Music Man Price and OTO: Everything You Need To Know

Everyone is tired of paying $100 for each music track, and they have hundreds of excellent video editing programs to create great videos, but no music creation application can narrow your coverage. 

In addition, due to the use of popular soundtracks as background music, resulting in video copyright issues, millions of videos have the same background music; if you watch these videos that play the same audio, it gets irritating. 

What if you get new music tracks for all videos without any copyright issues? Yes, it is possible now! Take advantage of new software “MusicMan” designed specifically to attract more customers to watch your videos. 

It creates millions of Premium Music Tracks and every time you use Musicman to make the same settings, the advanced music tracks and the music played each time are different.

Welcome to my Honest review about MusicMan. Now, without wasting any more time let’s start exploring this software.

What exactly is MusicMan?

Musicman is AI-powered software that can automatically create original and unique high-quality music tracks. Create 100% unique H.Q music tracks for videos. Use music as background music in videos, unlimited downloads, millions of combinations. 

Help create perfect sales videos, training videos, promotional videos, product demo videos, video ads, recommended videos, behind the scenes videos.

The things that this software offers: 

  • Millions of H.Q Premium music tracks – Unlimited use. 
  • Even with the same settings, there will be different music each time. 
  • Never pay for audio tracks again. 
  • 3 clicks to find the perfect music and sound for your video. 
  • No longer has copyright issues. 
  • Save the shoreline to download unlimited tracks for unlimited projects. 
  • Sell music tracks to customers or use them in customer videos-make money.

Features of MusicMan

  • Easy-To-Use Software – No technical skills are required, and beginner levels are easy to use. This is a simple software for adding background music to the video. 
  • Support is compatible with several languages. Select your preferred language from the  options. 
  • Video editing: You can easily edit your video and merge several videos and audio clips together.  
  • Add video effect: Background can be changed by adding color and adjusting the brightness. 
  • Adding a voice effect: You can change the audio wave. It simplifies the voice edition. 
  • Creates multiple projects: This software can create several projects once. 
  • Preview Clip: After Editing Video and Audio, You can see the last preview clip.  
  • Add multiple clips: You can select several files and place it on another timeline. Videos, images, audio are easy to edit with the help of simple sections. 
  • Cut a simple clip: If you want to eliminate unnecessary parts on the clip. It can be easily removed in separate sections. 
  • Add Items: If you want to add media files, images, and videos on a single timeline, drag and drop to drag the location you want to add. 
  • Video operation: If you want to adjust the video movement, set the speed and orientation of playback.
  • Works on all platforms: It is used by all types of Mac platform, Windows, Linux OS. 
  • Unlimited time loading track: Here, we provide unlimited clues in different periods. You can easily add many videos, audio and images. 
  • 3D Create animation: By using this software, you can create 3D animations on video, Content, title and words.  

What you can create with MusicMan?

  • Sales Video
  • Demo Video
  • Presentation Video
  • Training Video
  • Sales Video Letters
  • Animation Videos
  • Instagram Story
  • Explanatory Videos
  • Podcasts
  • TV Advertising
  • YouTube Video 
  •  Blog Video
  • VLOGs
  • Gaming
  • Video Advertising
  • Videos in Emails
  • Entertainment Videos
  • And basically any type of Video!

Pros of MusicMan

  • Unique original tracks 
  • Unlimited use rights 
  • Global distribution rights 
  • Personalization options 
  • Commercial rights 
  • Complies with UGC 
  • Complies with Article 13

How to use this Software?

  • Step 1 – Choose the type, category, mood, theme and duration of the music genre. The first step is to choose the duration of the music, and then choose the atmosphere of the music, such as horror, joy, anger, love, dream, and beauty. Then select your music genre. 
  • Step 2 – Let A.I. create music in seconds. Wait for a few seconds while A.I. creates Music according to your choice to provide you with music tracks. The best part of this is that every time you create music with the same settings, you will get unique music. 
  • Step 3 – Download. Now, the last thing is to download the music to add it to the video. The advantage of the absolutely free music is that multiple tracks are created for each project, so you can listen to it, choose the best track and download it within seconds, sell it and get a lot of income from your customers. You can use these on social media, YouTube, TV, websites, and wherever you want.

Pricing and OTO of MusicMan

1. Front End ($47-$67) : MUSICMAN

  • Instant Audio Track Can be Produced with just 1-Click
  • Unlimited Music Tracks can produced
  • Save Music Tracks upto 1000
  • Create Projects upto 100
  • Sound Files Per 10 Projects 
  • Play Audio Directly From Browser 
  • Unlimited Audio Files can be downloaded
  • Unlimited Change Music Track 
  • 10 GB Cloud Storage for Music Files 
  • Download with .mp3 
  • 1000 Presampled Music Track 
  • 15 Music Category 
  • Make Custom Long Music 
  • Unlimited Music 
  • Note Sequence (.Midi) Download and re-modify 
  • Unlimited Generate Random Tracks 
  • In-Built Sound Sync with Video 
  • Mood Based Music Tracks  
  • FREE Commercial License 
  • Pre-Generated Music Tracks Library 
  • Save Up to 30000 Characters 1 Render 
  • Unlimited Music Tracks Being 
  • Unlimited Project Creation 
  • 5000 Presampled Music Tracks 
  • 100 Music Category 
  • Creating Tracks Matching Audio Tracks 
  • Creating Tracks Matching Video Music 
  • Mixing Audio Tracks-Interpolating 
  • Creating Infinite Music Tracks 
  • Unlimited Music Playlist 
  • Consists of a collection of generated audio tracks 
  • Included in the playlist

1. OTO 1 (($37-$97): VIDEOMAN

  • Video Hosting, Streaming and Management 
  • 20GB of Storage 
  • Add Up to 20,000 Videos 
  • Upload/Publish Videos 
  • Advanced Transcoding/Encoding Video Technologies 
  • Create Projects 
  • Create Playlists 
  • Insertable Playlists on Any Website 
  • Random Embedding Videos on Websites 
  • Domain Embedding Restrictions 
  • SEO Friendly Source Code 
  • Keyword Shortcuts 
  • Video Hotkeys 
  • Visibility and Privacy Controls 
  • Password Protection 
  • Sharing Private Links 
  • Definition of Video Thumbnails 
  • Custom Exit Screens 
  • Related Videos  
  • Players User 
  • Customize Colors and Components 
  • Add Your Own Brand 
  • Optimize Video and Image Files 
  • Control Playback Speed ​​
  • Implement Video Scheme 

2. OTO 2 ($37-$67): VOICEMAN

  • 65 languages, over 400 voices 
  • 1-Click Text to Speech 
  • Standard and Neural Voices all 
  • Speech Synthesis support 
  • Amazon AWS Polly TTS Service 
  • Google Cloud Text-to-Speech service 
  • Microsoft Azure Cognitive Text to Speech 
  • Insert Pauses 
  • Output Volume Control 
  • Read Aloud Speed ​​Control 
  • 1-Click.mp3 Download 
  • TTS Voice Manager 
  • Pre-render Sound Preview

3. OTO 3 ($297-$497): MUSICMAN AGENCY

  • Creates and manages up to 300 clients 
  • Uses up to 2000 G.B. 
  • Unlimited Campaign Management for Clients 
  • Billing 
  • Boomerang Video 
  • 100 Video Templates to use 
  • 5 new templates per month 
  • Premium Font Pack 
  • Video Storyboard 
  • 24/7 Priority Support


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We really recommend Musicman to video marketers. So far, Musicman is the best tool created by Jai Sharma and Rahul gupta, which can make Unlimited Music tracks play for a long time. Now you can skip the endless work of creating unique tracks for videos on social media platforms. Therefore, you can also avoid spending a lot of money to hire a good team.

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