Talkia Review: Honest Opinion Why Should Not Buy It?

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Are you looking for the honest review of the newly launched Talkia? Unbiased review of Talkia?

Here in this post, I am going to share my personal experience and opinions on Talkia which will surely help you make a decision. I have also shared some better ways to make things easier and affordable for you.

If you ask me to answer straightforwardly, if I recommend you to buy Talkia.

I don’t recommend anyone to buy Talkia, there are a couple of reasons behind it.

I will share everything with you. Stay tuned till the end to know more about it and why I think it is not recommended.

I have also shared the alternatives as well.


Talkia is the text to speech software which helps you create human-like voice-overs using text or script. Talkia is new software launched by Bryxen. The same company that developed Toonly & Doodly in the past.

Talkia basically uses Google wavenet & amazon Polly for converting text into speech. API of Google Wavenet or Amazon Polly is used for softwares like text to speech.

If the actual cost to the software is calculated. Google wavenet will cost only $16 for 1 million characters. The same cost is for amazon Polly.

But Google wavenet is much better than amazon Polly. If you haven’t created a google cloud account and Amazon Web services then It will cost nothing.

Basically, to new customers, both companies allow one year for free.

Google will provide you $300 credits for 1 year just by entering your credit card details.

That means, you can get it for free for the first year.

However, implementing API is techy, not everyone can do it.

Talkia Alternative: CreateStudio

The second solution is CreateStudio. CreateStudio is the software which you can use to make animations and cartoons. It is the best competitor of Toonly as well.

Hold on, I am not recommending you to get the animation software in the alternative of text to speech software.

CreateStudio has text to speech features in their every plan. That uses the same technology of Google Wavenet. (Also, It will cost you very less compared to Talkia $67)

When you are purchasing CreateStudio you are getting the addition animation software. You can create animation videos, ads, doodle videos, promotions and much more. It is just great to learn new skill for sure.

Here are a few voice samples from createstudio.

Inside CreateStudio, you are getting more than 35 languages including different accents of English such as US, UK, India, etc.

Every language has multiple speakers. The number of speakers keeps changing language to language.

If you are picking a well-known language such as English, French, Hindi, Spanish, etc then you can expect at least 5 different speakers.

I really don’t want to sell the idea of CreateStudio. But it is amazing software. It is even worth the money that you are spending on Talkia.

If you look at the pricing of Talkia, here it is.

It is costing you $69 per month for 5000 words per voice over. That’s insane for me.

It is costing you more than $600 for a year.

CreateStudio is costing you just $49 for the Lifetime deal. (using our link with special discount)

That’s the reason why I am recommending you to try CreateStudio instead of Talkia. To save more money and get more options.

Final Words

Talkia is the dedicated tool for text to speech, but it is not reliable when it comes to the pricing and affordability.

When you are getting the same things with less pricing, it is not worth spending extra $600 per year from your pocket.

Another reason is I’m building text to speech on this site in the coming months. Maybe before February 2021 by using the same google wavenet technology. It will be free of cost to use.

I have just build free text to speech tool that is using the same technology that is used by talkia. Learn more here 

If you want to stay updated about the tool, you can subscribe to our email list where I will share the updates regarding the tool and many other things as well (without spamming your inbox!).

So if you can wait then great. I hope you got my idea of why talkia is not worth it.

If you don’t agree with me or you have any other query, then let me know in the comment section.

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