How To Get Spotify Premium Free on iPhone

If you are looking for a method to turn your normal account into a premium Spotify account because you don’t like ads & other limitations then you are on the right page.

Here I will publish a step by step guide on how to turn on your free account into premium with proof.

Benefits of Getting Premium Version For Free

  1. Better Sound Quality: In the free version you have 160kbps sound quality. But in the premium sound quality is 320 kbps.
  2. Some Songs are unavailable at Free Version
  3. No Ads: One of The best reason to upgrade on premium version is no ads.
  4. Offline listening: Another big benefit of having premium version. Not all area have a good netflix.
  5. Unlimited Skips: Last but not least you have unlimited skips

This method will work, it doesn’t matter either you are using iphone4, 4s, x, XR, or the latest iPhone 11.

Actually, this method isn’t limited only to IOS devices. You can also use this method for any device.

Using is a service that can turn your free account into a premium. But don’t rush to click on it. Read the full article to know how to use step by step

It will charge you little money, only $4.99 for a premium account. You might be, It is not free.

Well, you are absolutely right, this is not free. But it is the best way to get premium account at few bucks. It is platform independent, you can use the same account on iPhone, android or any other device.

It also provides you all features. Some crack apps, just stop the ads doesn’t provide you better sound quality.

If you want to learn more then following these steps.

First of all, go to the website & click on the register & Create your account.

free Spotify account

Once your account is created then go to Purchase from the top navbar. Enter your email & enter how many emails you want to purchase.

Then select how you want to make payment. I will choose PayPal you can also make payment using cryptocurrencies

Spotify premium free

Once you make a payment you will see something like this. Click on go to accountbot.

go to accountbot button

Then you will see your key & payment status. tutorial

Now Go to the Upgrade tab from the navbar. tutorial

In the first step, enter your Spotify account details, If you don’t have then create your free account. Then enter your key. Select country

Make sure you agree with the terms, verify captcha & then click on upgrade. tutorial

Wait for the few seconds.

Then check your Spotify account, It will premium as you can see in the screenshot.

getting spotify account using

For any reason, if your account stopped working then you can replace your account go to the replace section from the navbar.

How to Make Money with

If you can’t digest the $4.99 bill then you can refer your friends to use In return, you will get 20% their commesion.

So you have to just refer 10 peoples for getting Spotify premium free. Because it is a working service, you will get have a problem to refer your friends.

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Method 2: Spotify Free Trial

We all know that Spotify offers a free trial for one month. In some areas, this trial is up to 3 months.

You can get a free trial for a month by your credit card. Next month you can use your Dad then your mom’s credit card.

In fact, you can even get free virtual credit card from websites such as icard

But this method best works for desktop users & android users. Sometimes, iPhone users get caught doing this. Then Spotify doesn’t allow free trial.

But still, you can give a try to this method. But don’t forget to cancel the account before the billing date.

You can set an alarm on your phone so you don’t forget to cancel the free trial. These are the steps of cancel free trial.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Under Your plan, Choose Change plan.
  3. Scroll to Spotify Free and click cancel premium.
  4. Continue through to the confirmation message.

Method 3: Spotify++ Via Appvalley or TweakApp

Chances are high as a IOS user you already know about appvalley & tweakapp. If Yes, then you can get spotify premium from the appvalley.

if you don’t know, no worries. Appvalley is an independent USA app distribution service for IOS users. In simple words, It is an app store alternative. Here you can find pirated/ crack apps for free.

How to use Appvalley

First of all, open this page in safari browser if you are using Chrome or something else.

Then Click Here. it will show you popup as shown in the screenshot. Click on the Allow button. It will download a profile on your iPhone

downloading appvalley

Once the download is complete, you will see the profile downloaded popup. After that go to your phone settings. You will see the new Menu Profile Downloaded. Click on it.

installing spotify premium on the iPhone by appvalley
If you didn't then go to General then Profiles & Device Management 

You need install the profile, It will ask your passcode for this.

installing spotify premium on the iPhone by appvalley

Now launch the appvalley from the home screen and go to the search section. Here type spotify. It will show you several options. Choose Spotify++

Spotify premium free
The app isn’t compatible with a notch design, that’s why you are seeing this type of screenshot

When you click on the Get button, A popup will appear to choose to ask about installation permission.

installing spotify premium on the iPhone by appvalley

Click on the install to download the app, You see the download progress on the screen like other apps.

Once the installation is complete when you try to open the app you will see an error. Untrusted Enterprise Developer

installing spotify premium on the iPhone by appvalley

To fix this error, go to again Settings→General→Profile & Device Management. This time choose Qingdao hair Technology Profile as shown in the screenshot. Then click on trust to fix the error.

installing spotify premium on the iPhone by appvalley
Android users Don't Get Disappointed, You can use also download the moded Spotify app for android users.

Methods That Doesn’t Work Anymore

While writing this article I have tested several other ways to get Spotify premium for free. Followings ways will just waste your time.

By Cydia Impactor: Few years ago it was working method to install the Spotify++ on the iPhone. But today you can’t get Spotify++ file from the internet. Spotify++ ipa file is important for installation part.

Appvalley is working method, doesn’t require any computer so why use this method when you have appvalley.

Spotify username & Passwords: There are a lot of websites that provide fake username of password by mentioning these are working premium accounts. Most bloggers do this because other bloggers do.

Some people do it to increase the length of article, it helps them to rank in google. Anyway, moral is don’t waste your time in trying fake login accounts.

By Blocking Ads Using Host files: Some computer geeks knows how to block Spotify ads on the computer.

No doubt, you can block the ads, but this isn’t premium. Still you are missing a lot of features such as better sound quality. To get benefit of all premium features I use & recommend service.

Final Words

No Doubt, spotify premium is much better than free version especially when you are get at few bucks or cheap price. The first method works almost with all platforms.

The service is provided by accountbot. The also provide other accounts at few bucks such as headspeace, skillshare, hulu etc. You can read the complete review here.

Anyway, I hope this article helped you to find the solution. In case you have a question let me know by the comments section.

You can also share your feedback through comment section.

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