Best Powtoon Alternatives in [currentyear]

If you are looking for powtoon alternatives to use in 2020 for animation videos then you’re on the right page.

I have tested all alternatives before writing a single word about them.

Powtoon limitations that can reason you are looking for alternative
  • Very Expensive
  • Can’t Be used Offline
  • NO Refund Policy: It has 14 days refund policy but if you published a video then refund is not possible my friend.

I have no idea what kind of alternative you are looking for Feature-rich, cheap, offline access, or something else. That’s why I writing doing all types of alternatives.

1. Create studio: Cheap & Offline Available

Create studio is crushing the competition since it is launched. It’s software available for windows mac. Unlike powtoon, it has a front-end product that will cost you $67 for lifetimes access and then a few upsells.

Createstudio can do a lot of things. From 2d Animation videos to 3D animation videos. It can be used for logo intro videos. You can also create Youtube subscribe animation videos there are pre-made templates.

It can be used for device mockup videos. And last but not least, you can edit your videos a little bit.

Read Here It’s all Features and custom bonuses that we are providing.


  • It can be used offline
  • Easy to Use
  • Cheap
  • Stock Websites Pexels, Pixabay API inbult


  • Can’t Make Doodle Videos (While-board hand drawing videos)
  • Limited Characters: Powtoon has much more number of characters available

It the end it’s depends upon your needs But I think create studio characters are enough for making professional videos.

By the way, Createsstudio offers you 30 days money-back guarantee. So give it try without being skeptical.

2. Animaker: Almost Same

Animaker is another cloud-based solution. Some things are good and some really bad in the Animaker.


Its price is almost the same as powtoon. Although there are some big companies using Animaker. But still it is lacking some basic things.


  • Great control over character: You will get a lot of characters’ actions. On top of that, you can customize their expression. For example, you choose a character’s action working on a laptop. But you can also choose face to express happy or sad while using a laptop.
  • Pro Effects: Inside the Animaker you will get pro effects. These are some VFX effects. Checking the following Gif


  • Can’t Upload own Videos But you can use Stock videos
  • No AutoSave
  • Some Basic things are tricky you have to spend some to learn them
  • Low-Quality pre-made text templates

Use Google Chrome because in the other browser for example safari you are going to face lags.

Price$0$19/monthly subscription or $35/monthly$39/monthly billed yearly $79 monthly
Monthly Downloads5 Downloads with watermark6 Downloads10 downloads
Custom Character2710

2. Adobe Animate: For Making Next Level Animation

Price: $20/monthly

Adobe’s product provides you more controls than anything else. Adobe animate is the best for animation videos. Nothing can compete with it.

adobe animate

But the problem is you will create everything even character from the scratch

It means it will take a lot more time & energy. But you can show your real creativity.


  • Micro-Level Customization
  • Create your own Actions
  • What else you can suppose can be done


  • Huge learning Curve
  • Creating videos take Time & Energy
  • Need a powerful computer
  • Not a lot of pre-made characters You have to create by yourself.

3. Moovly: Another Cloud Based Solution

In case you are looking for a cloud-based solution then Moovly can help you.

Apart from creating animation videos, Moovly can be used for editing videos as well. It can record your screen and web camera as well.

Similar to powtoon it’s price and monthly and annually. You can create lengthy videos as you like. There is no limit on the paid plan.

Its free plan is good for testing but not using because you can max creating 2 minute long videos and final output will have a watermark.


  • A Video Editor and Screen Recorder feature
  • No Limit on Video Length


  • Very Few Characters and Objects

4. Wideo: It’s like Turning Vector images into Video

Wideo is Bit different. It is also a cloud-based solution but saying it animation video creator is not correct.

It is more like using animation images & text templates for videos.

it’s advantage is you will get pre-made templates. That is good but however I believe powtoon is better in features.

It’s Price is similar to the powtoon and you have a video length limit as well. Basic plan which will cost you $19/month can max produce 1.5 minutes video. Pro plan can create 10 minutes long video and it will cost you $39 monthly.


  • Can’t Import Own Videos
  • The free trial doesn’t have a lot of controls
  • Not a Lot of controls over character
  • Templates Can be Customized at a limit

5. VideoScribe: Perfect for Doodle Videos

If you just use powtoon for doodle videos then you are really paying high amount of money.

VideoScribe is software that can be used for creating doodle videos.

It is so much cheap than powtoon. However, it’s not one time fees. Similar to powtoon it has monthly and yearly plans. For individual checking following table

$17/monthly$8/monthly ($96 a year)$35 after every 3 months

It offers users 7 days of free trial without entering a credit card. So you can test it out free. The free trial will have watermark over videos.


  • Has All Features that you need for Doodle videos
  • Cheap


  • Only Doodle Videos
  • Less Number of assets

7. Blender: An Free Alternative to Powtoon

Blender is free & open source. You can create whatever you want. It can for 3d animation videos.

But probably 99% of you will not use it. Why? because it’s diffcult to use. You have to do everything from scratch.

It’s mainly used for making 3D animation movies. No doubt you can do everything but it will take consume a plethora of time and energy.

I prefer only for making movies.

Alternatives That you Should Not Try

While researching for video animation software somehow you will came across the following platforms. But don’t use them because they are not worth your money.

I thought I should list them so you don’t get confused

Vyond: It’s Price is Outrage

Vyond is another cloud-based solution. When I check their price one thing came to my mind

What is this

Their starting plan Essential which will cost $300 year have watermark over videos.

You can’t even upload your own font. On top of that, you can export only 720-pixel videos. Suppose $300 and you can’t download full HD Videos.

It's not a powtoon alternative infact powtoon is better alternative to vyond.

But if the price does not matter You can pay $649/year then you can do a lot of things in vyond. For example, there is great control over facial expression.

So many languages support for Text to speech service. But all of them sound it robotic. I suggest using Sppechelo. Best text to speech service I have tried so far

Another thing is everything is divided into folders and then sub folders. Which sometimes makes me frustrating.


I hope my list helps you make a choice. If you are still confused then let me know your requirements by comment section. I will mail an appropriate tool depending upon your requirements.

You can also share feedback with so I can improve my articles to make Globalbestoffer is the Best version of itself.

Thus somehow it will again help you and other human beings in the future.

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