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If you are looking for speechelo review then you are on the right page. Here I will share my honest feedback about speechelo.

I have updated this review several times. Unlike other sites, I have personally spend my own money on the speechelo.

Here are the topics that I’m going to cover in today’s article

So Let’s start

Why Trust us?

As I told you above that I have spend my own money on the speechelo. Here is the proof

speechelo review

After buying I have spent time with this tool. I have generated 29 scripts as you can see in the screenshot.


What is Speechelo Exactly? 🤔

In short, it is a cloud-based solution that can convert your text into voices. With an upsell, it can convert any youtube video into another language from English.

Speechelo claims that their voice doesn’t sound robotic. Hit the play button to listen to speechelo voice samples that I have made using a custom script. No default voice sample.

Now you have an idea of how speechelo sounds. Apart from English, it can work into another 23 languages.

  • Arabic
  • Mandarin
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • German
  • French
  • Icelandic
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Welsh

Main Features of Using Speechelo

  • Male & Female, Kids voices available
  • Over 30 Human Voices, You will get more voices in the upsell section.
  • 3 Tones: Normal, Joyful, and Serious (Not available for all languages)
  • The only text-to-speech engine that adds inflections in the voice
  • The final Output result will be in mp3 format
  • Can work with any Video editor or Audio Editor. For example Filmora9, Camtasia, Premiere Pro, etc.
  • Work in 24 Languages
  • Cloud-Based Service. No need to install Anything on your computer
  • Customize Speed and Pitch

Personally I recommend CreateStudio for videos production.

Things That I Love about Speechelo 😍

Tones Options

There are two engines AI and standard. AI has three tone options. Friendly, normal, and serious as you can see in the screenshot.


Limitations of Speechelo 😕

Nothing is perfect in this world. Every Product has its own pros and cons. Here are Few Speechelo cons that I have found after using it for several months.

Add breathing and Emphasize words: You are getting these two features in speechelo. However, they are useless. Basically, they are available for standard voice only. Speechelo standard voice sound quite robotic.

The voice samples that you listen on speechelo site are AI Voice.

speechelo oto

Monthly Limit: Speechelo didn’t mention on the sales page that there is monthly limit on your account. I contact their support to find it about. Basically if you have front end subscription then you can max generate 500000 characters per month.

If you have speechelo pro account then you can generate max 700000 characters per month. If you cross that limit your account will be blocked.

Non Usa voice sound quite robotic: Inside the dashboard, you have two engines. AI and Standard. In the standard, you can add breathing, Adjust speech, emphasize words.

But AI engine voice sound much better than standard. To the difference watch above video. I provided both engine voice samples.


Here are the voice samples available for other languages.

french (only one voice available for french (france) language)


These are voice samples if you purchase the front-end version. However, if you are going to purchase the pro version then voices will sound slightly better.

Low bit rate (48 kbps): The voiceover that you will generate is of quite lower quality. They have a 48 kbps bit rate. If you try that music on a big speaker you will notice distortion in the voice.

Can’t add Background Music: If you upgrade to the speechelo then you will get music. However, you can only download the music you can’t link voiceover inside the speechelo system.

Hint: use yoututube audio library, it is free and come with commericial license 

Per voiceover limit: If you have a front-end subscription then you can generate a max of 700 words at once. If you have a pro version then you can render 20000 characters at once.

However, in the tutorial video speechelo team recommended text into multiple phrases for better quality.

Ton of Mails: Speechelo is the blaster software product. The company has already developed enough software.

Once you purchase speechelo you will receive a plethora of emails from where they will try to sell other products. I unsubscribed for peace. Unsubscribe button can be found at the bottom of any mail send from blaster software.

Commercial license for pro version only: If you want a commercial license then you need to purchase speechelo pro. It is not available for a front-end license.

Alternative solution

What if I provide you an alternative solution that not only sounds better than speechelo but is also cost-effective as well.

I’m talking about micmonster. Here is the voices of both platform.

English USA






Billy Joey



Micmonster Pricing

Micmonster Standard $37

  1. 48 languages
  2. 200+ Voices
  3. 3000 characters per voiceover
  4. 160 Kbps bit rate

Micmonster Pro $97

  1. Everything in Standard
  2. 100+ More voices
  3. 12000 Characters per voiceover
  4. Music Library
  5. Commercial license
  6. Advance editor (Pronunciation, Emphasize, Multiple voices support)

I personally think Micmonster is better than Speechelo. You are getting better voices and you can also control voice style.

It is also more affordable than speechelo. Plus you have an advance editor where you can use multiple voices inside a single script.

You can also emphasize by drawing value on the graph as shown in the screenshot.

Micmonster emphasize

This is the most advance emphasize feature that I have ever seen in a text to speech software.

Just like speechelo you are also getting a money-back guarantee on the MicMonster.

Price and OTO 🤑

We know price is most important thing that matters.

The difference between upselling and OTO (On-time offer) is OTO is now or never offer. While upselling (upgrade sell) is something that can be purchased at any time.

The Good news is that speechelo come with upsells. You can upgrade later anytime. 

Anyway, here is the pricing information.

0. Speechelo Front End

$47/lifetime ($37 with coupon code)

Front end version has 30 voices of male, female & kids.

Everything that I have mentioned in the features, For example, Pitch control, Speed, Breathing & Pauses you will get inside the Front end version.

The main downside of the Front end version is the limit of 700 words at a time. Your script shouldn’t longer than 700 words.

Luckily there is a merge feature, it can join two or more audio and make a new audio.

1. Speechelo Pro

Price $47/Quarterly or $127 with a trick written blow

Speechelo Pro is for enhancing existing features. Pro members will get additional 30 voices.

Along with this, there is no limit of words, unlike the front end version that has 700 words limit.

But in reality, there is a limit to 2800 words. But it’s kind of unlimited because I never saw anyone producing a longer script than 2000 thousand words.

Other than this, the Pro version also includes 40 background music that can be mixed with voices by one click. Last but not least you will get a commercial license as well.

On the landing page, it will you price $47 quarterly meaning after every 4 months. Because you are a Globalbestoffer reader you are going to get this at one time fees $127.

If you can afford $127 then go for it. Because a double number of voices with no limit of words makes it worth of 127 dollars. Discounts are mentioned blow after Speechelo Tube.

2. Scriptelo

Price: $37/ Not Recommended

The last upsell is scriptelo. Basically, it is copywriting software. I personally think this industry of automated writing is growing.

You can’t replace a human with copywriting software however for getting a basic idea or if you are just getting started then you can use this.

All this with one click. But Still I don’t recommend you to purchase it.

Speechelo Coupon Codes

First I’ll show you how to save $10 on the front end version and then how to get pro version at one time fees.

For the front end version, click on the buy button it will take you to the checkout page. On the checkout page In URL replace speechelo47 (after coupon=) with founders37 as I did in the screenshot.

Speechelo coupon

Press enter you will see cost is changed from $47 to $37.

Speechelo Pro

For the pro version, you don’t need any coupon code. Just reject the offer click on the “No thanks, I’ll just use the standard features and miss out on the special discount” Button.

A new popup will appear where you can get pro at one-time fees $127 only.

Don’t use google for math. Here is final cost of speechelo with recommended upsell.

Front end (37)+ Speechelo Pro (127)= $164

On the other side, micmonster will cost $37+ $97 (upsell) = $134 and it sounds better than speechelo.

I have provided you enough information so you can make your decision by your own. I will provide you bonuses that you can get if you buy any of them through my affiliate link.

My Exclusive Bonuses 😎

Please don't forget to mail me your receipt at [email protected]. When some purchase thorough my link and didn't mail me back it break my heart. ðŸ’”

You can also get custom bonuses on buying Micmonster. However, I will not convince you to go with micmonster although it is better and cheaper.

Did my review get you interesting in this product?

Why Not get some extra help to start your journey.

Instead of overwhelming you with whopping bonuses that you will never use I have created a non-fluff bonus package for you.

All you need to do is buy through my affiliate link ( I will get a commission). All the links on this page are affiliate links.

You will receive bonuses automatically if you haven’t received bonuses then mail your receipt at [email protected]

2) Google Ads Bootcamp


Video Course $0.00 $199.00

Google Ads Bootcamp is a 5-day online course that shows you how to structure your marketing model and budget for a higher ROI.

2.5 Hours content completely free.

3) Facebook Ads Bootcamp


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Facebook Ads Bootcamp is an online course that teaches new Facebook advertisers how to set a budget and target the best audience.

4) Noah’s Youtube Secrets


PDF Guide $0.00 $9.00

Noah Kagan has 57K subscribers at this moment. He has grown his channel is an extremely competitive niche business niche.

5) Million-Dollar Email Templates


PDF Guide $0.00 $9.00

Million-Dollar Email Templates is an ebook of 30 email scripts used and curated by Sumo and AppSumo to help develop business and client relationships.

6) Making Remote Work Work


PDF Guide $0.00 $17.00

Remote Control: Lessons from World-Class Experts & Entrepreneurs is an ebook that condenses over 20 hours of interviews into simple, actionable advice for a variety of industries.

Linkedin Outrach Bootcamp

PDF Guide $0.00 $19.00 check price here


LinkedIn Outreach Bootcamp is a 5-day course that teaches B2B marketers how to use LinkedIn outreach to consistently generate new clients.

Agency Survival Bootcamp

Video Course $0.00 $199

Agency Survival Bootcamp is an online course that teaches you how to sustain your business and find new growth in a down economy.

Final Words

I try to cover every important aspect that you should know about speechelo. In case I miss something important let me know by the comment section. I will happy to reply you.

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