Sqribble Price & OTO Info: Why Simply It is Not Worth The Price

Probably you found Sqribble by Facebook ads. Now you want to know sqribble pricing, coupon code or honest review then you are on the right page.

In this up-to date review I will cover:

Why Trust Us?

Hi, my name is Harinderpreet Singh. I own this blog globalbestoffer.com. I love reviewing software & web-based products. I personally purchased the sqribble & made few ebooks with it.

Every single word is written by me. I used Sqribble templates except this you will get so much value from these ebooks content for free. Click on the ebooks to read them.

Sqribble ebook
Sqribble Ebook
Sqribble Bonus

Sqribble Demo: Creating an Ebook

If you prefer videos the following video is for you. Text lover Ignore the video. Fast forward to 14 minutes to view sqribble demo.

How to Sqribble in 9 Easy Steps

  1. After Purchasing your Login credentials will be mailed you. After login, you will see something like this.
    Sqribble editor
  2. Click On the Template from the menu bar. Then Chose Template that You like. Under Every Template, you will get a preview button. Search and Category is also available.
  3. When you have selected a template. Click on the Use button.
    Sqribble editor
  4. It will ask you the Project name and Editor. (Choose any editor)
  5. In the project selection, I will go with Create your Ebook.
    Sqribble editor
  6. Then it will take a couple of seconds. To Create New Element, For example, Heading, Image, etc hover Over any element and click on Plus (+) Icon.
    sqirrle review
  7. Select Whatever you Want to Add. To edit Text simple click on it. For Changing position hover cursor over Move Element then hold the click and drag & Drop where you like
  8. To Change other settings like Width, Height, padding hover over the element and click on the Settings icon.
  9. Adding New Page is similar to Elements. Hover the Page End then chose + icon as shown in the screenshot.

When you are done Go to Generate Ebook from Top Bar. Save button will save your current edits. Next time you will get everything as you left in the project tab.

If you confused about Using it head over Training Section.

Sqribble Pricing & OTO Information

As you can see, you are getting a lot of things in this upsell. In the front end version, you will just have 50 templates.

Sqribble will cost you $67 one time fees. It comes with 30 Days satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. (With Discount Code It is only $29).

But the story doesn’t end here. They have 4 more One Time Purchases. I don’t recommend all upsells but Few of them are important.

Front END

Price $19 with coupon code otherwise $67 Check sales page

  • 50 Templates That are designed For All major niches such as health, marketing, fitness, technology, Finance, etc.
  • Commercial License
  • Pre-made website
  • Training Videos

OTO 1 Sqribble Professional

Price: $97 Salespage Check Here |

Here in this upsell you will get following new features.

  1. 150 templates
  2. 99,000 Pre Written articles of All niches
  3. 8900 Extra Stock images
  4. 900 New Page layouts
  5. 800 Mix & Match Templates
  6. Agency License
  7. N0 limit on storage: Unlimited storage
  8. Free Future Updates

2 Sqribble Prime

Price $47 Salespage here

This upsell is not for everybody especially if you just want to make only 2-3 ebooks.

But if you make ebooks on regulars biases, you probably don’t want to use the same designs again & again.

That’s where the Prime come in. With this upsell you can get 15 new templates every month.

You will get keep getting new templates every month for 1 year. Let’s do some math here.

Total templates = 15*12= 180
With our coupon code is will cost you 43.71. So one template will cost you $0.242

Once again if you don’t have ebooks on regular basis then it is not for you

3) Sqribble Fantasia 3D

Price $77 Salespage Here

Fantasia 3D is two in one solution. It can turn your ebooks into flipbooks and It can create 3D covers as well.

If you are wondering what is flipbook then check an example here that is generated from the sqribble.

Convers are important We all know that. Here are a few sample covers that I have generated using Fantasia 3D.

Sqribble ebook
Sqribble Ebook
Sqribble Bonus

4 Auto Job Finder

Price $197 SalesPage Here

This is the last upsell of Sqribble. Basically, this is a web-based software that can help you to find freelance jobs from famous freelancing websites such as freelancer, Golance, 99design, PeoplePerHour, Aquent, FlexJob, Krop, and Behance.

Just type the keyword and it will find jobs that contain your typed keyword. So if you are planning to make money by building ebooks for other people then it can help you.

For sure, you can find all those jobs, but it can automate your work. Within seconds you can find all jobs & then use pre-made Proposal templates so they hire you instead of others.

But Don’t Get me wrong here. Freelance Business Takes Time. For sure you can save your time Because just typing the keyword It will find jobs. But Getting Hired by a Client is another thing.

Moreover, It does not help you find Jobs of Upwork, fiverr.

Discount Codes

As Shown in then screenshot this code will save your $37 for the front upsell.

Sqribble discount code

Not Only this I have coupon code for upsells as well.

You will Find Coupon Code Table Blow.

Steps to Apply

  • Click Here for Sqribble Page.
  • Then Click on Any CTA Button like Get Sqribble.
  • Type the Discount Code and Click On Apply.

That’s it.

Product NameCoupon Code
Front EndFront End PriceYUMMYEGGS
1 UpsellSqribble ProfessionalSUPERMAN ($10.67 OFF)
2Sqribble PrimeNORECURRING ($3.29 OFF)
3Fantasia 3dDISNEY ($3.08 OFF)
Guarantee30 Days Satisfaction Money back (No Question Will Be Asked)

If you didn’t use any upgrade then it’s perfectly normal. I believe Sqribble front end still can help to generate leads or to do freelancing.

Pros of Sqribble

Drag & Drop Builder: The position of Every element can be adjusted by dragging and Drop. It is like Page Builder. Where you can see what you are building.

Editing Sqribble

Multiple Option of Adding Content: Unlike other pdf creating software you have written by yourself. But in the scribble, you will get the following options.

  • Grab Content From URL: In the starting, I was Skeptical about it But It works Like Charm
  • Manually Write Content
  • Copy-Paste Content
  • Upload Word File
  • Use Sqribble Pre-made Articles
Content Adding option

3D Covers and Flipbook: Did you Know People Pay More money to Design Ebooks than writing? Why, Because they write themselves they just need someone to convert into pdf format. It’s 3 OTO is all about creating 3D ebooks and Flipbook.

Here is the screenshot of 3D covers that you use to create a custom cover.

Sqribble 3d Design

One Time Fees and Cloud Base Application: Although there are additional OTO still it’s cheaper than Hiring an ebook creator and designer

Covers All major Niches: Regardless of what is your niche You can find a template for your industry in Sqribble. It covers the following niches.

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Betting & Trading Systems Business
  • Investing and Finance
  • Computer, software and internet
  • Education, Employment & Jobs
  • Fiction
  • Sports
  • Games
  • E-Business, E-Marketing (Digital Marketing, Affiliate, etc)
  • Home Food & heath
  • Languages
  • Mobile & Smart Devices
  • Parenting & families
  • Spirituality & Religion
  • Travel

Moreover, you can create a design from scratch. Assume You Didn’t Find anything related to your niche then grab an image from the internet and rest of part create with the help of other templates.

Comprehensive Training: I believe in Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.

Apart from How to Use Sqribble, You will also get training about Lead Generation and How to Create Funnels. I personally watched a few videos.

For Beginners It is Pure Gold.

Other Small Features

  • Build-in Icons
  • Stock Images Library
  • Save Projects to Edit Ebooks In Future
  • Google Font Families
  • All Formatting settings. For example size, color, bg color, padding, alignment, margin, shadow, and many more features
  • Live Preview: Unlike writing blog posts It is live editing similar to Any page Builder.

Cons of Sqribble

Pre-made Articles are average Quality: I expected this. Because no one cares about your customers or subscribers more than you.

Nobody in the world can create better content unless you pay a handsome amount of money. I will advise you to use to Grab someone else content and at the end of the ebook give credit to the author.

Upsells Can Confuse beginners: There are a total of 4 upsells. I already advise you which is necessary and which isn’t. But for other users that might be confusing.

Less Elements Options: Sqribble only allows you to insert heading, paragraph, image, bullet list, button, and a rectangular block.

It means you can’t insert ordered list, label and table.

Slow Speed: Sqribble is really slow. Maybe because their user base is growing and the team is not investing in resources.

Full of Bugs: The other day while writing the ebook I have inserted a bullet list. Inside the editor, it was looking but when I generate the ebook, it showed a blank screen, here is the screenshot collage.

sqribble bugs

As you can see after it is a tool that is showing me empty space instead of the text that I pasted. I did try it other time and it worked fine, yet it is not cool.

Customization: You can’t customize a lot. For example, in case you can want to change the text colour. You can’t change the whole ebook text colour at once. You have to do it for every single element.

There is also no undo & redo buttons. That is really annoying for sure.

With these limitations I can’t recommend sqribble to anyone. If you are thinking I have read other bloggers reviews.

Everyone is saying it is great, well it is because Adeel (Sqribble founder) invites new affiliates by facebook ads.

In fact, he runs a contest every month so affiliates it his offer seriously. Here is an email that Adeel send to sqribble affiliates.

As I told you sqribble is not a great product. That’s why a lot of affiliates receive a high refund rate. Here are few screenshots.


The first screenshot is from an affiliate that I found on Facebook. The second screenshot is from my friend who got a 100% refund rate. All of his affiliates asked for a refund after making a purchase.

So sqribble is also not good for the affiliates as well.

Alternative Solution that you Can try

If you are looking for a Sqribble alternative then try Designrr. You can get designrr at one time fees $27 only.

Here is complete comparison of Sqribble vs designrr.

Final Words

I can’t recommend sqribble at any condition. I know other affiliates are aggressively promoting it.

However, that is not my style. Just promoting product for making money. If you want more honest review from my site then make sure subscribe to mailing list.

If you have any question or query then let me know by the comment section.

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