit uTorrent. (Not the close button. Shut down it from running in the background.

Keep in mind, that you have to do before the turning off VPN service provider.

METHOD 2: Use MOD Apk Version of Disney Plus or Thop TV

You can download the modded version of the Disney Plus which is available on the internet. You can google for it. You can watch all the shows and even the live streams in MOD apps without logging in.

The only issue that I get with MOD apk is, it buffers a lot sometimes and with updates, it gives some minor errors.

You can download the Thop TV Apk where you will get all the shows that are available on popular streaming sites like Netflix, Hoststar, Disney Plus, etc. is available for free.

You can search for Thop TV Apk in google and download the APK from some trusted site. Or you can also download the thop tv apk from here

You can try these two methods if you don’t have to pay money. You will need to compromise on a few things, but that’s what you get for free.


I have given you three methods to get Disney Plus. Out of which one is a cheap priced method and rest two are free methods.

I will recommend you to go with AccountBot as you will be getting the actual account. You can watch your stuff on the official website without causing any issues at all.

You won’t need to deal with any kind of issues if you are purchasing it from

If you don’t mind compromising on the experience, then you can try out the free methods.

If you have any questions related to this, do let me know in the comments section below.

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