Synthesys Review & Demo: Must Read Before Buying

Synthesys is a newly launched software that converts text into speech without sounding robotic.

If you are looking for synthesys review & more info about this product then you’re on the right page.

Today in this article I will cover the following things about Synthesis.

Systhesis Demo

Every word I write is a waste of time without demo. Check the following video to know how does synthesis sounds.

Now You have an idea that how does synthesis sounds. Using synthesis is piece of cake

It’s cloud-based solution so you don’t have to install anything on your computer.

After logging in your account you will see a page as shown in the screenshot.

synthesys dashboard

Pretty straightforward, Right. On the top you can select actor or voice accent then following the blow input field that is waiting for words.

Make sure you don’t include numbers (write them as word) and special characters. It’s not allowed.

One main problem that I face almost all text to speech services is It’s not recommended to type whole text at once. Max length of characters depends upon the plan. For the front end, it allows only 250 characters.

But you can merge them once you have generated all audio from all of them.

Next to it, you can find all generated voices. You can listen before downloading or edit to produce results again.

Synthesis Pros & Cons

Nothing is perfect in this world. Every product has it’s pros and cons.

I have found following pros or in other words things that I like about synthesis.


Sound Natural

You have to believe that it sounds much more like a human. Whatever service I have tested it is the best in sounding natural.

It contains emotions which is the most important element to sound not robotic.

You will find all type of voices of male & female for example exciting, sad, normal etc.

Pronunciation (part of 1st upsell)

Sometimes the machine doesn’t work as we want. So if you don’t like a specific spelling-sound then you can change its pronunciation.

Using this feature you can set specific words prounciation in a way you want. You know machine can prounciate every word correctly. But this you can break word into syllables or add quotation masks.

It allows you Re edit

Previously service that i was using speechelo not allows to edit audio once it’s produced.

But with synthesys you can do it. I generally make a lot of mistakes while typing. so it’s important for me.

Synthesys cons

NO other language except english

Right now it works for only the English language. No doubt English is an international language almost well educated people can understand it easily.

But I thought I should inform you that it’s available only English

Bit Expensive

It’s one time fees isn’t a big thing but it works on credits. By default, you will get $30000 credits (one credit for one character). But in the upsell you have the option of unlimited credits.

Pricing and Upsells

Synthesys come with 14 days money back guarantee. ( No Question will asked). So try it risk free if you worry aboout quality.

Let’s talk about Price.

For the front end version, you have two license Commercial and Lite.

Lite isn’t make any sense. Check the following table to know the difference between both of them.

8 English Voice Actors8 English Voice Actors
Only For Personal useCommercial License Included (Work With Clients)
10,000 credits included30,000 credits included
Can’t Use For Clients & ProspectsUse For Clients & Prospects
1 credit is equal to 1 character But you can buy more credits later on


Upsell is an additional upgrade. It’s not necessary to purchase them but you will get more features if you do so.

1) Systhesys Pro

Price: $67

If you have pro upsell in any product it means enhance existing features.

Synthesys Pro contains 11 extra voices of both male and female. Every voice is different from one another.

Either you need for sales or some storytelling voice everything in included in the pro version.

On the top of that, New actors voice will automatically included into your account immediately after launching.

The front end version has a limit of 250 characters. With pro it’s double. Now you can render up to 500 characters.


Using this feature you can set specific words pronunciation in a way you want. You know the machine can’t pronunciate every word correctly. But this you can break-word into syllables or add quotation masks to adjust according to your needs.

More info

2) Synthesys DFY Boost Pack

Price $47

DFY stands for Done for you. So Boost pack contains some done for things.

  1. Pre-made voice scripts 15 seconds to 1 minute for all niches.
  2. 100 text scripts that convert You can edit these things
  3. 15020 new scripts every month without any further fees.
  4. DFY TV Commercial for your business by experts

More Info

3) Synthesys Business (Credits)

Price $147-$497

This upsell is best for those who want to build a complete business around the text to speech service. It includes the following features.

  1. Multiple logins: If you’re working in a team then you can create multiple accounts
  2. Extra Credits Remember I told you that synthesys work on credits. More you have more voices you can generate.
150,000 Credits$147
500,000 Credits$297
This offer is for limited time. It will taken down after few days of launch. I highly recommended to buy unlimited credits.

More Info

4) Video Builder (Animation Video Maker Software)

Price $47 Not Recommended

Obviously this isn’t the first product created by it’s vendors. Previously they have created more. Vide builder which is software for making animation videos is one of them.

You will get it’s front end Licence.

So why I don’t recommend it?

well, It’s because you can get createstudio at $67. Similar to video builder, it has few upsells as well. You can read more about it here.

It’s so much better than any animation video maker that I have tried.

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