Powtoon vs Renderforest: Which Is Best In [currentyear]

Powtoon & renderforest are very popular tools for making explainer videos, doodle videos, etc.

From the distance, you may think these two tools do similar things. However, when I get deeper I found both are targeting different kinds of peoples.

I hope you are looking for a comparison of things that are common inside both tools. In short, Renderforest is more like done for you while powtoon is a complete tool to build something from scratch.

Anyway, let’s dig into comparison

Introduction the Competitors

Renderforest is a kind of all in one service. It does multiple things. Here is what is possible with renderforest.

  1. Cartoon Explainer Videos
  2. Doodle Videos
  3. Online video editor
  4. Logo intro
  5. Logo maker
  6. Website Builder
  7. Music Visualizer
  8. Edit Mockup
  9. Make graphics

The best thing you can use renderforest for free. However, the free plan is very limited and your videos/website will be watermarked.

On other side, powtoon is tool for making explainer videos. It can make

  1. Cartoon Explainer Videos
  2. Doodle videos
  3. Screen Recording
  4. Presentation
  5. Infographics Videos
  6. Online videos editor

I imagine you are looking for a comparison of features that are common in both tools. So I not gonna discuss things that only powtoon/renderforest can do.

Powtoon vs Renderforest

Powtoon is really advance tool for making animation videos. Its library is big enough, you have pre-made templates and other assets.

Recently powtoon added the ability to create custom characters. Now user you can customize from eye wrinkle to clothes.

Not to forget, you can are getting thousands of pre-made characters & other assets inside powtoon. All characters come with ready-made actions that can be applied with one click. There are two types of cartoon characters.

  1. Cartoon
  2. Modern Edge

Modern edge can be customized from top to bottom and these characters also have more pre-made actions.

By the way, you can also mix cartoon videos with real videos, doodle videos, or anything that powtoon allows users to create.

The one thing that I don’t like about powtoon is you can’t add one action after another action. You have to bring the character again into the scene.

Powtoon videos examples: Following videos are made by powtoon users.

On other side, Renderforest offers you pre-made stuff. It is very famous for logo intro but powtoon can’t do it, So let’s not talk about this.

Its cartoon characters are a bit different from anything else that I have tried in my past. Here is an video example.

Unlike powtoon, you can’t customize characters. Another downside is limited characters. The positive side you can find all kinds of pre-made action. Basically renderforest focuses more on pre-made stuff instead of offering a lot of options.

While making videos, I realize I can’t change the position or other small things. Basically, you have pre-made stuff. Take it or leave it.


As I mentioned above, renderforest is kind of done for you. You can also paste your script it will use AI technology for making video. Obviously, you can customize it later on.

Not only explainer videos, doodle videos & logo intro is also don’t offer a lot of customization.

At first, I wonder is there any serious company using this too? Later on, I found a lot of big companies are using logo intro and explainer videos such as tesla, Vodafone, Sony music, etc.

In my real life, I have seen speechelo sales video made using renderforest. Speechelo is text to speech solution that generated millions of dollars in sales. So yeah it is pretty solid too.


I think no tool is the winner here, it depends upon the person’s needs. If you are looking for more customization then powtoon is better. In case you are looking for pre-made stuff & all in one tools for running the business then renderforest is best.

Renderforest can be a great choice for small business owners. You can build the website, make videos, logo, or other small things to run your business. Buying everything can be costly than a renderforest subscription.

As your business grows, maybe you can buy expensive software that are best in their specific field.


Price is something that can make or break the game. powtoon is really overpriced. Especially when you are buying a monthly subscription.

Here is powtoon pricing.

$89 monthly or $228 annual ($19/month)$197 monthly or $708 annual ($59/month)$1188 annual (monthly plan isn’t available)
5 exports per monthUnlimited ExportUnlimited Export
Up to 10-minute video (HD)Up to 20-minute video (Full HD)Up to 30-minute video (Full HD)
Character Outfit CustomizationCharacter Outfit Customization
Character Face Customization
Third-Party Resell Rights
Upload Custom Fonts

Powtoon also has a strange refund policy. They have a 14 days refund policy. However, if you export a video, you are not eligible for a refund.

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In case you are making mind for powtoon make you are test free plan aggressively.

On other side, renderforest price isn’t complicated like powtoon.

Here are the monthly plans.

300 MB Storage10 GB Storage20 GB Storage40 GB80 GB
Unlimited 360p video exports7 Export Per month (720P)18 HD720 or 6 HD1080 videos per month60 HD720 or 30 HD1080 videos per monthUnlimited 1080P Videos
Up to 1 -minute videosMax 5 Minute Video15 Minutes Video Length30 Minute Videos Length60 Minute Videos Length
Access to 200k+ Stock videosAccess to 200k+ Stock videos500K+ Stock Videos500K+ Stock Videos500K+ Stock Videos
Watermark on Everything50 + Commercial Music track100+ commercial music tracks200+ commercial music tracks200+ commercial music tracks
Reseller license
Free forever$6.99$9.99$19.99$49.99

Pay As you Go plan: Basically you can pay to render one video into high quality & without a watermark.

pay as go plan renderforest

Final Words

I have used both powtoon & renderforest. Believe me, both are great, powtoon is definitely overpriced.

On black Friday they offered an agency plan at just $384 for one year. Bad luck for those who missed the deal.

Renderforest is very popular for its logo intro or intro maker. It’s templates are really great.

I hope you like this article, if you have question or query let me know by the comment section. I’m here to help.

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