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Nowadays, More organizations are focusing on creating video content and have made it an essential part of their functioning. It is very important to discover and use the correct software to organize, store, and share video content effortlessly. 

Video hosting software is specially made for assisting broadcasters. They can utilize Video hosting software to manage their video content by sharing it rapidly, which effectively helps improve viewer’s reach.

There are various alternative options accessible to broadcasters, and picking one of the free software can be convincing for the cost-conscious. However, the difference between a paid and free software is the quality they offer, and nobody wants to compromise with quality. So, for a successful business that needs good video marketing, pro software is mandatory. 

Viddle is the answer. Here in this article, we are going to tell you all about this new Video Hosting and Marketing Platform. 

What exactly is viddle?

Viddle is an All-in-One breakthrough Multi-Purpose video marketing technology that can be utilized for Creating professional videos. You can also Import videos into the software without any API. Viddle is a video hosting platform that also allows recording. You can also host and play on an ultra-fast server. 

This agency-concentrated video hosting platform actually allows you to create, record videos. After which, you will be able to market these videos, all this from one platform itself. We know there are various other video platforms out there. 

You must be wondering what makes viddle different from these platforms:

  • Enable/disable video download
  • Fast loading speed of the video 
  • Picture-in-picture mode recording
  • Add a call to action to any video.
  • The agency module is built-in. This means that with the main license, you will be able to create and sell accounts to your clients within viddle. This can save you loads of money as you won’t have to pay for hosting every single month, of course.


  • Screencast Recording
  • PIP mode recording
  • Ability to add a call to action on the video
  • The mobile responsive player along with ultra-fast video hosting
  • You can make cash out of your videos by monetizing your channel.
  • Webcam Recording is also available
  • Allows you to create your own videos and also monetize 
  • You can record videos like product videos, demo videos, webinar videos. 
  • Agency license is included, which means that you can host videos for local work and charge them monthly.
  • Your own Video hosting agency platform can be set up.
  • Your own website videos, demo videos, or VSLs can be hosted.

Price & OTO

1. Front End

Personal – $47/one-time

  • 20 Video Hosting
  • Webcam Video Recording
  • Video Hosting, Creation, and Management
  • Screen-cast Video Recording
  • (PIP) Recording Mode
  • Import Videos

Agency – $67/one-time

  • Unlimited Video Hosting
  • Audio Recording & Webcam Video
  • Monetize Channel with Video Ads
  • Video Hosting, Creation, and Management
  • (PIP) Recording Mode
  • Set Up 100 User Accounts

Viddle OTO

1. Unlimited

Price – $197/per year and $297/one-time

  • Storage is Unlimited
  • Can create unlimited users
  • Bandwidth is unlimited
  • Can create unlimited video channels
  • Unlimited videos can be imported
  • Video playlist is unlimited
  • Future updates are included
  • Support is 24/7

2. Professional

Price – $59/one-time

  • Video access setting is advanced
  • Video analytics are advanced
  • Playlist access setting is advanced
  • Country and Age restriction control is available
  • Control of domain embedded is available

3. Agency Whitelabel

Price – $67/one-time

  • Agency technology is advanced
  • You can add team members
  • Website is designed professionally
  • Whitelable technology is advanced
  • Custom graphics and DFY agency 
  • Deluxe agency scaling materials

4. Viddle Drive

Personal Price – $97/per year

Agency Price- $297/per year

  • Storage is unlimited
  • Agency clients are unlimited
  • Host and store unlimited websites
  • Storage is encrypted
  • File preview available
  • The video player is built-in
  • Bandwidth is unlimited, along with ultra fast delivery 
  • Trash recovery available
  • Detailed file statistics
  • Folder and files protection password available


Price – $297/per year

  • Sites are unlimited
  • Visitors are unlimited
  • Pages are unlimited
  • Funnels are unlimited


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If you are thinking of making video content apart and utilizing it for your business, then you should keep it in mind to make the best content possible. But if you end up choosing a low video quality and un-professional software, that might ruin your goals and bring more damage than good.

To help you select the best video hosting software, we recommend professional video hosting software Viddle, which plays an essential role in marketing and hosting videos without any hustle and stress.

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