Skillshare Premium Account Hack: Get Free Account In [currentyear]

I don’t course you are going to enroll on skillshare. The following methods will help you get a skillshare premium account free or download the course.

If you have a problem understanding my writing then let me know by the comment section. I will enroll in writing course.

Let’s jump how to get skillshare premium Free.


Accountbot is a website where you can buy websites accounts at a few bucks. Skillshare premium will cost you $5 for a month or $20 for one year.

Now you probably thinking, I was looking for free methods. Well, all websites & YouTubers publishing free methods don’t work anymore. Probably you have tested them before reading this article.

Either you can waste methods on free methods that don’t work or spend a few bucks to kickstart your learning.

  1. Go to the accountbot website. It will show you something like this.
    netflix accountbot
  2. Go to Register and create your account.
  3. Now Go to Explore tab and Under the education click Skillshare button as shown in the screenshot.
  4. There are different kinds of plans. My recommendation is 1 year because here you are getting the most discount.
  5. Then click on Purchase and Make your payment. You can pay using Paypal, Paytm, Bitcoin & other cryptocurrencies. There is no need to enter a credit card. These are third party payments. So don’t worry about your card.
  6. Once you made the payment you will see something like this.
  7. As you can see in the screenshot there is ⓘ button in blue color. Click this it will take you to the subscription page. Where you will find all the order services.
  8. You will see the skillshare. Click on it after that choose to generate button.
  9. It will provide you an account. That is ready to use. 


As you can see the email is the same (obviously I can’t share the password).  

For any reason, if your account stop working with the help of the replace button you can get a new account. Support is also there for solving your queries.

How Does Accountbot Work?

A few months ago the same question appeared in mind so I contacted the team. The good news is they replied to me.

But the bad news is their reply. 

It is secret.


I don’t know but it is working perfectly fine. Let’s assume that it doesn’t work for you, Although that is not going to happen. Still, you lose only a few bucks that you probably spend on coffee. So you are not putting anything at risk.

Skillshare Free Trial

We all know that skillshare provides you a 2-month free trial. After 2 months, you can cancel it. 

Probably your mom, dad also have a credit card. So why not use their to create a new account again.

Next time you can use maybe your friend’s credit card. But don’t’ forget to cancel on 59 days otherwise the amount will be deducted from the account.

If 2 months isn’t enough then download the course. So you can watch them later on when you don’t have access to skillshare.

Torrent: Download Everything Free

I know torrent is banned in many countries. You have to pay a fine if try to access it.

In case you don’t know what is torrent. Don’t take another search on Google. Keep reading you will figure out by yourself.

To use Torrent 3 Things are required

  1. VPN: Because govt ban torrent, I prefer Nord VPN. Free seekers can go with Hotspot shield
  2. Device to use the internet: Android, iPhone, Pc anything.
  3. utorrent: For Downloading torrent files.

What are the steps

  1. First, unblock torrent sites and hide location by connecting VPN. That way your ISP will not able to get your browsing websites.
  2. Then visit torrent sites for example 1337x.to1337x website
  3. It will show you something like this. Just type skillshare or any course name that you are looking for.
  4. It will show you results like google. Make sure the result that you are choosing has a strong . Assume it an indicator of the speed.
  5. There are several buttons and pop ads as well. But you need to find Magnet torrent.
  6. Click it will take you to the utorrent app. Where your files will start downloading.
  7. Once your download is complete, Don’t forget to exit the utorrent. 

Skillshare Username & Passwords

The following username & passwords are working account of skillshare. You can use them to learn any new skill.

Username Password
[email protected]jelly253
[email protected]4paulsons
[email protected]September74
[email protected]mamita1990

Please don’t write down in the comments that these accounts are not working. By the way, if you want to learn digital marketing check this SEO Blog

I knew it. This is the dirty secret of bloggers. Basically providing these fake accounts increase the length that helps to Rank in Google. It also helps us to increase time on page.

There is rarely a chance that you will get a working account. If a site is publishing working accounts then someone will change the password.

Try Alternative Platforms

Probably the end result you want is learning new skills. There are so many other good platforms. Udemy is the most popular. 

Here courses are available at a one-time price. Instead of paying monthly fees.

You can try youtube & Google as well. Just look at the syllabus and try to search for everything topic in Google.

The instructor that is the teaching on skillshare has a separate website or youtube channel. You can also get some information from there.

With the internet, learning is free if you how to find stuff properly.

If you are like me then learn how to make money online, make it and buy the course you like.

Final Words

I hope you found out a way to getting skillshare account free. My favorite is using accountbot.

Maybe I missed a method that you already use. If you are then let us know by comment section. It will also help other users.

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