MailChimp vs SendFox: Better Email Marketing Software?

In this post, I’m going to compare and review the best email marketing tools which are Mailchimp and SendFox.

Mailchimp is the very well known old player in email marketing game and SendFox is the lately announced email marketing tool which is growing rapidly like nothing.

If you are looking for an in-depth and non-biased comparison of Mailchimp and SendFox, then you are at the perfect place.

Because in this post I’m going to compare Mailchimp vs. SendFox in following terms:

  • Dashboard and Navigation
  • Features
  • Automation
  • Email Designer
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • List Management
  • Pricing
  • And many more things…

If you are in hurry, here is the quick conclusion we have reached at the end of this post.

Mailchimp is a better option for those who are into advance marketing and those who are willing to scale their online business at core levels. Mailchimp gives you some extra features that are beneficial for medium to big businesses or for those who need to do some serious advanced marketing.
SendFox is a much better tool for those who are content creators starting out in marketing. It gives you all the necessary tools and features at a very nominal cost.

You are getting SendFox at one time fixed cost of $49. That's a crazy deal for individuals and content creators.

So without further ado, let’s start by introducing both the marketing tools, and later on, I will compare specific functions and features of the Email Marketing Tool.

Introduction the Competitors

MailChimp is one of the oldest players in the Email Marketing Tools game. Mailchimp was founded in the year 2001 by Ben Chestnut.

Mailchimp is an American marketing automation and email marketing service company. It was also ranked 7th in the Forbes top 100 cloud list.

This tool was made for those who are just starting and those who can’t afford costs for the high-end features in email marketing. Mailchimp provides the free plan up to the first 2000 email lists.

It gives a boost for a small business owner to step into email marketing with useful features in the tool. Later on, they can pay more price to add on more services and features in their email marketing.

This is how Mailchimp is. They have got the experience of being in this market for more than almost 20 years now. They have added all the features that a newbie or even a big corporate company is looking for in their email marketing campaigns.

SendFox is the new Email Marketing Tool that has arrived in the market in the last few months. It is developed by the AppSumo company which is very popular for providing SaaS services.

If you have to give a quick reason why I am comparing SendFox, then you should check out a few numbers by SendFox.

SendFox has successfully delivered 72,00,000+ emails and gained 13,000,000+ subscribers in just a few months.

That’s very rapid growth for any Email Marketing Tool. SendFox is becoming super popular.

Sumo company has already branded SendFox as the “Email Marketing Tool For Content Creators.

They are trying to keep things simple and provide all the necessary features for any Content Creator at very affordable rates (even cheaper than Mailchimp).

Now, I am going to compare specifying things about both tools, and later on, you will get the overall comparison of both tools. Let’s see who wins this battle for the best email marketing tool for content creators.

Which Tool has Better Dasboard?

The dashboard is what you see when you log into your tool. It contains how your dashboard looks like and how easy it is to navigate through.

Dashboard of Mailchimp

This is how the dashboard of Mailchimp looks. It is full of tutorials and lets you know what and how you can do things in Mailchimp.

The call to action seems perfect in the Mailchimp dashboard as it is leading you to do the next step.

When you look around for reports and history stats, Mailchimp gives you much better and detailed stats of all the data.

The data representation and navigation in the Mailchimp tool is easy to understand.

Dashboard of SendFox

As you can see, the dashboard of SendFox does look very minimal and simple as well. They have kept it super simple and easy to understand.

Even while you are viewing reports and stats of the marketing campaigns, the data representations are well detailed.

I feel they should have used bigger fonts and a good colour scheme as well.

Although the dashboard and the tool for navigation are super easy, you can easily walk through all the important email marketing features.

Winner: The winner, when it comes to the dashboard and navigation through the tool, is Mailchimp as they are showing it very nicely even though it is a bit more complex tool than SendFox.
So, the winner is Mailchimp.

Features Comparsion

In this, I will compare all the features that are provided by both tools. The features that are necessary for email marketing will be prioritized.

Features of Mailchimp

Mailchimp has been there for a very long time, and they have made many changes based on the needs of the customers.

They have evolved and developed Mailchimp in a much better way as the all-in-one solution for email marketing.

Here are some of the best features that you get in Mailchimp:

  • Ready to use email templates
  • Email Designer
  • Product Recommendations (for eCom)
  • Merge Tags
  • Advanced Segmentation
  • Distribution by Time Zone
  • Comparative Data Reports
  • Campaign Sharing on Social Media
  • Real-Time Analytics
  • Marketing Automation
  • A/B testing
  • API

There are more features in Mailchimp than this. I’ve listed a few which are important for Email Marketing.

Features of SendFox

SendFox is the new tool which is trying to make it easier for content creators and provide them with easy solutions.

Being the tool from Sumo company, we can expect the bigger updates in the SendFox tool in a very short time.

Here are some features that you are getting in SendFox.

  • Lifetime access to SendFox (If you purchase it in One Time Pay Offer)
  • Unlimited email sends
  • Schedule with Time Zone
  • Unlimited triggered automation
  • Custom Landing Pages
  • Custom Forms
  • Lists and taggings
  • Easy to use email editor
  • Advanced Analytics
  • CRM Functionality
  • API
  • RSS Feed

You are also getting some additional points, such as easy integration with other Sumo products such as, KingSumo, Zapier, etc.

Winner: When it comes to the features in both tools, I feel this is a very close call.

Mailchimp is giving you more features in the overall tool as they are also giving you the separate eCommerce tab for you. They are covering a broad aspect of marketing.

Also, the pricing of Mailchimp is a bit higher if compared with SendFox.

That’s why the features of both tools depend on the use of a particular customer. If you are into content creation and want to distribute it, SendFox is perfect for you. If you’re going to expand it for your company or brand, then Mailchimp might be useful for you.

I have also heard many stories that many Mailchimp users use very few features of Mailchimp. They don’t use most of their features, which favours us in SendFox.

That’s why it depends on your purpose of using the tool.

Which Tool is Better For the Automation

Automation features make most of your work super easy. Email Marketing Tools does this perfectly. If integrated with other tools such as Zapier, Sumo, etc. you automate most of your tasks.

Due to automation, you can easily automate 80-90% of your work. All you have to do is write a good email copy and schedule it.

Automation in Mailchimp

Mailchimp gives your control over how you are going to automate campaigns for your subscribers.

You can easily target email to your subscribers using Mailchimp when

  • Someone subscribes to your email list
  • You make a new post
  • Someone from your subscribers has a birthday.

You are also getting special eCommerce targeting features such as

  • Reward your best customers
  • Saying Thanks when a customer makes first purchase
  • Recommend custom Product to your customers
  • Send email to notify about abandoning cart and retargeting

And much more.

Mailchimp also lets you integrate with other partners as well. You can easily integrate your Mailchimp with Stripe, Zapier, WooCommerce, etc.

Although, you can only make one automation in the free plan of Mailchimp.

You will need to go with the paid plan to automate more tasks.

Automation in SendFox

SendFox does have more automation features. They are a bit ahead in this.

SendFox gives you the access to API which you can use to integrate with anything you want. You can make a smart campaign and automate them as well.

SendFox provides you with the RSS feed which you can use to update the content and let your customers know everything in their inbox.

Being the SendFox by Sumo, you get the benefit of using other SUMO services. You can easily integrate this tool with AppSumo, KingSumo, WishList Member, and much more.

As you are getting the API and RSS Feed, you can easily integrate anything with SendFox.

Winner: As SendFox is giving you more control over the tool for automation, you can do any sort of automation.

You can do more things with API. You can easily automate things by automating via Zapier or other tools.

The winner for automation in tools is SendFox

Email Designer Comparsion

Email Designer is where you write the email copies that you are going to send. If you are getting enough options to write is neat, you can make your copy look more professional and avoid landing in the SPAM folders.

Email templates are also one of the email designer parts as you are getting some ideas to work on. It makes most of your work easy for some common email campaigns.

Email Designer in Mailchimp

Mailchimp gives you a variety of options before moving towards the Email Designer.

If you are making common campaigns such as welcome email series, promotions series, course series, etc. you can follow any of the templates given by them.

Making a few changes and you are good to go with your campaigns.

The number of templates is more than enough for anyone to get into.

When it comes to the email editor, you have got all the options to add things and customise them as well.

You can add text, headings, photos, videos, gifs, embed media and customise each section you want in your copy.

Here is the quick overview of the email designer in Mailchimp.

Design an Email Campaign in Mailchimp

You have got the drag and drop email copy builder which is super easy to use.

Few days of experiments and you will be good to go with making any kind of email copy that you want.

Email Designer in SendFox

The email designer that you get in SendFox is very classical. It is the same as you get on when you have to write blog posts.

It is the simple email editor, yet you can do wonders with it.

Unlike Mailchimp, you are not getting drag and drop email editors in SendFox. You can add or import any media you want.

You are also getting all the features you need to customize the text, image, videos, etc. in that given email editor.

If it is about templates, you are not getting as many templates as you get in the Mailchimp.

You are also getting the HTML editor which helps you edit things if you have some basic coding skills as well.

SendFox gives you all the things you need to make a good email copy. It is not even harder without templates as well.

You can import other templates from an outer source which is easy is SendFox as well.

Winner: When it comes to the email editor, both the tools are doing enough job to make the best email copy you want.

No tool lacks anywhere in the performance or features sections.
Yet as Mailchimp is giving you more ideas and drag and drop options, you might get a little extra help from the templates and the features in Mailchimp.

So, Mailchimp is the winner when it comes to Email Editor.

Analytics and Reporting

After setting up all the email campaigns and sending out some emails, you will need to check the reports of how your campaign is going on.

You will need to tweak in many things based on the reports and analytics that you are getting.

Data is one of the most important things when it comes to MARKETING. If you are getting the proper and useful data easily, you can always try out things from different perspectives.

Few of the important metrics that every email marketing needs are open rate, click rate, bounce rate, conversions, etc.

Analytics and Reporting in Mailchimp

Mailchimp shows you all the reports of your list and email campaigns effectively.

They provide you with proper graphs and charts to visualise all the data in an easy way and optimize it further.

Mailchimp also provides you with the A/B testing options which are very essential for those who experiment a lot of things.

You can even compare your data with specific dates and compare your growth. The data that you are getting is perfect for your marketing upgradations.

Mailchimp gives you all the reports clearly and it is better to consume and visualise. It is easy to understand and plot around as well.

You get the options to export or integrate your data with other tools such as google sheets or google data studio. You can organize your data as you are wishing.

Analytics and Reporting in SendFox

The reporting is very simple and clear in SendFox. You get all the data of each campaign or email in front of their topics.

You can view the reports for specific email copy, for specific email campaigns and overall as well.

Data segmentation is easy in SendFox and it is easy to narrow down your searches and comparisons.

You can also export all of your data and keep it organized. You are also getting IP addresses data as well for extra security.

Overall, the reporting and analytics in SendFox are perfect and simple as well.

You get all the necessary information in some clicks.


Both tools provide you with the much-needed stats of your campaigns and email lists. You are good to go with any of the tools.

But as usual, Mailchimp is giving you some edge over SendFox by providing your A/B Testing and Real-Time monitoring.

You can try out a few more things with Mailchimp.

So, here again, Mailchimp is the winner for reports and analytics.

List Management

Managing your lists, importing them, exporting them, the points system in your list and much more things are very necessary if email marketing is one of your main marketing ways.

Managing your email lists is like managing your employees or members in your community.

You are the leader and you have to further them and give them what they are looking for. You have to avoid them from opting out of your list by providing enough value.

Management in Mailchimp

Managing lists and your subscribers is much easier in Mailchimp.

You can tag your subscribers with specific triggers to segment them in a certain category.

Segmentation is something which lets you do the narrow targeting and not to waste your time sending emails to unwanted people.

Tags are useful to target your subscribers as often buyers, course buyers, reviewers and much more.

You can even do the behavioural targeting using the MailChimp which is a very effective and unique feature by Mailchimp.

It is much easier to import your email list, export your list and manage it in the Mailchimp.

You can use the forms, opt-ins, and landing pages by Mailchimp to capture leads as well.

Management in SendFox

SendFox provides you with basic CRM functionality. It allows writing notes about specifically single subscribers as well. You can personalize it based on any particular user as well.

SendFox provides you built-in forms and opt-ins to pull new contacts to your list.

You can also tag any of the users based on different triggers or actions as well.

You can even import and export your contacts list by just selecting the file.

As you can see, if you are moving from MailChimp, you can even directly import it from your MailChimp account to your SendFox account as well.


When it comes to the managing lists, it is easier in both the tools. You get the tags and segmentation in both the tools.

Advances targeting is allowed in both the tools. That’s why

The winner is tied for Managing lists and contacts.


Even if both tools are great at it. Pricing is something which might be the reason.

If you are getting great features, but the price that you have to pay is also higher then it is not affordable for everyone.

Pricing is something which should be worth the money and affordable for content creators as well.

Pricing of Mailchimp

This is what I was talking about. Mailchimp is providing you with a whole bunch of features which are super great.

But the pricing that they are charging is also higher compared to the SendFox.

Here are the pricing plans of the Mailchimp.

As you can see, you are getting the FREE plan in Mailchimp as well. But, if you have to even use some of the basic features like Email templates, A/B testing or need support, you will need to pick for at least “Essentials” plan.

Every plan does have some limited number of contacts that you can add and also some limited features as well.

The minimum plan that you will need to purchase is the Standard plan which will cost your $15.52 per month.

For advanced segmentation and multiple testing, you will need to go with the premium plan which is $310.49 per month.

The pricing is a bit higher in Mailchimp if you have to opt for some advance plans.

Pricing in SendFox

SendFox has made it super easy. They are doing what AppSumo is mainly known for.

Giving you affordable deals.

SendFox is giving you One Time Purchase offers which are really great if you compare it with Mailchimp.

All the basic features are included in all the plans. You can choose the plans based on the number of subscribers.

They have five different licenses based on the subscribers count.

Here are pricing plans that you get on SendFox.

If you ask me, this is a mind-blowing offer that you are getting for “LIFETIME

You will not need to pay monthly charges as you pay in Mailchimp.

Even in the most basic plan of Mailchimp, you have to pay $15.54 per month. (by sacrificing some of the features as well)

You are getting all the advanced features in all the plans that are provided by SendFox.

I don’t if this offer by SendFox is going to stay or not. It is a good time to get the deal and enjoy the offer.


As per the pricing, there is not any doubt for anyone.

You are getting all the advanced features at a very nominal cost which is very impressive by SendFox.

The winner is SendFox when it comes to pricing.

SendFox vs MailChimp: And The Winner IS

I have given you a detailed overview of both the tools. You are now very aware of what you can do with these individual tools.

Both tools are great for email marketing. The features and options that you are getting in them are going to make a hell a lot of your work super easy.

Mailchimp is the old player in this game which is providing your some expert features which you might need when you are expanding your business or doing some advanced marketing.

SendFox is the new play in this game which has boomed in the market with its growth. It is one of the best email marketing tools that any content creator who is starting out can pick. It is one of the most affordable email marketing tools that I have come across.

SendFox will improve a lot in near future. That’s what sumo companies are known for. You will definitely get some advanced features to improve your email marketing with SendFox.

If you are looking for the email marketing tool which will provide you with the best possible features to do some advanced marketing and you are an expert/industry level then you should pick Mailchimp.

If you are looking for the email marketing tool for content creation with the affordable budget then SendFox is the best choice for you.

Final Words

The marketing is all about the message that you pass to your audience from different mediums.

The message is what real marketing is. All these tools are just helping you reach your message to your audience in an easier possible way.

I have just reviewed two of those tools. There are many more tools available in the market to do the same task or even much better task than this.

All you have to consider is choosing the best tools to do your marketing and reach out.

I have already given you which one tool you should be the pick. Based on the stage, where you are at, you can pick the one tool.

Have you tried Mailchimp or SendFox? If yes, do let me know your reviews in the comments section below. Also, if you want me to compare these tools with some other tool, bring it one. I’ll do it.

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