Speechelo Pro: Should You Upgrade Or Not?

If you recently purchased the speechelo standard version and now confuse does pro worth it or not then you are on the right page.

Even if you didn’t purchase speechelo pro just looking for speechelo pro review before purchase still you are on the right page.

Here I will not only share my honest opinion but I will also save your money.

Before sharing my opinion I also want to let you know that you can’t purchase speechelo directly without standard version.

If you do so then you will waste your mone and will not receive login details. So don’t make this mistake.

Speechelo Pro: What Are you getting exactly?

if you have visited speechelo pro page then you know you are getting the following things

  1. 171 voices
  2. longer voiceover
  3. dialugue videos
  4. Background music
  5. campaign support
  6. commercial license

However, if you purchase the $37 deal then you know a lot of these things are available in the standard version.

You are getting a dialogue feature (MERGE two or more audio files). You are also getting background music and campaign support.

However you are not getting all voices access, longer voiceover and commercial license.

When speechelo launched these things weren’t available for the standard version. I think they have added to low the refund rate.

Whatever it is, but the main feature of speechelo pro is more voices. Although you are getting a longer voiceover feature as well.

However, in the tutorial from the speechelo team, they advise not to use longer scripts. They recommend using the merge feature. According to the speechelo team, you can lose some characters.

I really don’t understand if you can’t use it then why you are selling it. So the more voices is the only reason to upgrade speechelo pro.

If you are buying speechelo for non english language such as spanish, frence then upgrade is must have for you.

Because you are getting very ROBOTIC voices in the standard version. Here are the samples available of french and Spanish.

Coming to the commercial license part, I think nobody care in this world either they own a commercial license or not.

People use adobe products as crack still they didn’t face any serious issues and adobe also looks ok with it.

However if you are big company then should have proper license to use.

Speechelo Pro: Price & Discount

If you read the speechelo price you know it cost $47 quarterly. However, you can get it at a discounted price.

You can get speechelo pro at one time price $127. Here is how to get at discounted price.

When you are on the speechelo pro landing page simply click on the No thanks, I’ll just use the standard features and miss out on the special discount.

It will show you a popup where you will see one time $127 deal. Here is the screenshot.

speechelo pro one time deal.

Previously the cost was only $77, but they have increased as more people were buying it. However, I’m not sure that if you miss this deal again come back to the page you will get the same deal or not.

I don’t know about clickbank payment card.

An Alternative Better Option

What if I tell you another voiceover tool that not only sounds better than speechelo but cheaper as well.

I’m talking about Micmonster. This is a newly launched tool and getting a lot of people’s attraction.

Check the following video to know more about this.

If you played the above video you can see it sounds better than speechelo. Micmonster front-end version will cost you $37 the pro version will cost you $97/Lifetime.

Total $134 is much cheaper than speechelo.

I can’t recommend Speechelo over Micmonster because micmonster sound much better than speechelo.

I hope you got value from this article, if you have any question or query then let me know by the comment section.

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