Remove Bg Alternatives For Removing Image Background

Are you searching for Remove Bg Alternatives!? Then please continue reading this article for 5 Best alternatives of Remove Bg. The alternatives that we are going to list down work better than Remove Bg!

So, Remove Bg is an online software by which you can easily remove the background of an image. This software automatically detects the background of the image you upload and removes it. Remove Bg is compatible with various other softwares such as Adobe Photoshop. The best part is that it is Free of cost!

Now let’s check out a few Remove bg alternatives that work the same or better than it.
Alternatives we are going to discuss today are:


This tool works just like Remove Bg; It helps you to remove the background of an image. This new software works on AI and ML algorithms and does its job at a very fast speed. Various companies, be it small or big, that have a huge amount of image backgrounds to be edited use this software for background removal.

This software is very easy to use. Even a beginner like us can use this software to remove the background, all we have to do is upload an image, and this software automatically crops the background by detecting the person in the image. This makes it extremely easy and better for us, as the image that we crop would not have such perfect results.


Auto Select – This feature is really useful, as the A.I algorithm does the whole work while you can chill.
Batch Editing – You can edit and remove the background of many photos together. This is extremely time-saving.
Transform tools
Effects and Filters – There are a variety of filters and effects that you can edit your image from.
Enhancement Tools – You can enhance your image using this tool.
Text Tool
Remove objects – If there is any unwanted object that you wish to remove from the image, it can be done easily.

Auto Removal of the background using AI Algorithm
Manual Removal of background also available
Easily Sharing on Social Media
Feature updates are allowed
Active Consumer Support available
30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Up to 98 % Discount

Bulk editing not available for free
A bit expensive

All the Plans have different perks. As the price rises, the features also increase!
ZapBG forever: $99
Bronze Plan (Save 98%) : $49/ Lifetime
Silver Plan (Save 91%) : $99/ Lifetime
Gold Plan (Save 94%) : $199/ Lifetime
Platinum Plan (Save 95%) : $249/ Lifetime
Diamond Plan (Save 96%) : $499/ Lifetime
Titanium Plan (Save 98%) : $849/ Lifetime


Canva does not need any introduction. It is one of the most popular graphic design tool. Canva also lets you remove image background easily.

I use while editing my photos, it works efficiently well. If you are not the pro plan then there is no limit like You can use as it for as many photos as you want.

However I have noticed that it is bit slower than It took 5-7 seconds for processing single image.

There is also no bulk remover feature avaliable.


Accuracy is high

Automatically removes 100% background


Free Trial

No limits on the plans.

Bit slower
No bulk remove option

Starts at $12/month


GIMP is an editor that can remove the background of images easily and is a free editor, which contains various tools. You can manually select any object, or it can be done automatically by the free select option. It enables you to use free-hand borders to select an object perfectly.

Blend tool is quite powerful
Supported file formats include mng, BMP, gif, jpeg, PCX, pdf, png, PSD, SVG, tiff, ps, tga, xpm etc.
Custom patterns and brushes are supported.
Redo/Undo can be done multiple times
Foreground Tool available

A wide range of options
The interface is easy and simple to use
Hand-layering tools are available
Has advanced and powerful editing features

Files can’t be saved in CMYK format

This software is absolutely free of cost


This next Remove Bg alternative is a professional editor, which is mainly utilized to professionally edit pictures. This software has very strong and impressive editing tools, which are also easy to use. PicMonkey is available for both desktop and mobile.

Collaboration Tools
Content Management
Customizable Templates
Image Editing
Image Library
Marketing Automation
Media Library
Project Management

Results are always satisfying
Easy to use
Cloud-based storage
Text tools

Ads are very irritating
Might have glitches in between

Has a free trial
Basic Plan – $7.99/ Monthly, $72.00/Annually (1GB Storage)
Pro Plan – $12.99/Monthly, $120.00/Annually (Unlimited Storage)


Our last Remove bg alternative, This software works wonders for Removal of background in images and has various tools, such as Intersection, Node editing, Clip, Difference and Trace Bitmap. These various tools help to edit any image perfectly.

Various tools available like Color selector, Pattern fills, Path markers, Copy/paste style etc.
File Formats
Node Editing
Text Support

Various pro, useful tools
Absolutely free of cost
Simple and easy to use interface

Has few issues with the Mac version
The design is a bit outdated

This software is absolutely free of cost.


So here were 5 Remove Bg alternatives, All these softwares work exactly like Remove bg and some work even better than it. However, our personal favourite is ZapBG because of its various amazing features and how it uses AI and ML algorithms to detect the background. And if you are a beginner, then ZapBG is the best software for you to start with! The rest is up to you!

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