Toonly vs Vidtoon: Which is Better For Toon Videos

If you are looking for a quick comparison between toonly vs vidtoon for making cartoon-type videos then you are on the right page.

I will try to include all the important points so you can make a decision which is best for you.

Personally, neither I recommend Vidtoon nor toonly, I recommend createstudio. Why? you will find out within few moments.

Let’s start with introduction.

On the left side, we have toonly. It is developed by the Bryxen, same company behind doodly, talkia, and voomly.


Toonly is developed after seeing the huge success of doodly. Toonly can make toon videos. It comes with pre-made characters & props images.

You can’t edit your videos nor you can animate in different ways. One of the best features that I like about toonly is lip-syncing. Basically, provide an audio source then your characters can talk.

On the website homepage price is $69/month. However, everybody knows about their one-time lifetime deal at $67. This deal is never going to expire, the team is running fake scarcity. They are mainly selling through FB ads.

On the right side, we have vidtoon. Vidtoon is developed by Atlas Web Solution, the same company behind doodlemaker and voicely.


Comparing to Bryxen, this is a new company. Vidtoon 1.0 version was launched in earlier 2020. So far company provides some updates. Previously they were also selling source code at $500. I wish I could have purchased the source code.

The team is trying to make sales in any way. They are selling on Jvzoo, appsumo, stock social, FB ads, etc. They also try to contact YouTubers/bloggers like me.

Unlike toonly, you can’t install vidtoon on your system. Vidtoon will send you a zip folder it contains all the files. You can’t install it on your system. Extract it, and you will find the vidtoon.

vidtoon feature

You need to open vidtoon file for making videos. You have to enter your email account every time you launch the app.

Features Battle

First I want to see which video tool has more features.


You will get all major features in the left side bar.

toonly features

You have pre-made characters. The number of characters depends upon subscription (Standard or Enterprise). Every character comes with build-in actions. These actions can change depending on the character.


Except characters, toonly has objects and backgrounds. You can import own object or background in image format (jpeg, png & gif)

You can’t import own videos inside the toonly.

The most frustrating thing about toonly is you have only 5 text templates in their higher-end enterprise plan. You can’t upload your own fonts.

No words for Pre-made scenes because they are useless. In the audio, you get background music. User can upload their own as well.

Toonly allows you to voice over for videos as well.

In the enterprise plan, they have total of 82 characters and over 2000 prop images. No doubt it is a decent number.


Vidtoon platforms also looks similar to the toonly.

It also works in the scene timeline system. There are total 40 characters available. However, every character comes with its female version so we can they are a total 80 characters. Similar to the toonly characters come with pre-made actions.

Inside the vidtoon, you can enter the API of pixabay, pexels, and giphy. These are free stock media sites. By entering the API you can directly import images inside vidtoon instead of first download then importing. However these API connections are free, I don’t know why the vidtoon team hasn’t added by themselves.

It is extra work, create project and add the background.

You are also getting 2 texts to speech speakers that sound very robotic. However, you can create a google cloud project then enter the API. This is again something extra step.

You can also import own photos. Its text templates are better than toonly.

The most frustrating thing about vidtoon is whenever you add something on screen, it will be in smaller size.

The default duration for everything is 1 second. You can’t increase by dragging like toonly. Click on the settings and type duration.

The same is true for characters and prop images.

Another big limitation is you can’t add one action after another action. Obviously, you can add by duplicating it.

These small thing takes so much while making videos.

Toonly characters also seem better than vidtoon. Vidtoon does two things better than toonly.

  1. More options for text
  2. It can work offline

I think if I can get vidtoon at $25 then it will be worth it. We all know the vidtoon cost is $49. Toonly that cost $67 is definitely much better than vidtoon.

Vidtoon Toonly or CreateStudio

I think createstudio that will cost you $67 is a much better option than both of these. Here are createstudio features that you can’t find inside toonly & vidtoon.

  1. Createstudio not only lets you make 2d toon videos. It also lets you make 3D videos.
  2. You can import your own videos, edit them or add fancy things to them.
  3. It has build-in Google text to speech
  4. You can also make doodle Videos
  5. Recently they have added Stop scrollers
  6. You can Animate things as you want
  7. Better & Bigger Emoji library
  8. Inbuild API of Pexels.
  9. Even Export Videos in 4k Format
  10. Import Custom font

Here is the createstudio tutorial video.

If you are looking for full review price, upsells information then read this article

By way, All three programs come with 30 days money back guarantee.

I hope you got the value from this article, if you have any question or query then let me know by the comment section. I will happy to help you.

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