Invideo vs viddyoze: Differences, Comparison & Discount [currentyear]

InVideo and Viddyoze both are online video editing tools which are available one-time pricing for lifetime access.

Both the tools have been updated lately with some extra features and new packaging as well.

In this post, I am going to compare new versions of InVideo and Viddyoze. I have purchased both the tools to give you a genuine review by the user itself.

Stick till the end to get some extra discount and some additional bonuses as well. (Bonuses are unique that you will not find the same anywhere else on the internet except from here.)

What is InVideo Exactly?

If you check out their description or how they promote this tool, they say it as the online video editor. I think InVideo is much more than a video editing tool for everyone.

You get multiple unique features in InVideo that makes it stand out of other online video editing tools.

InVideo is one of the easiest tools that you will find to edit videos. You can make any type of videos, such as intro, outro, animation videos, etc.

InVideo comes with excellent templates for almost anything you have to do. It comes with different types of templates to cover you with any kind of video making.

Features of InVideo

If I have to list out all the features of InVideo, then this article might become super long. That is not what I want to bore you with. You can even find the features on their official site as well.

I am listing down some of the unique features that you are going to use and those which will help you make your videos much better.

Here are some of the unique features of InVideo:

  1. Premade templates design
  2. Templates preview
  3. Media library
  4. Text to speech (A very useful feature)
  5. Live support
  6. Team members
  7. Masking

And there are much more features in InVideo. As I said, InVideo is not just a video editing tool. You can do so many other things with it as well.

Features like the text to speech is really great that you are getting with a video editing tool. People are paying extra bucks for tools like Speechelo to get the text to speech feature. (You will save a lot with Invideo)

Here is the demo video of InVideo, in which you will get a whole go through a tour of InVideo.

Let me show you some demo videos that are created in the InVideo tool. You will get the idea of kind of video that you can make in InVideo.

To be honest, you can do a lot more things with InVideo.

What is Viddyoze Exactly?

Viddyoze is a web-based solution for making logo stingers, outros, alpha animations, lower thirds, ‘Live-Action’ animations & much more.

The video creation in much easier in Viddyoze than other tools as you have to work on pre-made templates only.

You get many types of templates based on different industries and professions. You can pick any of them, change the content on them, change font size and colour and hit export. Boom! Your high-quality professional video is ready.

If you want the much easier tool with fewer options to confuse you, then Viddyoze might take your attention.

Features of Viddyoze

Viddyoze is mostly the template-based video solution. That means you will find more templates and media in Viddyoze instead of the video editing features in the tool.

Here are the core features that you are getting in Viddyoze:

  1. Unlimited video renders
  2. Unlimited usage rights on all videos
  3. 170 Professional templates
  4. Cloud-based software
  5. No Watermarks
  6. Access to premium Facebook group with 33,348+ members
  7. Free lifetime support and updates
  8. BONUS: The “Reverse Sales” Frictionless Client Getting Blueprint
  9. BONUS: YouTube Profits Elevator

As you can see, you are getting more number of templates instead of actual features in Viddyoze.

If you love to play around templates and don’t love to put some extra efforts in starting from scratch, then Viddyoze is a fast and easy tool for you.

Here is the demo video of Viddyoze that will take you through all features of Viddyoze.

Here is some demo that has been created in Viddyoze tool. You will get an idea of what kind of videos you can make in Viddyoze.

All of these videos can be created in a few minutes only. All you have to do is, pick a template, change the text and font, and export it.


You might have guessed it as of now. Yes! InVideo is the winner when it comes to the features of an online video tool. InVideo is giving you much more things than ideal video editing tool. Viddyoze is a very basic tool which provided you templates to choose from and make videos out of it.

If you want the features in your video editing tool, then I will suggest you go with InVideo only.

Pricing of InVideo

Pricing is where your eyes are right now. It is important to get the ideal deal even if you are getting some extra features.

The pricing of InVideo is very simple, and I think it is much cheaper than what you can think.

If you look at the official pricing on their website. It is as follows.

The business plan is costing you $120 annually, and the unlimited plan is costing you $360 annually.

Now, you might ask me how is this affordable?

Wait! There is an ongoing offer on Appsumo. You can get the Lifetime subscription of InVideo at just $49 using the offer.

Isn’t this a crazy deal? You are paying even less than half of their annual business plan and getting the lifetime access to the tool.

Surely this is the best deal for you now.

Here is how you can get it.

The actual price of the tool is $200 for lifetime access. Appsumo is giving you the 50% offer which comes to the $100.

But I said you would get it at $49.

Yes! You will need to use the coupon code JENN50 to get an additional discount of $50.

This is how you can get an InVideo lifetime offer at just $49. Give it a try.

Pricing and OTO of Viddyoze

Viddyoze has the front end offer, and they have some extra upsells as well. I will tell you which ones are good and which are not. Let’s see their pricing first.

Front End


There are two types of licenses available in Front End offer of Viddyoze as Personal License and Commercial License.

You can easily understand both of them by the name itself. Personal license is for those who are individual creators and Commercial License is for those who work with a team or for a company.

Here are some key differences in both licenses.

You can choose whichever you want based on your usage.

Other than that, here are some of the core features that you will be getting in the Viddyoze Front End.

  1. Unlimited video renders
  2. Unlimited usage rights on all videos
  3. Square and Vertical templates
  4. Multi Font Support
  5. Multiple Audio Options
  6. Sound FX Only
  7. Background Removal tool
  8. Image editing tools
  9. User library
  10. Integrations with Pexels, Pixabay
  11. 170 Professional templates
  12. Cloud-based software
  13. No Watermarks
  14. Access to premium Facebook group with 33,348+ members
  15. Free lifetime support and updates
  16. BONUS: The “Reverse Sales” Frictionless Client Getting Blueprint
  17. BONUS: YouTube Accelerator

That is quite impressive and they provide a much better deal with this pricing point as well.

OTO 1 – Viddyoze Template Club


This upsell gives you access to the entire catalogue of additional templates and media that you will be benefited with.

You will get 1500+ templates already in the upsell and they will be adding additional 20+ templated every single month.

Here are some features that you will get in the Template Club OTO:

  1. Access to additional audio tracks for your animations
  2. Access to a private media library where you can save your images and assets for later use
  3. Access to Viddyoze GIF: Viddyoze GIF lets you render animations in GIF format to embed into your emails and website

If you personally ask me, I will not recommend this upsell. The pricing for this upsell is $37 per month.

That is not the fair pricing even if you are getting some extra templates every month.

OTO 2 – Viddyoze ‘White Label’ Agency


This is something great for those who are serious about video creation. This is the ultimate package for you.

The original pricing of this upsell package if $997 per month, but you are getting this at $297 for the limited time.

Here are some of the features that you are getting in the Viddyoze White Label Agency upsell package:

  1. Complete branding solution for your brand
  2. Add 10 sub-users to your account
  3. Resell seats to your clients
  4. Your own watermark on videos
  5. Send 100% white label pages to your clients
  6. Save colour palettes and assets to your private account
  7. 1500+ Viddyoze template library
  8. Render 10 videos at the same time
  9. Additional audio tracks per animation
  10. 15+ new templates every month
  11. Access to Viddyoze Reloaded
  12. Access to Viddyoze U
  13. Access to Viddyoze GIF Feature
  14. Create unlimited videos per month


Isn’t that a great deal?

I think you should consider this. This is surely the great deal that is worth paying attention.


The clear winner is InVideo. It is not worth paying $67 price for the simple template-based video editing tool. It is not the best to pay some extra to get additional templates.

I will never suggest you go for the Viddyoze with this pricing point.

InVideo vs Viddyoze

Here I am going to compare the overall experience with both the tools and we are announcing a winner as well.

InVideo is a much broader tool for anyone who wants to do video editing or even if he has to do video marketing.

In InVideo, you can make any kind of video that comes to your mind. Be it an animation video, promotional video, or anything at all.

Viddyoze is a complete template-based tool in which you can pick the template that you liked and can make a few changes in it.

The quality of the videos is great. Viddyoze is great, but the options to create videos from scratch is not that effective in Viddyoze.

You can’t make the viddyoze out of the templates, that is the super downside of the Viddyoze.

When it comes to the pricing, I think InVideo does have great pricing of one time which is affordable. The pricing of Viddyoze is also, but if you compare it with the InVideo, then it is not worth paying that much in Viddyoze when you are getting a tool like InVideo.


The final winner is InVideo. InVideo will do more than enough work of yours. You can do extra things with InVideo. That’s what video editing tools are made for.

Final Words

I have reviewed both the tools and have given honest opinions on it. To be honest, I felt like this it the one sides winner and the competition was not fair, but both are the online video tools.

Both are almost getting at the same pricing. That’s why many people will be looking at both tools. Users should get the best tool at the price they are paying for.

I will recommend you to go with InVideo and get the lifetime deal as soon as you can. It is a limited time offer.

Do you have anything to ask related to any of these two tools? If so, do let me know in the comments section.

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