Kicksta vs Social Buddy: Which is Better For Instagram in [currentyear]

Looking for a service which will help your grow your profile or business profile on Instagram?

Kicksta and Social Buddy are two of the most talked-about Instagram services available right now in the market.

There have been many discussion going on various forums and group about both of the tools to grow a presence on Instagram.

In this post, I am going to compare Kicksta and Social Buddy. Both are the Instagram growth tools. Let’s see which one is better.

Introduction To Competitors

Both the tools provide you, Organic followers, using the legit method. They will not provide you with the bots or spammy profiles as the followers. All the followers that you get using the given services are relevant to the niche that you are into.

They use some techniques (which I will tell you) to grow on Instagram without worrying about getting banned or something like that. You are 100% safe with both the services.


Kicksta is in the market for more than three years now. They are quite popular because of some big names.

They have made the case studies of how their service has helped other businesses to generate more business using their service.

Even if you search for the reviews about them, it is positive everywhere.

That’s because of their service quality for sure.

They are providing the AI-based growth service, which gives you Instagram growth by ensuring your profile’s safety.

The best thing about Kicksta, when I tried it for my page is that they give you all relevant followers and everyone is legit.

Many of the followers were keeping in contact with all the posts, and some of them become the customers as well.

The thing that I loved the most is, they don’t sell you the service as price per 1000 followers or something like that. They work on their own, and it depends on your posts and everything that how people are going to react.

All the people are REAL; that’s why they will follow you only if your content has quality.

Here is the demo video of Kicksta which will take you through their whole service.

You will understand how the Kicksta system works after watching this video.

Social Buddy

Social Buddy is one of the tools which is there in almost every list of best Instagram growth tools. It has been in the up and down talks for years.

To be honest, it is just the same as I told you about Kicksta. There is nothing different technique Social Buddy uses other than what Kicksta does. There might be other things, such as pricing and user experience, that are also very important.

The only thing that is the downside of Social Buddy is some review online. I have seen that they have got many bad reviews on the online forums and google as well.

I have tried their service for a few months, and to be honest, my experience was quite good with them without any complaint.

Social Buddy also provides you with real followers who are not bots or spammy people. You will get the relevant people that are interested in your niche page.

Social Buddy does provide you well and in-depth analytics of the campaign that you have run. You can easily use that data and work on it.

Here is the demo video of Social Buddy, which will take you through their service.


Pricing of both tools is very important as both of them are providing almost the same thing with the same features.

The only thing is, you have to see your budget and choose the one which fits well into it.

Let’s take a look at pricing and plans of Kicksta and Social Buddy.

Pricing of Kicksta

The pricing is very simple, and there is nothing complicated to pick their plans as well.

Here is the official pricing of Kicksta

Kicksta Pricing

As you can see, they have two plans which are easy to understand as well.

Standard Plan and the Premium Plan.

If you are an individual, then the Standard Plan is sufficient for you as well. You can even upgrade your plan in the future if you wish for it.

If you are an agency, then I will suggest you go with the Premium Plan as it will cover most of it.

All the other things about what you are getting in each plan, you can just check it out on the image above.

The best thing is their 14 days money-back guarantee.

This is the thing which is going to keep your money safe. Just try out their service. If you don’t like it, you can ask for the refund anytime within 14 days.

You can give it a shot with full confidence.

You can even cancel your plan anytime you want without any additional efforts or charges.

Pricing of Social Buddy

Social Buddy does not have any multiple plans. They do have a simple monthly subscription model that you can opt for.

Here is the official pricing plan for Social Buddy.

Social Buddy Pricing

Social Buddy does also have any time to cancel the policy, which is nice. You won’t be tied up in any contracts to renew the offer or something like that.

Social Buddy does have a single pricing option of $99 per month.

They do not have any money-back guarantee (at least listed on their website), which is why you should think before investing in Social Buddy.

Kicksta vs Social Buddy

If you compare the working of both tools, then there is nothing much of a difference. Both work with the same method and the same system as well.

When it comes to the performance of the tools, then both the tools are pretty much awesome about the quality of their followers and engagement.

Even the customer support of both the tools is really nice as you will get your queries solves within few hours for sure.

In terms of User experience, both tools provide you with nice insights and reports of all the campaigns and services that you have ordered. The system is easy to navigate and walkthrough.

At last, it comes to the pricing. Pricing of both the tools is very simple and easy to understand as well.

The only thing that attracted me the most of the options in Kicksta for choosing standard or premium plans and 14 days money-back guarantee.

Social Buddy does not have the money-back guarantee and $99 per month without guarantee is not affordable for most of the people out there.

That’s why I will suggest you give a try to Kicksta first and then you can give a shot to Social Buddy as well. With Kicksta, you got your money safe if you are not satisfied.

Final Words

Both the tools are pretty similar and awesome as well. There is nothing much to compare, and both of them are doing the same thing in the same way.

I will suggest you give a shot to Kicksta as it is giving you the flexibility of money-back guarantee and choosing plans as well.

Do you have any questions regarding Kicksta or Social Buddy? If so, do let me know in the comments section below.

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