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Welcome you to my Human Synthesys Studio Review. In this article, you will discover all the required details about Human Synthesys Studio. Like it’s: Price, OTOs, Features, Disadvantages, and Advantages. I will probably help you make a better choice, so you don’t end up wasting your cash. 

Human Synthesys Studio is brought to you by Todd Gross and Oliver Goodwin. Want to know if Human Synthesys Studio truly is worth your cash? Let’s see if this software checks all the parameters or not. 

More or less, Human Synthesys Studio utilizes genuine individuals with genuine voices and text-to-speech software to make representatives that say what you need them to say. This is intriguing, and I haven’t seen any innovation or software like Human Synthesys Studio as of now! 

If by any chance you are looking for a professional representative for your recordings, Human Synthesys Studio is the answer, as it will save you time and cash. Now without wasting any more time, let’s dive into the honest review of Human Synthesys Studio.

What is Human Synthesys Studio

Human Synthesys Studio is a cloud-based software that creates human voices. They are not avatars and are known as ‘Humatars .’ They are the new norm for representatives in the video. Perhaps you might have heard about this software as it was called Synthesys earlier before it got upgraded, extraordinary compared to other text-to-speech softwares out there. 

In any case, presently, they added humatars (genuine actors) to it. So, when you make these text to speech sounds, you would now be able to record them as a video with humatars perusing your content with the new progressive lip-synchronizing innovation, actually, like its appearance their face on camera, so you don’t need to stress over that no more if that is something that troubles you.

Human Synthesys Studio is wonderful to use for your animated videos, ads, training videos, demo videos, sales videos, and fundamentally any sort of video you can consider. 

Human Synthesys Studio opens such countless business chances. At the present moment, you can utilize the services of this software for your work and your customers’ businesses. Make a Youtube channel, upload whichever videos you want to, make a gig on Fiverr, and sell voiceovers, promotions, explainer recordings, or assist different organizations with getting customers. 

Features of Human Synthesys Studio

1. Easy-to-use user interface: 

This product includes the main user interface, and you can use this software without any doubt without having to deal with any personal issues. 

2. Does not require technical skills: 

Absolutely! Human Synthesys Studio only plans and develops for you. Here, you do not need to have special skills or strategies to use the instrument. There is no doubt that anyone can use this product without writing a line of code or doing other work. 

3. Beginner-friendly: 

Beginners, don’t worry anymore! This “text-to-speech” programming is 100% amateur designed. Without wasting too much time, you can use Real Human Avatar for any professional and any type of recording in a few clicks. 

4. Google TTS (formerly English): 

On the dashboard, you can use multiple voices for Google Text To Speech. There is no doubt that you can choose any voiceover and use it for your video. 

5. A lot of options for human avatars: 

Yes, absolutely! Here, you will get a huge library of “real human avatars,” which can be properly synced with the text of your content to make your video more reasonable. It will help you increase engagement, access, and leadership of your recordings, which will help you benefit a lot from it. 

6. Allows you to upload your own voice: 

Uploading is not difficult. Anyone can do it without problems. If you need to transmit voice or other sounds in any dialect of the video right now, just focus on the sound file or select from the gadget, and it can be easily achieved. 

7. Has a Variety of Clothing: 

Human Synthesys Studio is accompanied by a large library of real human avatars with various clothing, so you can choose the humatar that best suits your video. 

8. Has excellent Customer Support: 

The Human Synthesys Studio group is dedicated to its customers. They are ready to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what questions you have, you can easily contact them wherever you need.

9. Contains more than 40 languages:

One of the best parts of this revolutionary software is that it supports more than 40 native languages, perfect for anyone to create their own videos. 

10. High-quality Background music: 

Already has a huge background music library, you can easily add background music to your high-quality music, which will attract your audience even more! 

11. MP4 download:

Now you can easily access and download completed video projects as MP4 files, which is unprecedented. 

12. Multi-slide videos:

Want to merge multiple videos into one video? Human Synthesys Studio can help you do this easily! It only takes a few minutes to create a rich slideshow video experience! 

13. Update video content:

With this innovative software, you can now easily copy the video content, change the text as needed, and get an updated version of the video within minutes. 

14. Positioning of the Spokesperson:

Fully control the position of your Humatar around your video! You can change the position and appearance of the actors according to your needs! 

15. Cloud-based technology: 

Human Synthesys Studio Commercial is 100% cloud-based software that can run on any operating platform on any device connected to the Internet. No installation or update is required. 

16. Impressive facial movements:

Using this software, you can create wonderful videos with excellent rendering. Make professional videos work with human actors, and they will lip-sync the way you want them to read the script. 

17. 14-day money-back guarantee:

If you invest in this software, there is no risk of losing funds. There is a 14-day money-back guarantee to help you make an informed decision!

Who should Go For It ?

The software is developed and designed in such a way that anyone with or without experience or skills can utilize it effectively. I would like to recommend this “text to speech” tool with a true Humantar video creation kit to everyone, but especially to: 

  • Video marketer
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Digital marketers
  • Business persons
  • Product & services providers
  • Doctors
  • Consultant service
  • Travel Bloggers
  • Food bloggers
  • Social media markets

This life-changing software is made just for you. It can also take your business to a new level.

Price and OTO

1. Front End

Personal – $47Commercial – $67
Five real Humatars(Only ONE outfit included)Google TTS (English only)50 Total Rendered videos(6 min-max) Credits Available For Additional Videos.Personal licenseTen real Humatars(Only ONE outfit included)5 Real Human Voices + GoogleTTS 40+ languages (74 different voices)250 Total Rendered Videos(6 min-max) Credits Available For Additional Videos.Commercial license

1) OTO 1 – Human Synthesys Studio Pro – $67

  • 40 Additional Humatars (with outfits included – Multiple outfits that fit all niches like a nurse, doctor, business attire, athletic outfits etc.)
  • 17 Extra PRO Real Human Voices

2) OTO 2 – Human Synthesys Studio Enterprise – $47

  • 100 Ready-Made Templates on local business niches
  • Upload your voice / ANY audio in ANY language (Your voice is synchronized to lip-sync with the Humatars perfectly.)
  • Future templates for one year
  • Priority VIP rendering
  • Priority Future Software Updates

3) OTO 3 – AudioSuite – $67

  • AudioSuite brings together not one but TWO incredible tools:
  • Synthesys, the first software to introduce synthetic human voices, and Infinitunes, the first AI-Powered Music Software. Both include FREE Commercial Licenses. Both for a ONE-TIME payment.
  • We will take care of those who already own either Synthesys or Infinitunes when they purchase OTO 3. Details will be on the sales page.

4) OTO 4 –

Agency Lite – $197Agency Pro – $297Agency Unlimited – $497
Increase of video length (up to 12 mins)5 Extra Accounts For Virtual Workers & FamilyVideo Scripts From The Hottest Niches1,000 total rendered videosIncrease of video length (up to 12 mins)10 Extra Accounts For Virtual Workers & FamilyVideo Scripts From The Hottest Niches5,000 total rendered videosIncrease of video length (up to 12 mins)25 Extra Accounts For Virtual Workers & FamilyVideo Scripts From The Hottest NichesUnlimited videos


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Did my review get you interesting in this product?

Why Not get some extra help to start your journey.

Instead of overwhelming you with whopping bonuses that you will never use I have created a non-fluff bonus package for you.

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Thank you for reading my honest review on Human Synthesis Studio. We hope now you have a clear view of what exactly this software is all about. 

We would highly recommend this software for freelancers, affiliate marketers, local businesses, digital marketers, and video marketers. Now it’s your turn to decide if this software is worth spending your money on or not!

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