Filmora Pro vs Camtasia 2020: Which Is Best?


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Wondershare filmora Pro vs Camtasia is like comparing a smartphone with a camera.

Camtasia is a software to record screen with video editing features. On the other side, filmora is the complete video editor including the screen recording facility.

In 2020 Wondershare has 2 video editor filmora9 and filmora Pro. I will compare the pro version with Camtasia because of Pricing. But I believe filmora9 is the best alternative. Here is the deep comparison of filmora9 with Camtasia.

In today’s article, I’m comparing filmora pro vs Camtasia in terms of

Let’s do this

Introduction The Competitors

Filmora Pro

In the starting Wondershare created filmora only. Soon as the company starts growing, they decide to shut down filmora and created filmora9 & Filmora pro.

These are few more products from Wondershare related to video editing

  • Filmora Scrn: For Screen recording (Camtais is the winner if you compare with it )
  • Filmora Go: Video editor for android and iPhone users.

Filmora Pro is a video editor for Professional users. Here is the dashboard of Filmora pro.

filmora pro dashboard


It is backed by Techsmith. Apart from this Techsmith has a few more products as well. For example Snagit. Snagit professional screen capture software with editing features.

Unlike wondershare Techsmith created Products that can help to existing Camtasia User. For example Video Review.

Video review is an online service that can be used to get a video review from your contacts. They can mark on a specific time to add comments.

Take a look of Camtasia Dashboard.

camtasia dashboard

Techsmith is a very old company with compare to wondershare. It has 65 million customers for all products while wondershare has only 600k customers.

Which is Best for Screen Recording?

First I decided to see which tool is Best for screen recording. Let’s see who wins the battle.


In Camtasia, you will get a Big RECORD button in the dashboard.

Camtasia allows you to record screen and web camera simultaneously. The cool thing in Camtasia is you can add mouse effects, adjust camera position, size, etc later on while editing.

Here is the screenshot of the left side mouse effects. These are just examples Camtasia has much more mouse effects.

Cursor effects in camtasia
These effects can customised

As I mentioned earlier you can change camera size, position while editing because it creates different layers of screen and camera as shown in the screenshot.

camtasia screen recording

Filmora Pro

Unlike Camtasia, you will not get a big RECORD BUTTON. To start recording under the media section go to New→Recording.

filmora pro recording

By doing it, popup will appear. To get more controls click on the gear icon Under RED Record Button. It will open more expand settings. Where you can apply mouse effects, and start camera recording, etc.

Filmora recording opions

Like Camtasia, You can Record webcam simultaneously as well.

This is the screenshot that I took before pressing the Record Button by Filmora pro.

Filmora screen and camera recording mac

But unlike Camtasia,

  • You can’t apply mouse effects once the recording is done
  • No customization of the mouse effects.
  • Can’t Change Camera position, size separately (Because it doesn’t create separate layers)

Winner:  Without a doubt, Camtasia is the winner in the screen recording. It Provides you plenty of controls. For example mouse effects, camera position, and size. That Filmora pro doesn’t have.

Harinder’s Take

Mac users who need basic editor with Don’t need to buy any of them. Because you can record screen by pressing ctrl+shift+5 and can do basic editing in iMovie. But for advanced editing go with filmora

Video Editing Features Comparison

Next, I wanted to see which tools are best for video editing. It is the most important thing for me.


Camtasia has a necessary editing feature. Few of them are

  • Trimming, Splitting, cut, delete
  • Basic control over adding text, transitions, Audio Editing
  • Speed Control, voice narration, Keyframing
  • Zoom, crop
  • Few options in color control (Brightness, Contrast, Saturation)
  • Blur video
  • Keyframe: It is used to move objects position, size, etc.

I know, I didn’t cover all features. You know it is not possible to write about every single thing. But I tried to cover major features that are widely used by users.

Tutorial of Editing videos

Filmora Pro

Filmora Pro is a complete suite for editing. You can almost find all features that you suppose.

Pro is a video editor for intermediate or advanced video editing.

All Camtasia features available in Pro. But the following features that are only available in Filmora pro But not in Camtasia.

  • Motion tracking: It allows to insert text or graphics that move position along with selected object. Checking the Following gif.
motion tracking
  • Animation: Camtasia has animation but FIlmora pro takes it to the next level. Moreover, you can customize them according to your needs. It’s better than Camtasia.
  • Advance color controls: in Camtasia, you will get 3 controls brightness, contrast, and saturation. Inside filmora pro at first glance, it can be overwhelming because of so much control.
  • Wrap and Distort: Have you seen video playing on someone else’s laptop. It is part of the wrap. Blur is part of distort but filmora pro takes it next level. For example, blurring in the heart icon.

The list goes on and on. You can do advance things for example cloning yourself etc.

Video walk through in case you want to learn more

Winner: Filmora Pro is the clear winner without a doubt. I didn’t find any single feature of Camtasia that isn’t cover Filmora pro.

In short filmora pro is for video editors who need advanced level editing.

On top of that, CUSTOMIZATION is on the next level. From the CUSTOMIZING Dashboard layout to Keyboard shortcuts, everything can be done easily.

Note: If you something super simple for keyframe and cartoon animation videos then check createstudio review here

Which Software is Easy To Use?

Video editing is not ROCKET SCIENCE. After testing many video editors I found that every COMPANY tries to keep things as simple as possible.

Video editing can be easy unless you don’t edit marvel movie


Camtasia is one of the easiest video editor. But I have to view a few tutorials for some specific features. Its user interface is a bit different than what I have tested in the past. Still, it’s not complicated.

With 4 or 5 hours Training, Anybody can world class Camtasia Editor.

Filmora pro

Look! Filmora has a lot of advanced features as compare to Camtasia. Learning them will take some time.

But assume you want to do basic editing for example adding text, crop, split, trim, etc, Then It is a bit easy.

Similar to Techsmith wondershare has a great tutorial on filmora pro. These all are free. Moreover, Youtube is full of videos.

I guess One week training is enough to become world class Filmora Pro Editor.

Winner: Camtasia is the winner in easiness. Learning advanced features of wondershare filmora pro will take some time.

I believe that video editing is a skill. Like WAR having a better weapon is good learning how to use them precisely is best.

Speed: Which is Fast?

Before quickly jumping to end I want to provide system requirements for both products.


OSWindow 7 or higher (64 Bit only)macOS 10.13 High Sierra
ProcessorDual Core Minimum 2.0 GHz clock SpeedIntel Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 or AMD equivalent.
RAM4 GB minimum (8 GB Required for HD or 4k Videos)4 GB minimum (8 GB Recommended)
Hard Disk Space10 GB (SSD is recommended for 4k Videos) 
Graphic CardIntel HD Graphics 5000 or later
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later
AMD Radeon R5 240 or later
2 GB vRAM (4GB required for HD and 4K videos)
Intel HD Graphics 5000 or later
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 700 or later
AMD Radeon R5 240 or later
2 GB vRAM (4GB required for HD and 4K videos)

Filmora Pro

OSWindow 7 or higher (64 Bit only)Mac 10.12 or later
ProcessorIntel i3 or better multicore processor, 2GHz or above.Intel® Core™ i5 Processor with 4 CPU Cores
RAM4 GB minimum (16 GB Recommended)4 GB minimum (8 GB Recommended)
Hard Disk Space10 GB (SSD is recommended for 4k Videos)4 GB
Graphic CardIntel and AMD graphic card Acceptable (NVIDIA and AMD GPU’s are recommended for 4k or 60 FPS) 

Winner: As you guess Camtasia is faster than Filmora pro. On 8 GB Ram, speed was noticeable.

Don’t go with Filmora Pro in case your computer doesn’t have 16 RAM.

By the way, there is another video editor from Wondershare filmora9. I already mentioned it in the starting. In case your computer has 8 GB RAM & wants all Camtasia editing features at a small price ($69/lifetime) go with filmora9.


Pricing can make or break a game. Both products can be DOWNLOADED and TESTED free. Moreover, You will 30 DAYS MONEY BACK Guarantee on both software.


Techsmith will provide you free 30 days trial. The advantage of the free trial is no watermark over videos.

We all know that in the free plan most of the companies attach watermark which nobodies like.

The Paid Plan will cost $249.

Camtasia price

Pretty expensive, Right? Moreover an extra $50 for 1 year of maintenance. It includes updates, Priority support over the phone.

On the checkout, you will get upsell of Snagit. It is software to take screenshots.

The Camtasia single license can be used on two machines. Maybe first for you and second for your video editor.

I don’t take a lot of screenshots, so I have no suggestion should you buy this or not.

Filmora Pro

The free trial is unlimited but you will get watermark at the center of your video.

I am still unable to understand how it is cheaper than Camtasia although it’s much better in editing.

Filmora price

The lifetime plan will cost you one times $149. There are is no fees for updates, and support. That’s it $149 for lifetime access.

Flimstocks is another product of wondershare where you will get extra effects, music, stock photos & videos, transitions, and text templates.

It is not necessary and not recommended for beginners especially if you are not EARNING anything.

Winner: Filmora pro is a no-brainer in front of Techsmith Camtasia. Camtasia is almost double with fewer features.


First of all, both companies provide training on how to use the product.

I don’t think so that you can need to contact support unless you are facing a specific problem. For example, you are unable to launch or something similar.

I never contact any of them before writing this article. I send the following message to both companies.

HI, I have two computers windows and mac.
 Is it possible to use Camtasia on both devices with one license?

Camtasia: Contacting Camtasia is pretty much straightforward. A Chatbot is available on the contact page.

Apart from LIVE CHAT users can submit a support ticket as well. I contact using live chat. And here is the result.

camtasia live support

I got a reply under a minute. I wasn’t expecting this. Techsmith is super fast in the support.

Filmora pro

Like Techsmith you will get live chatbot on all support and contact pages.

But it isn’t live chat. This chatbot can answer by showing you multiple questions. In the answer, It will show you a specific web page URL.

Filmora support

Obviously it isn’t better than humans.

So I decided to submit the ticket by choosing third option of chatbot.

On the contact page, it shows me certain options. I have click on OTHERS because It needs key if chose any other. I want to see support without any key as TechSmith didn’t ask me anything. Then I fill the form. Mention all details along with the email address.

I got reply back after 2 hours

Filmora support

Winner: Camtasia again beat Filmora pro. As I mentioned earlier generally you don’t need to contact them. But anyway, Techsmith’s support is better than Wondershare.

Filmora vs Camtasia: And The Winner Is

Answer of this questions depends upon your needs.

Camtasia can great choice if 
  1. You want to Record screen and web camera simultaneously
  2. You Need Easy to Use Basic Editor
  3. Your Computer has 8 GB or less Ram.

Perfect for Teaching, Showing presentations, course creation, etc.

Filmora pro can be great choice If 
  • You need a Basic screen recorder
  • Professional-level video editor
  • Have time to learn video editing.

Perfect For Professional Video Editors, Freelancer, Business Owners (Good For Product launch videos)

If you still haven’t made your mind. Let me know by the comment section. Tell me what are your requirements, I will tell you which is best for you.

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    • First of all, filmora9 has a screen recorder. The only limitation is you can’t change camera position once the recording is done. Mouse effects are also limited.
      Coming to combination, well when you want to save money it will good combination

  • Hi Harinderpreet, I’m creating an online course and want to upload instructional videos in certain modules, so I’m leaning toward Camtasia for ease of use/learning rather than Filmora. I think, for my purposes, the shorter learning curve is worth the extra money and less powerful editing aspects. Would welcome your thoughts?

    • Yes, Camtasia is great for teaching videos. Use code HNYCAM20 to get extra 20% savings. Please use my affiliate link
      It will cost you save money But I will get a small commission from your order. Camtasia also doesn’t need a powerful computer.

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