Wondshare Filmora9 Review: Is This Video Editor Worth It?


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Review of Filmora9

Easy To Use

Filmora9 is a simple straight-forward. Perfect for beginners but not made for advanced editing.


One time Fees with all necessary features that creators need. it is perfect who are getting started with video editing.


For Creators Filmora9 has all build-in features. For example cropping, effects, transitions, color turning, etc.

In the video editing software. Wondershare created a lot of products. Here are few of them

  • Filmora Scrn: For Screen recording (You don’t need this, Filmora9 has features of recording screen)
  • Filmora9: Beginners video editor, Perfect for YouTubers.
  • Filmora Pro: Advance video editor.
  • Filmora Go: Video editor for android and iPhone users.

So filmora9 has not created by an unknown company. It is created by a well-known company But Question is Filmora 9 any good?

Well, I don’t have one line answer. In the end, it depends upon your needs. At the end of this article, you reach on a decision that Is filmora9 good for you or not.

Table of Content

Who Need Filmora 9FeaturesHow Easy To Edit Videos Using FilmoraTips for EditingPricing and UpsellsCons of Filmora9Alternative to Filmora9Final Verdict

From Whom Filmora is Created?

If you ever visited the filmora9 download page or watch an ad on youtube. Then you already know it created for YouTubers.

But it doesn’t mean non-YouTubers can’t use it. But it’s features are designed to take care of the creator.

  1. Who Needs simple easy to use video editor
  2. With one-Time fees.

If you don’t want to do some animation stuff. Just simple cutting, adding clips from another video, audio handling, color tuning, etc then filmora is perfect for you.

The downside of it isn’t for who needs an advance editor to apply animation, keyframe, advanced color tuning, etc.

Following Blow, I have covered all the features of wondershare Filmora9.

Filmora9 Video Editor Features

I try to cover all features that are available in this video editing software. So it can help you either you should go with filmora9 or not.

Add 100 layers of Screen: It means you add multiple videos, photos, or audio. You have seen that YouTubers add a clip from another video. A lot of tech YouTubers mix audio with background music.

This is done by adding multiple layers of screen. It allows you to add 100 layers of screen. Here is the screenshot.

layers in filmora

Chroma key: Did you see the weather news on tv? Most of the time they make the background Raining, sunset. It is done using the Chrome key.

Generally, a green background is used. Then while editing it is replaced with a custom one.

Either you want to apply your own custom photo or video or use inbuild color. It can be done within seconds.

Audio Editing: From adding music at a custom volume to removing background noise.

Everything can be done inside Filmora. Filmora9 covers the following features.

  1. Apply Equaliser (Dance, Pop, etc, Create Custom One)
  2. Changing Volume Pitch
  3. Controlling volume
  4. Apply Fade in and out
  5. Audio Mixer

Titles with pre-made designs: Adding text over videos is a common feature. Almost available in all editors.

But in filmora9 you will get 250 title templates. That can be customized according to needs. From changing font family, color, position, animation, background, etc can be done easily within seconds. Moreover, it also has a feature of creating a custom title template that can be used for unlimited projects.

If you want more Text templates then you can get in Filmstocks. We will discuss this in the upsell section.

Color Tuning: For sure, It isn’ tiktok in controlling colors. But, still, it gives certain control. Either you can apply pre-made color presents or customize everything on your own.

Here is the screenshot.

color tuning

Generally, I like to customize everything on my own. Filmora9 also allows you to save presents. So next time it can be applied with one-click.

Proxy To Make Preview faster: While editing you will always see preview quality isn’t good like actual video.

It has a built-in proxy to make performance efficient. But it doesn’t affect the final result.

Build-in Transitions: Transitions means applying animation when between two clips. Check Following GIF.

Like above you will get some pre-made transitions that can be applied by dragging and dropping between two videos.

You don’t need two clips. But apply split and then drag and drop your transitions. Filmora9 also allows users to control transition duration.

Other Common Features of Filmora 9

The following features can almost available in all video editors. So I added them as a list rather than explaining everything.

  • Record Screen, Voiceover or webcam
  • Pre-made Effects.
  • Split Screen: Showing Multiple Clips at a time.
  • Video Stabilization
  • Add Elements: Arrow, Emoji, stickers, etc
  • 51 Pre-made Royalty-Free Music Files
  • Rotate video
  • Directly upload to Youtube, Burn CD or Vimeo
  • Adjust Speed, Crop, Cut, Split, Delete
  • Undo and Redo Buttons
  • Change Expect Ratio, Resolution and Frame Rates
  • Take a screenshot: I don’t what is the use of it
  • Crop and Plan Zoom
  • And Many More

Filmora9 tutorial: Is It really Easy To Use?

Tutorial of Video editor is diffcult to explain by words. So I have created the following video. Don’t worry it will play the demo part only.

Now you have an idea of how to use filmora9.

Moral: If you use any video editor in your life then you can use it easily.

Tips For Editing

First Make your video more cinematic

It will definitely make your videos better. But you have to figure out by yourself the correct color, lighting for your videos.

Add Music Up and Down To Make Video Engaging: Today every kind of background video. But if you take it next level then make sure you add up and down. Meaning made volume lower or higher at a specific timing. Like Wondershare done with its promotion.

Change Font Family of Titles: Text styles are amazing. But Make your text sharper So people can read it clearly.

Stabilization Can Help you if you have Vlogger video

Always First use Plan and Zoom and then Crop: Plan and Zoom are available in the crop section. If you want to zoom a specific part of your video and always add plan and Zoom first and then cropping.

In the above, I split two parts. In the first part, I have applied Crop and Zoom and in the second part, I have simply cropped the video. That simple trick will make your videos appealing. (If you are unable to understand don’t worry you will get once you start using Filmora )

Pricing and Upsells And System Requirements

Most of you will be already familiar with the Pricing of Filmora9. If not then check the following table.

First Understand Flimstocks Because it is part of Pricing.

Filmstock is an additional upgrade from where you can get Royalty free video effects, Audio, and stock media and Text titles.

This isn’t for everyone. If you are unsatisfied with pre-made effects, sounds, video effects then you can get more effects from filmstock. Filmora effects can be added to flimora 9 and pro as well.

Free Plan: Free plan has everything except an additional watermark. Believe me, this watermark can make any video terrible. Because it shows at the center of the screen. It is also big in size.

Individual Plan: Youtuber’s or other creators chose this plan.

Annual$44.99 (Automatically renew)
Lifetime Plan$69.99
Annual Bundle Plan$104.87/ year (it includes Filmostocks)

Get Filmora9

Most of the time lifetime plan is better. Users will also get a 1-month free trial of filmstocks.

If you don’t cancel this, It will automatically deduct $9.99 every upcoming month. Users can also untick it.

Filmora Lifetime vs Annual Bundle plan

The Difference between lifetime and annual bundle plan is only film stocks. Filmstocks will cost you 109 if you buy in the future.

My suggestion is to look at your usages. If you use a lot of different titles, effects then go with an annual bundle plan. Otherwise, the lifetime plan is better.

Side Note: All plan comes with 30 days satisfaction money-back guarantee.

Educational Plan: If you are a teacher then you may get up to a 28% extra discount. There are is a separate tab for this.

Business Plans: These are the 3 main benefits of the business plan.

  1. Access On Multiple Computers
  2. Filmstocks standard Library included.
  3. Commercial license.

The main disadvantage is its cost is monthly. Plan start from $12/month for one user. It is $59/month for 5 users.

For business owners, I don’t recommend filmora9


Because Filmora Pro will cost $149 one-time fees For lifetime access. It’s one fee plan valid for commercial licenses. The downside of using pro is

  1. Not easy to use
  2. For multiple Computers, You need multiple licenses.

Get Filmora Pro

Cons of Filmora9

No keyframing: Keyframing is used to move objects in the video. You have seen objects moving from left to right or any other direction in video. filmora9 has no keyframing settings.

Background Noise isn’t good: filmora9 has the feature of removing the background noise. I tried it and it sucks. Audacity is a free audio editing software. Most of the time I use audacity.

Difference Between Filmora9 and Filmora Pro

If you read every single line of this article so far you know that filmora pro is the advance editor. In the following table, I will explain everything in detail.

Filmora9Filmora pro
Easy to use, straightforward editor. Best for Beginners.Not Easy To use advance editor. Best for intermediate Professionals.
No Keyframe, mean you can’t move objects.Keyframe feature available. Change position, size, rotate, etc.
Transitions and effects can’t be customized except durationPro Allow user to customize transition and effects
Simple Color CorrectionAdvance color correction, color wheel, automated correction tools
Motion trackingNo motion Tracking

There a lot more difference But these are enough to make a decision

Get Filmora9

Get Filmora Pro

Alternative to Filmora 9

No doubt you can get hundreds of video editors but filmora is easy to use and has all advanced features that any creator needs.

But if you are looking for alternatives then these are some cheap alternatives that you can try.

iMovie or window movie maker: Both windows and Apple Mac os has pre-installed video editor. iMovie in mac and movie maker in windows.

If you need basic video editing like cut, adding background music, adding text, crop then it can be done through inbuilt video editor.

Adobe Premiere Pro: Premiere is not for everybody. If you really need advanced editing and looking for cheap software then you can go with adobe. Pricing of Premiere starts from $19/month. To use this make sure your computer has a minimum 8 GB of ram

ActivePresenter: Like Flimora 9 this is a screen recording and video editor as well. The Best thing about ActivePresenter is the Free plan you will not get a watermark on the videos. It is used by some big companies like Microsoft etc. It is compatible with Windows and OSX as well.

ShotCut: Shotcut can a great choice if you need a free editor with no watermark. But it does not have advanced features like video effects, different text styles, etc. But nothing is better than free. Shotcut has no paid plans. It makes money from ads and donations.

Movavi: Another cheap video editor with all the basic features that YouTubers need. But the Filmora9 dashboard is better. Movavi has only basic color settings, unlike filmora. Link on movavi text will redirect you to my review that I wrote last week.

Final Verdict

If you are a creator then It is the best video editing software. Not only me I have seen hundreds of YouTubers using flimora for video editing.

Another advantage of filmora9 is continuous updates.

But filmora9 is definitely not advance editing like adding animation, masking, and some other advanced features.

Moral: Install the free version and test it. If you found good enough then move to a paid plan to remove the watermark.

Comment Section is open to resolve any query or for providing any suggestion.

Instance 1


Best plan



for Lifetime

  • Easy to use
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee 
  • 100 layers of screen
  • and many More Features

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