How To Get Pandora Premium Free In [currentyear]

If you are looking for the answer to know how you can pandora premium subscription for free then you are on the right page.

In this article, I will post multiple methods to get a pandora premium or plus subscription for free. So make sure you read the whole article carefully.

In case you face any problem then let me know in the comment section. I will happy to help you.

Pandora is one of the most recognizable name in the music streaming service. It has a free version that has certain limits.

Pandora has two paid plans, Plus & Premium excluding the free plan. The free plan is limited and you will face a lot of ads. You can get a free trial of both subscriptions but you can’t get both free for a lifetime.

If you want to know how to get pandora premium free then you are on the right page.

Pandora Premium Accounts username & password

Here are the premium accounts. Do not change the password. Consider it a warning, not a request.

See when you change the password then the account owner will contact pandora support for recovery. Thus even if you change the email, the owner can still get the account back. So a wise decision is not to change the password.

[email protected]Kinggnik7
[email protected]Banana231
[email protected]Twinsin05
[email protected]Ch1331314
[email protected]Lorenandluca2
[email protected]Tinkerbell63
[email protected]Kryptonite88
[email protected]redskins81
[email protected]Jrod0720@
[email protected]Julia619
[email protected]wolfman1501
[email protected]jewfish1
[email protected]5Mentario
[email protected]Ilovedogs3
[email protected]Jaelyn@1122
[email protected]Gaby3112001

Using Accountbot, Recommend Method

In case you are not familiar with the accountbot website basically, here you can get premium accounts at affordable prices.

You can get a pandora premium at $9.99 for one year. But it is not limited to pandora only. You can get skillshare, Netflix, Disney plus, etc.

Pandora premium free

Follow these steps to get Premium for free.

  1. Go to the Accountbot website. In the left sidebar, click on Register.
accountbot website
  1. Create your account. Once you did it, go to the explore tab and click on Pandora
Pandora premium
  1. It will take you to the pricing page, as shown in the screenshot. Select whatever plan you like. My suggestion is one year because here you are getting the maximum discount.
  1. Anyway, once you did it and clicked on the purchase button. It will take you to another page where you need to select a payment method.
  2. Select your method and make a payment. Once you made a payment, it will show you something like this. Click on the ⓘ button.
  1. It will you another page. Click on the Generate button. Within a few seconds, the account bot will provide you a premium account.
  2. Now go to the official pandora site or app in case you are a mobile user. Login with given details.

What if the account stopped working?

Well, there is a replacement button. In a day, you can get two replacement per day. I’m using Pandora from the last couple of months. So far, I never use the replace button. No issue so far.

You can also contact support for further queries.

Using Free Trial

Pandora provides 2 weeks free trial for their premium and plus plan. So what you can do is create a free account upgrade to any premium plan then cancel in 13 day.

After that create new account again sign up for the free trial and cancel on the 13 day.

In this method, the only risk is in case you forget to cancel the subscription the money will deduct from your account. You can set a reminder for this.

The upgrade part is pretty easy, you can do it just by entering the card details. Here is the exact step by step process for canceling a free trial depending upon your device.

Final Words

Getting pandora totally free without any money ins’t possible. I have tried several methods available online but out of them only accountbot worked.

But still getting at one year subscription at one month price is much better option. Anyway, if you have any question or query let me know by the comment section.

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