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If you are looking for information about the newly launched product motvio video hosting platform then you are on the right page.

Here you will find everything about motvio. What is motvio, price & upsells. And Quality Bonuses that nobody is offering.

What is Motvio Exactly?

Motvio is a video hosting platform similar to youtube, Vimeo, etc. As a business owner, you can’t use youtube everywhere. For example, as a course creator, you want to host so users can only watch the video instead of downloading.

The same is true for sales videos to embed on the website. These types of platforms aren’t free. Motvio is one of them but it is affordable.

Now a common question may come in your mind I have hosting. I will upload videos there for free.

Well, the problem is these platforms are specifically created for video hosting, so you have player controls, advanced analytics, and most importantly speed.

Videos need super fast hosting. Putting videos on your website hosting will consume a large amount of bandwidth. That eventually make your website slow.

Why Choose Motvio

Here are best reason to choose Motvio

Affordable: Other platforms offer a monthly or annual subscription. While Motvio is one time fees.

Fast: Motvio is fast enough to host your videos. You can trust this service to host any kind of video.

Analytics: It provides advanced analytics such as watch time, You can track pixel or do A/B testing. keep in mind, that you need to purchase oto 3 for analytics.

Motvio Price & Upsells

Front End

Its front end has two subscriptions. Starter and Pro. There is no big difference between price. You can get an extra discount using coupon code, Motvio3off. Thus both plans will cost you the same money.

Anyway here is difference two plan.

Starter 34.95Pro $36
1 GB Bandwidth1 GB Bandwidth
5 VideosUnlimited Videos
State of the Art Video TechnologyState of the Art Video Technology
Video ManagementVideo Management
Transcoding/Encoding TechnologyTranscoding/Encoding Technology
Ads on your videosNo ads on your Video
Create Collections, playlist
Embeddable Playlists
Visibility & Privacy controls, Password Protection
Domain Embed Restriction
Custom Thumbnail & END screen
Image Library & Editor
Music Soundtracks
Optimize Videos, Images & Files
Playback Speed Control

OTO 1) Motvio Pro

Price: $47 only

In this One time Fee Motvio Pro you are getting player controls & the facility to add Interactive CTA.

The player controls basically allowing the audience to adjust volume, speed, etc controls. You are getting the following information.

  1. Playbar
  2. Volume Control
  3. Share & Embed feature
  4. Play Speed
  5. Full Screen
  6. Rewind button
  7. Video Resolution
  8. Playback Resume
  9. Theater Mode
  10. Picture-in-Picture Mode
  11. VR/360
  12. Subtitles

Except player controls will also get Interact CTA (call to action).

Using this you can trigger different kinds of CTA at any point in the video. Motvio Allows you to insert four different kinds of CTA.

  1. Image
  2. Text
  3. html
  4. Clickable Buttons
  5. Social Share
  6. Product Listing
  7. Amazon, Shopify Product

How can it help You?

You can hide player controls on sales videos where you want to show the whole to your visitors. Playback resumes can helpful for course creators. So when users come back again they where they left.

Interactive CTA can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you can use social share to generate more traffic.

In Return user will get whole video.

DS Motvio Pro

Price: $37 only

If you decline Motvio pro upsell then you will be redirected to down-sell. In this downsell you will get only players controls not interactive CTA.

OTO 2) Motvio GOLD

Price: $47 Not Recommends

In this movtio gold you will get things

  1. Generate More leads by Adding Opt-in Form. It can integrate popular email marketing software such as Mailchimp, active campaign, convertkit, Aweber, etc.
  2. Insert Ads in your Video similar to youtube

Now the reason for not recommending this upsell is its downsell allows you insert opt-in forms .

But why well you want to insert ads. Put Video on the youtube where clients are already putting money. But if you have clients that can pay then you can go with this upsell.

DS Motvio Gold

Price: $37

In this downsell, you are getting you are only allowed to create opt-in forms & image ads.

I recommend to upgrade to this downsell instead of purchasing 2nd OTO.

OTO 3) Motvio Platinum

Price: $37/month

Platinum is part of three upsells.

  1. Advanced Analytics
  2. Pixel tracking
  3. A/B Testing

Advance Analytics: You will get these analytics features on purchasing this upsell.

  1. Watch Time: Get details about the total amount of time that video has been watched by all viewers.
  2. Impress Click-Through Rate: Basically percentage of people that land on the page & click on the play button
  3. Unique Impression & Unique Impression CTR
  4. Average Stick Length: It will show you average watch time
  5. Button & Link Clicks
  6. Email Subscription
  7. Behavior: Page from where the visitor is entered & front which ones they leave. To know how engaging your funnel is.
  8. Disengagement Rate: It is the rate at which users pause the video and leave, scroll away from the video or close the page, or maybe go to another site.
  9. Video Share, Video Download & Outbound Links Tracking
  10. Traffic Source, Device, Browser & Country

Pixel Tracking

Just add one pixel to your account to get data into your account. No need to create separate pixel for every video

Thus it can help you to track page views, add to cart, purchase or any other custom conversion.

A/B Testing

A/B is quite popular in the internet world. Basically you can show a certain percentage of traffic for a specific video to compare the result with another video.

You just need to upload two Videos then insert code on the landing page. It will automatically show one video for 50 % traffic and 50% for second videos.

It will help you to find the Best Video. You can split test more than 2 videos as well.


Price: $67

Here is what you are getting inside this upsell

  1. Add Sub-users to Your Account
  2. Add Client Access Accounts
  3. Create & Manage Client Accounts


Starter – $199 | Advanced – $299 | Premium – $499 | Elite – $699

With this upsell you will get a reseller license. You can sell Motvio to other users & keep the 100% profit up to you. It comes with multiple licenses. In this reseller license, you just have to sell others, Motvio team will handle the support.

Except this you will also get extra bandwidth.

10 Clients30 Clients100 Clients200 Clients
100 GB300 GB1000 GB2000 GB
1000 Videos3000 VideosUnlimited VideosUnlimited Videos
Manage ClientsManage ClientsManage ClientsManage Clients
Create InvoicesCreate InvoicesCreate Invoices
Boomerang VideosBoomerang VideosBoomerang Videos
Templates Pack -10Templates Pack -10Templates Pack -10
5 NEW Templates Every Month5 NEW Templates Every Month
Premium Fonts PackPremium Fonts Pack
Video StoryboardsVideo Storyboards
24/7 Priority Support24/7 Priority Support

My Exclusive Bonuses

I hope this article helped you to find the information you are looking for. If you are going to purchase then Motvio then why not get some extra bonuses to enhance the value of motvio.

If you why Motvio to use any link available on this page, bonuses will be automatically delivered to you.

Did my review get you interesting in this product?

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Instead of overwhelming you with whopping bonuses that you will never use I have created a non-fluff bonus package for you.

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4) Noah’s Youtube Secrets


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5) Million-Dollar Email Templates


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6) Making Remote Work Work


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Linkedin Outrach Bootcamp

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Agency Survival Bootcamp

Video Course $0.00 $199

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