Sqribble vs Designrr: Which Ebook Creator Is Better in [currentyear]?

If you are looking for a Sqribble vs Designrr honest comparison then you are on the right page. I have spent enough time using both the software that I know the goods and bad of both.

Here in this article, I will compare both in the terms of :

  1. Features
  2. Pricing
  3. Bonuses

Let’s Do this. If you prefer video comparison over text reading then, this video is for you.

Sqribble vs Designrr: Features Comparison


Sqribble is founded by Adeel Chowdhry. He launched several products in past years. But after launching sqribble, he is mainly focused on this.

Scribble is aggressively advertising on Facebook & Google Ads by the sqribble team & affiliates. Believe it or not, it is overhyped.

I used sqribble for a long time. Adeel Chowdhry not only advertising sqribble but also an ad for inviting affiliates to promote sqribble as well.

He also run a contest every month. Giving away playstation if you bring 65 up front sales.

Thus, when he advertise on Facebook to invite new affiliates. Most of them start running paid ads. That ends up making more hype for sqribble everywhere.

As I told you sqribble is not a great product. That’s why a lot of affiliates receive a high refund rate. Here are few screenshots.

The first screenshot is from an affiliate that I found on Facebook. The second screenshot is from my friend who got 100% refund rate. All of his affiliates asked for the refund after making a purchase.

So sqribble is also not good for the affiliates as well.

Disadvantages of Getting Sqribble.

Less Elements Options: Sqribble only allows you to insert heading, paragraph, image, bullet list, button, and a rectangular block.

It means you can’t insert ordered list, label and table.

Slow Speed: Sqribble is really slow. Maybe because their user base is growing and the team is not investing in resources.

Full of Bugs: The other day while writing the ebook I have inserted a bullet list. Inside the editor, it was looking but when I generate the ebook, it showed a blank screen, here is the screenshot collage.

sqribble bugs

As you can see after it is a tool that is showing me empty space instead of the text that I pasted. I did try it other time and it worked fine, yet it is not cool.

Customization: You can’t customize a lot. For example, in case you can want to change the text colour. You can’t change the whole ebook text colour at once. You have to do it for every single element.

There is also no undo & redo buttons. That is really annoying for sure.


The biggest advantage of Designrr is that it has no bugs & a better speed. Designrr is in the market for years so you will not find found any kinds of bugs like sqribble.

Designrr also has a great number of elements while making ebooks as you can see in the screenshot.

Designrr elementor

Designrr has no upsell but it has multiple plans. It’s premium and business plans have transcribe feature.

Basically, you can convert an audio or YouTube videos into an ebook. Designrr also has multiple ways to add content to your eBook.

Either you can convert your blog post into an eBook, word document into an eBook, convert Google docs into pdf, or add content from a Facebook page.

Designrr also allows you to customize as you want. From adding padding to margin everything is possible in Designrr.

Sqribble has 322 google fonts. While Designrr has 922 google fonts. Coming to images, you are also getting free stock media in both tools. However, desingrr optimize the image size for you without losing the quality of the images.

Unlike Sqribble, Designrr has undo & redo buttons.

Winner: For Sure, Desingrr is the winner. Sqribble team did marketing very well. They know making amazing landing pages, investing in copywriting, and running content for affiliates will produce better results than making an awesome product.

Price and Upsells

Pricing is something that can make or break the game. In fact, that’s why a lot of people are looking for this comparison.

In the price, as you know Sqribble is a clear winner. But the price isn’t $67 simple. There are 4 upsells.

  • Sqribble Professional: 150 extra templates ($97)
  • Sqribble prime: 15 new templates every month ($47)
  • Fantasia 3D: for creating flipbooks and 3d cover ($77)
  • Autojob: Automatically find jobs from freelancing websites ($197)

Discount Code

Product NameCoupon Code
Front EndFront End PriceJAN2020 or FBSECRET007 ($48 off)
1st UpsellSqribble ProfessionalSUPERMAN ($10.67 OFF)
2Sqribble PrimeNORECURRING ($3.29 OFF)
3Fantasia 3dDISNEY ($3.08 OFF)

Sqribble does have 30 days money back satisfaction guarantee.

Designrr have monthly plan (I will also compare one time plan ).

Here is the screenshot of pricing

designrr plans

This isn’t real price. Real price of desginrr is

  1. $27 upfront
  2. $97/year for pro
  3. $297/year for Premium
  4. $997/year Business or Agency

Designr offer 7 days free trail.

Remember sqribble is one time fees. While designrr is yearly.

My Exclusive Bonuses

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How To Claim Custom Bonuses

  1. Buy Sqribble or designrr through any available on this page.
  2. If you bought designrr bonuses will automatically be delivered to you. In case you sqribble then mail your receipt at [email protected]


Do you have the rights to share these bonuses or are you just sharing it illegally by Google Drive?

I have full rights, You will get access to these bonuses on the official website by creating an account.

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