Toonly vs Animaker: Which is Best For Animation Videos?


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There is a lot of chaos going on in the market about Toonly and Animaker. Many people are comparing these two tools.

Some people who want to make cartoon type explainer videos are confused between these tools. They are not sure about which one they should purchase.

I have tested out both the tools by myself and have come up with some pointers which will help you decide for yourself.

I am not going to be biased with any of this software and nor going to adding anything extra. All the things are my honest reviews about the product.

I will give you the core idea of both tools and then will compare both the tools.

What is Toonly?

Toonly is the cartoon type explainer videos creator software which is available for windows and Mac as well. Toonly is the web-based software which means you need to have an internet connection. It does take all the assets from the cloud itself.

You get many scenes, backgrounds, characters, audios, text animations and objects in toonly. Every character in toonly does have some unique actions which make them stand out.

You can always find the assets related to your content and put them in your timeline to work.

The layout and UI of the toonly software are friendly and easy to understand. Beginners will not have any problems while navigation through.

You get pre-made templates and scenes for almost every category you want if you are running out of time.

There are some nice features in toonly which I will describe below. You will get an idea about a few more things you can do with toonly.

Features of Toonly

I have found some unique features like lip sync in toonly that makes it stand out. Although, here are all the features of toonly that you need to know.

  • Lips Sync for characters based on the content
  • Each character have some unique actions..
  • Fast editing and previews
  • Suitable for any profession
  • Premade scenes available
  • Add custom voiceovers, photos, etc.
  • Install on multiple computers
  • Various output size options

You can read the in-depth review of toonly, where I have described every feature in detail.

Using all of the above features, you can surely make some useful videos for your profession. YOu have got the things you want. Yet, personally, I fell there are few things missing.

I found that the library of the assets such as scenes, props, background or fonts is not that extensive as they claim. I discovered that there are not enough options available as we can get.

When it comes to the fonts, you are getting only 3 or 5 text animations based on the standard or enterprise price, which is not enough. Even the font options are minimal. You can’t always use the same type of fonts or animations in all of your videos. That’s what I feel.

While I was exporting the longer videos (5 minutes +), most of the time, this software was crashing. I contacted their support regarding this, but I haven’t found any solution for it.

Here are some of the pros and cons of the Toonly that I found.

Pros of Toonly

  • Lips Sync
  • Uniques Actions for characters
  • Install on multiple computers
  • Easy to use

Cons of Toonly

  • Cannot import videos or other projects
  • Text templates are minimal
  • Lack of music library
  • Limited scenes, props and backgrounds
  • Crashes while making longer videos
  • Editing existing projects is a bit hectic task.

Videos Made In Toonly

These are the YouTube videos from creators, which we can embed on our site.

What is Animaker?

Animaker is also a cloud-based animation maker tool which you can use to make animation videos for your business or projects.

You don’t need to download any software in your system to use Animaker. You can just log in and start using Animaker from their official website.

Animaker was one of the tools which people were talking a lot about. There was a lot of discussions going on related to Animaker.

Animaker does have one of the finest assets such as props, scenes, characters, backgrounds or audios, etc. They do have a too extensive library for that.

Let’s talk about the features you get in the Animaker.

Features of Animaker

  • Drag & Drop builder
  • Powerful character builder
  • 100M+ stock videos and photos
  • 1000+ premade templates available
  • Upload or edit 4K quality videos
  • Instant Resizing

There are much more features available in this tool. The things you can do with this tool are amazing.

You can make the live-action videos, business videos, cartoon videos, explainer videos with having full control over it.

I am impressed by the collection that they have for photos, videos and templates. There are various unique features for every character in this tool. Every object does have some individual identities.

The things you get in the collection are:

  • Characters
  • Props
  • Scenes
  • Backgrounds
  • Texts
  • Numbers
  • Special Effects
  • Sound Effects
  • Music
  • Voice Overs
  • Transition Effects
  • Upload custom assets

Yep! You are getting a lot of options. Animaker does have some unique collections that you will not found in any other animation tool.

There are also some bad things which I found in Animaker that I am going to share with you, such as the layout or the glitches in this tool. You might find many glitches while running this tool. The process is very time taking as it previews and loads all the objects in the runtime.

You might find the downtime in the site as well due to the load on the main servers,

Here are the overall pros and cons of the Animaker where you will get some idea.

Pros of Animaker

  • Free plan available
  • Extensive library
  • Many options with fonts, effects, etc
  • Easy to navigate
  • Arabic fonts available
  • Camera movement
  • Upload own assets

Cons of Animaker

  • Very slow due to heavy elements
  • UI and design is very cheap
  • Glitches and downtime might found.

With the well-detailed review of both the tools, I hope you have got the idea of them. Now I will compare both of the tools and will see who wins!

Videos Made In Toonly

These are the YouTube videos from Offical YouTube Channel, which we can embed on our site.

Toonly vs Animaker

I will cover many different points and will see where both tools stand. Each tool will be good at something and bad at something as well. We have to find the one which is best for us.

When it comes to the design of the tools, the UI of the Animaker is very glitchy and bad. They haven’t worked on making is minimal or simple. The stuff on the screen looks widen and doesn’t look such professional. The design interface of the Toonly is very professional and clean. It is very easy to understand.

If it is about the features, you get useful features in both of the tools. There isn’t anything that dominated the one over the other. The features are enough to make the best quality videos. So, it neutralises in the features section.

Asset library is something that is very important in the creator’s tools. Toonly does have a deficient number of assets in the library compared to Animaker. Having more options will always help you make more interactive and specific videos. Animaker will help you a lot in that. This is the most essential part to have in any tool.

You can use the free version of Animaker to get started. While that of in Toonly, you will need to purchase the subscription and the number of assets you get is very limited.

That is the only reason why I the one tool gives you more power over the other even if it has bad UI and glitches.

And The Winner Is

You might have already guessed the winner. Yet, I have to put some things in the box.

I have already reviewed many other animation maker software as well; that is why I know what things should be in the software from the point of user’s perspective.

According to Here is list

  1. Animaker
  2. CreateStudio
  3. Toonly

You probably thinking what is createstudio. It is an alternative basically desktop based software. But it offer a lot of thing toonly doesn’t for example

  1. Read-made templates
  2. 3D assets along with 2D assets (Character & prop images)
  3. In Buil Emoji
  4. Pixabay API
  5. Motion Builder

Here is in-depth comparison of toonly vs createstudio.

But for this article, we are just comparing the Toonly and Animaker, that is why we can’t jump out of the box and select any third tool as the winner.

When it is about the Toonly vs Animaker, then the

Winner is Animaker


Its is always better to go with the best one rather than going with the good looking one. You need the best options for making your videos.

If you are still confused, do let me know – I help you solve your confusion and get you the better deal.

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