Speechelo Alternatives For Generating Text to Speech In 2021


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If you are looking for a speechelo alternative then you are on the right page. Here I’m not going to provide you a ton of alternative option to again make another google search.

I will provide you with only 2 alternative options with voice samples & price information. So you don’t need to make another search on google.

If you prefer video comparison over text then click here


Micmonster is the new tool in the market. However, it is good. Comparing with speechelo first of all it is affordable you can grab a lifetime deal at $37. Its voices are better than speechelo and it also lets you change voice style such as Cheerful, empathetic, etc for English USA voice.

There are total 48 languages and more than 200 speakers. Micmonster claims that if you found a better tool at this cost we will offer you a free account. I don’t know but it is a big claim. They must have done their research before making this claim


Synthesys sound is definitely better than Speechelo. Check the audio sample below. Synthesys is more expensive as well. Under every character voice, you can find the speciality of that voice as shown in the screenshot.

Synthesys voice samples

Price: It has two plans for the front-end, personal & Commercial

Personal $67Commercial $97
Synthetic Speech TechnologySynthetic Speech Technology
Access to 8 professional voicesAccess to 8 professional voices
Create UNLIMITED Voice-OversCreate UNLIMITED Voice-Overs
10,000 credits included30,000 credits included
Commercial License

Here credit are units that you will use to generate voice. 1 credit is equal to 1 character.


OTO 1 Synthesys Pro $67

  1. Extra 11 professional English voice actors
  2. Pronunciation: Sometimes AI doesn’t pronounce words as it should. This feature helps break your words into syllables or add quotation masks so help to spell your word the way you want to sound
  3. Multiple rendering threads for bigger scripts: This very helpful feature allows users to render more text at the same time instead put 500 characters per render. It helps for faster voice scripts in a very short time.

OTO 2 Synthesys DFY Boost Pack – $47 (Not Recommended)

  1. Pre-rendered Audio Voice over all major niches
  2. 100 text scripts
  3. 15-20 scripts every month
  4. DFY TV Commercial for your business

OTO 3 Synthesys Business

This is kind of must-have upsell because 30000 credits aren’t enough. There are three plans for this upsell. The only difference between these upsells is credits. Keep in mind, that is a one-time offer. You can upgrade later on for other OTO but not for this.

$147 $297$497
Mult User AccessMult User AccessMult User Access
150k Credits500K CreditsUnlimited Credits


If you already know about the createstudio then you probably thinking, this is software for animation videos.

Well, absolutely right. But you can also generate voices using this software as well. Its text to speech service is somewhat comparable with speechelo.

You don’t need to purchase any upsell if your primary motive is to generate voices. In fact, upsells doesn’t have any special feature about text to speech. These are the sounds that I have generated by createstudio.

The main benefit of using createstudio is you have software to create animation videos as well. Instead of just text to speech service.

Its front end version will cost you $67 for a lifetime subscription. There are 3 upsells, In case you want to know more then check this article.

Another benefit of createstudio is you have no limit over languages & speakers

createstudio text to speech


Speechdio is the latest tool in the market which is hyped because of their new technology used in the market and the affordable pricing.

When you look at the features of this tool, it looks worthy of paying money for. You are getting some advanced features such as controlling pitch and pressure on specific words or sentences instead of the whole thing.


0. Speechdio Front End


  • 100 Voices
  • 30 languages include English.
  • 800 Words Long script
  • Control Pitch & Speed
  • Add Breathing* & Emphasis.
  • Pause, Control Timbre
  • 100 Background Music Tracks
  • Say As: Cardinal, Ordinal, Phone, etc. Generally, Voice is without any noise. But if you wanted to make a voice as a person talking over the phone etc, then it is possible with Speechdio.

Video Comparison of Createstudio & Synthesys with Speechelo

If you are looking for a voice comparison of these two samples with speechelo then check the following video. Here I have compared voice generated from both platforms with speechelo.

ProsAffordableBetter Sound & More Controltext to speech + Video Animation Software
ConsExpensiveLess Control

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Final Words

I hope I answered your question, hope you speechelo alternative. If you have any question the let me know by the comment section.

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  • I want to buy Speechdio and has visited its website. It seems the price has been raised to $37, isn’t it?

    • yup, they increase the price. Try micmonster, it is also good. Soon they are also going to increase the price

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