How To Get Nord VPN Account Free in [currentyear]

VPNs are the best way to access block information. On the internet, you can find both free and paid vpn.

Free VPN aren’t good as paid vpn. Generally the speed is much lower and netflix & other steaming service detect that you are using a VPN.

Nord and express vpn are the most popular option available in the market. If you are looking for ways to get Nord VPN for free then you are on the right page.

Here I will share multiple methods to get nord VPN working account for free.

I’m not going to provide you a list of fake accounts to waste your time. The method listed on this page is 100% working.

Let see how you can get a free Nord VPN account. And if you are first time visiting this site then you will love our content.

Nord VPN Username & Password

Here are the nord VPN premium accounts username & password. I request you to not change the password. If you change email, password or both then the customer will contact nord VPN team and they will reset both email & password.

Eventually you will lose account. So don’t change password this isn’t request, it is a warning.

[email protected]M3atSh3d
[email protected]Superman51
[email protected]Deska123
[email protected]Danny1596
[email protected]0303Ayden
[email protected]P0rr4d411
[email protected]jackie10
[email protected]mrgritz1
[email protected]Soccerman11
[email protected]Tubalcain
[email protected]frankie123
[email protected]ambitious108
[email protected]91780yoyo
[email protected]1Edominus
[email protected]awesome123
[email protected]Jackw236

Update: Someone changed the password

I don’t know is it nord vpn who find out that I’m share paid accounts for free or the owner changed the password. Now no account is working.

I shared working accounts many times every time the account stops working after 3-4 days. This isn’t the case only with me. My friend who also does blogging faces the same problem.

That’s why I recommended Accountbot.

AccountBot: Get Nord VPN at Affordable Cost

Most of you wondering what is the accountbot. Basically, this is a website where you can get accounts such as Netflix, Disney plus and so many others at cheap price.

Here is the screenshot of Nord VPN pricing.

Nord vpn free

You see how cheap it is. Now a common question that arose in your mind is, does it work?

Well, first, let me show you step by step tutorial on how to get an account from Nord VPN then I will share proof with you.

  1. Go to the Accountbot website. In the left sidebar, click on Register.
accountbot website
  1. Create your account. Once you did it, go to the explore tab and click on Nord VPN.
  1. It will take you to the pricing page, as shown in the screenshot. Select whatever plan you like. My suggestion is one year because here you are getting the maximum discount.
Nord vpn free
  1. Anyway, once you did it and clicked on the purchase button. It will take you to another page where you need to select a payment method.
  2. Select your method and make a payment. Once you made a payment, it will show you something like this. Click on the ⓘ button.
  1. It will you another page. Click on the Generate button. Within a few seconds, the account bot will provide you a working account.
  2. You can free download the Nord VPN Exe file or dmg file mac computer from the official website. Just search Download Nord VPN.
  3. Login & Do whatever you want to do.

What if the account stopped working?

Well, there is a replacement button. In a day, you can get two replacement. I’m using Nord VPN like this from the last couple of months. So far, I never use the replace button. No issue so far.

You can also contact support for further queries.

Proof of Working Account After purchasing the account, I go to the Nord website & sign in. Then I took screenshots of both websites (Nord VPN & accountbot ) and made a collage.

Working nord vpn accountbotio

As you can see in the screenshot, the email is the same & it is an active account. 

Alternative Method Use Free VPN

There are a lot of free vpn available in the market that you can use. The biggest disadvantage of using free VPN is slow speed not a lot of choice.

Hotspot shield is the most famous free VPN service provider. It is available for all operating systems such as iPhone, android, windows, Mac. Hotspot shield has paid VPN service as well. So if you like their service then you can get upgrade to premium plans.

Another thing that you can do is getting the benefit of a free trial. Almost all companies provide a free trial, money-back guarantee,s or both.

So you start your free trial to spend money from your card. Make sure you cancel before ending the free trial.

For sure, you will lose few cents or even 1-2 dollars in transaction fee but still better wasting time in free accounts.

If you are phone user then you can find tons of free VPN apps in the app/play store. You can also find free proxy that you can use.

However, setting up proxy is bit difficult comparing with VPN. VPN are just on and off.


Tor is browser with build in anonymous protection. This is the most advance online protection available online.

In fact, all the criminal activity on the internet occurs through Tor. Nobody, I mean nobody can crack this protection. Tor is browser that you can install on your smartphone or desktop computer.

However, there are few limitations as well. The biggest limitation is most popular sites blocked tor. So you can visit them or they will have a captcha.

Another disadvantage is slow speed. I think it is still better than the free VPN available in the marketing. However, comparing with premium VPN you can see the speed difference.

Moral use tor only when you want super secure protection. Another tip for you, don’t use google or google chrome for downloading. Eventually, they will know this dude download the tor browser.

You want to use something like Firefox and choose the search engine duckduckgo that doesn’t track your activity.


I hope you liked this article. Do let me know by the comment section. Does it help or not. I, not accountbot, is not exactly free but almost free. 

If you face any trouble, then let me know by the comment section. That’s the purpose of comments, answering your questions.

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