Kicksta vs Upleap: Which Is Best For Instagram Growth?

Instagram has 1 billion active users. Instagram’s organic reach is much better than any other social media platform.

That makes it one of the best platform for brands & influencers. Having said this, it more competitive as well.

Probably you already know about these things. That’s why you are looking for a tool to grow your account.

Why Organic Reach is Better Than Paid?

No doubt, paying money to Instagram can provide you ton of followers. The problem with paid traffic is most people just randomly click on the follow button without going to your profile.

When people find your profile organically their are high chance for liking & trusting you.

Another common practice you need to void is Follow for Follow. Instagram knows if you are doing this and these people don’t engage with your content.

That’s why in this article, I will compare two famous Instagram growth tools Kicksta and upleap. Both promise to grow Instagram organically by targeting the ideal prospects for your business.

I’m a Kicksta user from a long time. As Upleap start growing I also signed for this program. Here in this article, I will my personal experience with both tools.

Let’s see which is better in [currentyear]

Introduction The Competitors

In the red corner, we have Kicksta. They started in 2017. According to Kicksta, they have 1,00,000 Customers. In the initial days, it was known as kickstagram but they have to rebrand because it was violating Instagram rules. Instagram is a trademark, so they rebrand the company.

Kicksta Homepage

Kicksta works in a different way. After authorizing your account it needs your competitor’s accounts.

Then Kicksta will analyze their profile and find who is engaged with their recent post. These people are ideal for your business.

Because Kicksta authorized with your account, it will start engaging with targeted prospects on your behalf. So these people notice your account.

As human beings, most of them will check your profile to know who is liking their post. If your profile is optimized, then they gonna start following you.

Off curse, not everyone is going to follow you. It depends upon your profile and other factors.

Still, a lot of people will start following you. The reason behind that is Kicksta only picks people who engaged with your competitor’s recent post. It means they are active users.

Don’t worry Kicksta will not ban your account. It exists in the market from several years, their system is smart enough to not get caught by the Instagram algorithm.

In the blue corner, we have Upleap. It is also started in the year 2017.

Upleap Homepage

Upleap connects you with real humans to grow your account. That interacts with your organic followers on your behalf.

Basically, they provide you an account manager. You need to provide details about what kind of followers you are looking for.

Then your account manager will interact with accounts that fit under your radar. Basically follow them, view their stories, and react to live broadcasts of those accounts. Thus they notice you and follow you.

Upleap also help indexing your profile in the google.

After testing both I found no service is buying fake accounts. It is no doubt that both are safe to use and legitimate.

Kicksta vs Upleap: Features Comparison

First I want to see which tool has more/better features.

This is the dashboard of Kicksta. Neat & Clean with reporting.

Kicksta dashboard

Here is the dashboard of upleap.

upleap vs kicksta

Because upleap is service based, It provides details of account manager including reporting & latest followers.

Filters: Filters are important. Especially for someone like me who loves the data. Luckily, both platforms allow setting filters while analyzing your account.

Kicksta filters

  • Private and inactive accounts
  • Doubtful accounts
  • New accounts
  • Gender
  • Language
  • Location
  • Blacklist
  • Business accounts

Upleap filters

  • Choosing two categories of follower
  • Description of your ideal follower
  • Relevant hashtags to target and those to block
  • Ability to find similar followers and to block some
  • Location

Thus both provide you enough filters but I think Kicksta get more deep into filters. While upleap is good for broad scale.

Reporting: Reporting is a must. Nobody likes to check Instagram again & again for reporting. Because it consumes more time. That’s why both platforms provide in-depth reporting

Kicksta provide you very clear reporting with visual graphics. It provides you all important data how many followers you have gain, on weekly basis or daily basis.

kicksta reporting

Except followers, you will also engagement report. How much engagement you got, post likes & comments comparing with past time period results.

On the other side, upleap is also provides good enough reporting. As I mentioned upleap provides a dedicated account manager. So you will also get the account manager’s report. How many stories viewed, Comments liked, Live reaction & external share, etc.


While using the tools, I have contacted the support team of both solutions. No doubt, both handle the support well enough.

Kicksta provides live chat but only during working hours. You can also get support by email.

There is pre made training course as well.

On the other side, Upleap also has a depth FAQ section for common questions. They do not offer live chat. For queries, you can contact them via email.


Chances are high you are already familiar with the price of both products. If not then continue reading. It’s no doubt both are a bit expensive.

Kicksta offers you 14 days money-back guarantee While Upleap offers 3 days free trial without entering credit card.

Anyway, here is the pricing table of Kicksta

Standard $49 monthPremium $99/month
GrowthModerate growthMaximum Growth
Video onboardingYesYes
VIP email supportNOYES
Live chat supportNOYES
Advanced targetingNOYES

Upleap pricing

Lite $39/monthStandard $69 monthPremium $99/month
Great for personal accounts and upcoming influencers looking for organic growth.A serious step up from the Lite plan. Faster growth for upcoming influencers and businesses.The fastest option for businesses and influencers that want to unlock their true Instagram potential.
Account ManagerAccount ManagerAccount Manager
Target hashtagsTarget hashtagsTarget hashtags
Target Similar UsersTarget Similar UsersTarget Similar Users
Faster Organic GrowthFaster Organic Growth
View Instagram StoriesView Instagram Stories
Target Locations
Exclude Keywords
Premium Support

You will get more discounts if you go to the annual plan. But my recommendation is the first test monthly plan for a few if you making mind towards upleap.

Kicksta vs Upleap: And the Winner Is

After using both platforms, I can say Kicksta is better. The reason for that is fast growth. Because humans sometimes take Upleap, account manager doesn’t get target followers.

I think that’s why there are such negative reports of Upleap. But it is more affordable than Kicksta.

Final Words

If you are making some money for Instagram then you should definitely put some money to grow your Instagram account. In the long term, it will definitely help you generate more revenue.

Probably some of you already tried one of these tools. If so, share your feedback by the comments section.

It will help other users to pick the right tool to grow their Instagram account.

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