Screenflow vs Filmora: Which is Better 2020?


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Before writing I single word I want to inform you that wondershare has 3 video editors.

  1. Filmora Scrn: For screen Recording
  2. Filmora9: Video Editor For Creators
  3. Filmora Pro: Professional Video Editor for intermediate or advance users

Most of the time I will compare ScreenFlow with filmora scrn and sometimes filmora9.

Filmora pro is an advance editor. It's definitely better than ScreenFlow in editing but difficult to use. In case you have a special editor then it's good.

I going to compare screenflow with filmora in the terms of

  • Screen Recording
  • Video Editing Features
  • Easiness
  • Price

Screen Recorder: Which is Better Screen Recorder?

First I want to see which is best in screen recording.


Screenflow is just ready for the recording. When you launch it opens the following dialogue box where you can start recording with a button.

If you have noticed there is a second slide that can open by select dot available above the RED record button.

The second slide allows you to control the frame rate, set recording time, and timeline frame rate.

Once you start recording you can stop from the menubar. if you noticed Screenflow also allows you to record your IOS device. Just connect your iPhone by cable.

It maximum frame rate is 30 FPS.

Filmora Scrn

On the other side filmora asks for what you want do. Here is the screenshoot.

filmora scrn

I never used Quick Capture. I click on the Gear Icon and customize small details like frame rate, devices, etc.

filmora scrn

As you can see, there are some settings. You can select a specific area rather than the whole screen. Filmora can record frame rate up to 120 that’s its advantage over ScreenFlow.

It also allows you to control frame rate for Camera as well.

Winner: Please note all screen editing features camera position, mouse effects will be compared in the Video editing section.

So for recording Filmora scrn is Better. The same words are true for filmora9. Because you can record up to 120 FPS. It also allows the control camera frame rate.

Let’s think like a common man without discussing technical details. I will say for both are equal. Because you can record the screen and camera in good quality.

Which is Better in Video Editing?

Next I want to tell which is Better video editor


If you use any video editor then at a first glance screenflow looks simple.

But as I get deep inside, I found it has probably all features that you need for editng.

you probably editing your Recording videos. Some cuts, Text Here and there, screenshots and etc.

While Text adding you can custom Presets or style that you can use in upcoming projects.

Screenflow come with animation. Meaing You can move object position, change size as video is playing.

Screen Recording options mouse effects is also available inside screenflow.

There is also annotation support. But it contains only a line, square, rectangle, circle and pencil as shown in the screenshot.

screeflow anootation

Another Cool feature of ScreenFlow is it can access photos app content and iTunes audio library. You can add content from the finder as well.

itunes support

Apart from this there are plenty of things available for example chromekey, video effects, color effects. So many controls while bluring a video.

Filmora Scrn

Inside the filmora, you can also do simple things. For example Split, Trim, Text adding, Mouse effect, etc. It also has more annotations than ScreenFlow.

What you can’t Do in filmora is animation. There is no support for the keyframe. Also, there is no support for chrome keys and effects.

Adding Text is straightforward but you can’t apply animation. Moreover, it also does not allow us to save custom presets. But it pre-made presents.

Winner: Screenflow is the clear winner here. Filmora scrn can also do simple things.

But for making professional video ScreenFlow for example a video course ScreenFlow is better. For screen recorders, it’s a full video editor.

Easiness: Which is Easy to use?

Screenflow dashboard

screenflow dashboard

Filmora scrn dashboard

Both works are the layers. While using both software I discovered that ScreenFlow is smoother than filmora scrn.

if you have MacBook air then going with filmora scrn is not a good option. You may face lags while heavy editing.

It’s difficult for me to pick one editor. Both Editors are easy to use.

Price And Winner IS

Both companies unlimited free trial to text there products. The only disadvantage is watermark.

Watermark is something that ruins any video. One thing that I didn’t understand is why there is Demo Mode written instead of ScreenFlow after exporting.

Here is pricing table of both.

ScreenFlowFilmora Scrn
Free Trialunlimited, with a watermarkunlimited, with a watermark
OSMac onlyMac and Windows

No doubt, filmora Scrn has the advantage of price. In fact, if you include filmora9 which is a video editor still it is less than ScreenFlow.

But using both will ruin productivity. A lot of already know about Camtasia. Recently I compared it with filmora pro.

If I have to choose between ScreenFlow and Camtasia I will pick ScreenFlow. Because

  1. It’s Cheap
  2. Its Performance is better than Camtasia

Anyway, let’s come back to screenflow vs filmora

Screenflow can good Choice if 
  1. You want to Professional Screen Recorder with powerful Editing features

For example Course Creators, Screen Tutorials, etc.

Filmora Scrn can good Choice
  • If you record Games Play Because it can record up to 120 FPS
  • Need High-Quality Screen Recording So you Edit using other Powerful Software, For example, Filmora Pro

Example: Gamers, Need High Quality Screen Recording

Filmora9 alone is good for a simple screen recorder with powerful editing features.

Filmora Scrn + Filmora9 vs ScreenFlow

I will still suggest you screenflow


Because using both will ruing your productivity. Another thing filmora9 does not contain a keyframe.

But apart from it will powerful editor than ScreenFlow. One key point that you also need to know is filmora9 has a build-in recorder.

It can record both screen and camera simultaneously including mouse effects as well.

But, you can’t change camera position, size, mouse effects once the recording is done. You can edit like other videos.

Cost of both programs is $29+69= $98 which is still less than screenflow.

There are a lot of products editors available. Every product has its own Pros and Cons.

Screenflow is great for course creators or anyone who need a screen recorder with editing features. The only thing that I miss is no text templates and a few annotations. Otherwise, it’s a great tool.

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