Is Coolrom Safe To Download Retro Games?

If you are looking for Coolrom review is it safe to download ROMs or not then you are on the right page.

Coolrom is a very famous source to download gaming ROMs to play on modern devices with the help of emulator software.

Except Microsoft windows users the downloaded game extension is rar or any other comparison format.

But in windows, it is an exe format. That is an extension of the software. After scanning by virustotal that is Google service to scan files I found it contains malware as you can see in this screenshot.


But what if I try an alternative link to download. For most of the games it there is always an alternative link to download it.

An alternative link offers more ads, but definitely it a safe way. Because the downloaded game is in RAR extension.

I also scanned it using antivirus and found it is 100% safe to use.


CoolRom Alternative Websites

There are so many other sites that are safe to use to download gaming roms. Here are few tested websites that you can try

visit website

This is the best to download retro games. Now only you can download atari, sega, Neo games you can also download GBA, GCA, etc gaming ROMs.

Download ROMs have the feature of play online that coolrom is missing. I scanned multiple downloaded games by different antivirus.

All of them found downloadroms downloaded files are safe to use.


visit website

Another website to download retro games. This website is also safe to download game ROMs. But this website is missing play online feature.

It’s navigation color is also awkward. Anyway, you can download ROMs free of cost from this website.

Here you can download atari, playstation console games. But I do not find sega games.


Instead of providing you unlimited details, why not use google to find the specific game. Any game you like on coolrom just search on the google.

You will definitely find some results that are safe to use. Just make sure that downloaded game should not be in exe format.

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