MicMonster Review: Does It Worth $37?


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Welcome to my honest review about MicMonster! The only objective of this article is to give you a clear view of MicMonster Software.

Let’s see what I am going to cover in this article –

Why you should trust us

In the event that you have never utilized this software, it is simply reasonable for can’t help thinking about why you should believe anything I need to say about the program. 

Indeed, I feel able to give this audit since I have effectively purchased the software and have been utilizing it. 

I have been utilizing MicMonster for some things, particularly my video extends that cut across various specialties. While there are other alternatives also, but nothing matches up to this software, I especially love the features of MicMonster.

What is MicMonster?

MicMonster is the solitary A.I. Human Sounding Voiceover that lets you control the voice style and voice emotions. You can produce a natural-sounding voiceover within 7 seconds or less.

MicMonster software helps to transform your text content to audio. The program is cloud-based text-to-speech software that will assist you with making voice-overs for your work.  

From our testing and research in the industry, I believe that this is the best option because it is the single software of its type that gives a form to the voice being said out loud.

Here are voice samples of English USA voice



Here are the samples of english uk voice




MicMonster software works in 48 languages! Such as –

Arabic (Arabic, Arabic(egypt), Arabic (Saudi arabia), Bngali (india), Bulgarian (bulgaria), Catalan (spain), Chinese (China, Hong kong, Simplified PRC,  taiwan), Croatian(croatia), Czech, Danish, Dutch(BEL, NL), English(AU, CN, IN, IR, PH, UK, US), Estonian (estonia), Filipino, Finnish (Finland), French (BE, CN, FR, SW), German (AUT, GE, SW), Greek (Greece), Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, irish Gaelic, Italian, Japanese Kannada, Korean (south korea), Latvian (latvia), Lithuanian (Lithuania), Malay, Malayalam, Maltese (Malta), Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese(BR, PT), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (Mexico, Spain), Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, ukrainian, Urdu (Pakistan), Vietnamese, Welsh

Things that I love about MicMonster

  • It has a 384 Kbps Bitrate – Extraordinary audio or sound quality aides upgrade clients’ review and listening encounters. The lower the Kbps, the more information the encoder will take out when compacting an audio document; To expand sound quality, 384 Kbps Bitrate is the most ideal decision. On the off chance that putting away audio records of this quality is an issue, storage choices are however huge as they may be moderate.
  • It is a Mobile-Friendly Tool – It shrinks down to be adequately little to show on a mobile. It would appear like a little form of the site. There can be a ton of zooming and scrolling yet at the same time the site shows and functions regularly.
  • Commercial License – You don’t need to pay extra for a commercial license, whereas other such softwares do include expensive extra charges for commercial license.
  • 200+ Voices – The best feature of MicMonster software is the addition of several languages and texts. The program is primarily in English. Every content requirements an alternate sort of speaker. MicMonster incorporates both male and female speakers. Each speaker has their own particular manner of talking. You can discover a wide range of voices for your next project. You can listen to the example before choosing a voice. 
  • Best A.I. Voices – You are the best counterfeit voices. Our Voices are nearest to the human voice with an amazing score of 96.8. 
  • Control Voice Emotion – Not each content is made for a proper speech. You can change voice, emotion bright, Empathetic, talk, and so on. Note: It is accessible for English USA, Chinese and Portuguese language. 
  • Change Speech and Pitch – Adjust the speed and pitch contingent upon the sort of your content. In general, speak with a softer tone will pass on trust and authority, while higher voices are seen as more lively and vigorous. 
  • Business License – With a comprehensive business permit, you can utilize voiceovers for ad purposes or some other reason at no additional expense. 
  • Make Unlimited Voiceovers – With MicMonster, anything is possible. Produce however many voice-overs as you need—no compelling reason to pay once more. Get a bargain at one fixed cost. 
  • Free Support – They are always there to help you. Have any inquiry in your brain. Simply lift your hand; their group will get you covered. 
  • Accents – Some dialects like English, French, Chinese, Portuguese, and so forth are accessible in various accents relying upon the locale. Micmonster has speakers for various accents. 
  • Add Pauses – A lady, without her man, isn’t anything, Or A lady: without her, man isn’t anything. Micmonster can add stop automatically relying upon Punctuation. 
  • Cross-Platform – From Android to Mac, you can produce a Voiceover from any gadget. Micmonster is a cloud-based arrangement (versatile responsive) 
  • 3 Easy Clicks – MicMonster is so natural to utilize that even a child can produce Voiceover. Type or paste your content, pick language and voice. Create and download.
  • Simple to utilize – The interface is not difficult to explore. You will discover the board where the text will go without any problem. Whenever you have stuck the text, the A.I. I will swing into stuff and start checking the text and adding all the important stuff like accentuation.

Things that I don’t like about MicMonster 

  • No desktop software
  • Update date is not fixed

Price and On-time offer


You can grab lifetime license to micmonster at just $37. Here is what you will get in $37

  1. 200+ Voices
  2. 3000 Character Per Voiceover
  3. 1 Campaign

Upsell 1) $57

Once you purchased $37 front-end license then you will be redirected to Micmonster Pro. It is an optional upgrade but I think it is worth it. You will unlock the following features if you upgrade to Micmonster pro.

  1. 82 More Realistic Voices
  2. Unlimited campaign
  3. Merge feature to generate unlimited voiceovers & create dialogue videos
  4. 40 Background Music Tracks

Please note if you purchased Micmonster pro without front-end license then you will not receive login details.

Upsell 2) $97 Agency

The next upgrade is Micmonster agency. Basically this is for those who works in team and want to sell voiceover to other person.

In this you will unlock the following features.

  1. Agency License
  2. Add Team members account

Why I would recommend MicMonster

Tools like MicMonster are very useful and will come in handy. There are several text-to-speech software in the marketplace. The problem with most of them is that they do not quite sound right. Many sounds are mechanical and absolutely robotic.

That is the one way MicMonster excels. Directly from the beginning, the makers of the program have commented on exactly how human-like the voices from the software sound. 

I tried it out, and I am intrigued. Presently, it ought to be noticed that nothing is accessible, yet, that can consummately imitate the expressions and subtlety of human speech.

Final words

I would like to thank you for reading my review on MicMonster. Many people who want to start YouTube videos or create videos with voiceovers are apprehensive about their voice sounds. There is the MicMonster software that aims to help all such people like this. 

To summarise, I would say MicMonster is the best Voice-Over Software out there. With very few limitations and more features at such a low price. Go for it!

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