Toonly vs Animaker: Which is Best For Animation Videos?

There is a lot of chaos going on in the market about Toonly and Animaker. Many people are comparing these two tools.

Some people who want to make cartoon type explainer videos are confused between these tools. They are not sure about which one they should purchase.

I have tested out both the tools by myself and have come up with some pointers which will help you decide for yourself.

I am not going to be biased with any of this software and nor going to adding anything extra. All the things are my honest reviews about the product.

I will give you the core idea of both tools and then will compare both the tools.

Introduction The Competitors

In the blue corner we have animaker.

animaker home page

Exist in the market since 2014. Animaker is all in one cloud-based solution. Here are the things that are possible inside Animaker.

  1. Cartoon Videos
  2. Doodle Videos
  3. Video Intro
  4. Text to Speech
  5. Slideshow
  6. Infographic videos

Recently animaker upgrade 2.0 version. Its previous version 1.0 was using flash. That’s why editor was slow for safari users. However with recent updates it become faster than ever.

One of the best things about Animaker is its cartoon characters’ actions.. There are close to 500 actions available for every character.

Not to forget you can also build your own custom character as well. Except cartoon videos it also does good job for making doodle and other videos mentioned in the above list.

In the red corner, we have toonly. That is launched a few years. Toonly is brxyen product, same company behind the doodly.

toonly dashboard

After seeing huge success with doodly toonly is launched. Unlike Animaker toonly can make only cartoon animation videos.

Although toonly is desktop software but still it needs an internet connection. It is kind of like a cloud-based solution. Its assets are limited comparing with Animaker.

Features Battle

If you don’t want to waste your time, let me give one line answer. Animaker is better than toonly in almost all areas.

First of all, it does multiple things however for this comparison I will only compare animation video creation features. I hope most of you are looking for this type of comparison.

Templates: If you are a super beginner to animation videos then pre-made templates can help you. Basically, templates are pre-made projects where you can need to change few things such company logo, and few text lines & any asset.

Animaker is template library is huge. There is a search available to find any kind of template. On the other side toonly doesn’t come with any pre-made templates. There are few scenes available but these are not helpful at all.

Characters: Another important feature of any animation software is characters. In the toonly enterprise subscription, you will 82 characters. This is a decent number. Similar to the Animaker every character comes with pre-defined actions.


On the other side Animaker, because the team is updating the 2.0 version, you are only getting 30 characters. At first, I thought toonly is the winner here.

However, as I dig deeper into it I found Animaker allows you to build custom characters. The numbers of custom character you can build depend upon your subscription.

custom character animaker

You can customize everything from top to bottom.

Another cool thing about Animaker is the character’s actions. I starting counting actions but I give up on 400. You are getting close to 500 actions for every character.

On top of that, you can customize the facial expression (It doesn’t matter which action you have selected). I didn’t find this feature in any other animation software.

This feature can bring emotion to your videos.

My choice is Animaker, you may like toonly because of having more number of characters. Animaker team is updating the software so soon it will surpass the toonly.

Other Assets: Except characters build in prop library is also pretty important. Animaker again crushes the toonly. Keep in mind, both platforms allows you upload own image as well.

However build in library is also important because adding other asset can consume a lot more time.

Inside toonly, you are getting 2,224 prop images. There is a search available as well. Inside Animaker you can’t count. Its library is divided into multiple categories, there is a search available as well.

Once again animaker is the winner here.

Text Library: Here I really disappointed from the toonly. Inside toonly you are getting only 5 text templates with minimal customization options.

In above mentioned toonly was justifying according to its price in Animaker. However, having only 5 text templates isn’t enough at all. No, you can’t upload your own font family as well.

Animaker not only has a lot of pre-made text templates. However, if you want to create everything from the scratch, it is also possible.

Animaker also allows you upload own fonts.

Toonly only has 5 text animation really basic. However inside Animaker, you are getting multiple text animations, check the screenshot.

Animaker text templates

If you scroll down you can find Hand animation. Basically, a hand will pull your text from the right, left, top, or bottom side, depending upon the side you have selected.

Animaker Only Features

Text to Speech: Animaker also allows you to make tex to speech. There are 40 languages available including english with different accent. Here is the sample voice that I have generated using animaker voice maker.

By the way, at globalbestoffer we have launched text to speech toonly. It is 100 free. You can get here more information with voice samples and sign up form

Image & Video Library: As I mentioned above that inside Animaker you are also getting a big library of stock images & Videos. You can also mix your animation videos with real footage.

Intro & Outro Videos: Animaker also has templates for making intro & outro. You can also build once from scratch.

Video Editor: Video editing is also possible with Animaker. Either you want to edit your own videos or trying to make a promotional video from stock footage, both are possible in Animaker.


Price is something that can make or break a game. Here is everything about price including upsell as well.

Upsell is an additional upgrade it is offered once you purchase front end product. Both products has multiple upsells.

Toonly Pricing

This is the screenshot that I took from toonly website. Sometimes toonly run $67 that is their standard plan.

But from my experience, enterprise plan is better. That will cost you $69 per month.

Toonly pricing

Animaker price

$120 annual or $20 monthly$228 annual or $35 monthly$468 annual or $97 monthlyCustom Price
5 Video Export Per month10 Video Export Per month20 Video Export Per monthUnlimited Downloads
HD quality Videos (720 p)Full HD quality Videos (1080 p)2k Videos4k Videos
per extra Download
per extra Download
per extra Download
No Extra charge
Custom FontsCustom Fonts
Commercial rightsCommercial rights
License to resell
Priority rendering
5 Custom Character15 Custom Character30 Custom CharacterUnlimited Custom Character
20 Animaker Voice (TTS)50 Animaker Voice (TTS)100 Animaker Voice (TTS)200 Animaker Voice (TTS)
5 GB Space For Uploading Own Files5 GB Space For Uploading Own Files10 GB Space For Uploading Own Files20 GB Space For Uploading Own Files

Try to avoid a basic plan because of limited assets. Go for starter and pro subscription.

Animaker vs Toonly: And The Winner Is?

I think it a lot more depends upon the needs. If you just getting started and want to create basic cartoon video maybe tooly is better for you because of price.

However, if you need something solid, all in one solution animaker is better for you. Here is table of covering both platforms pros & cons.

Pre-made TemplatesMore characters
Custom CharacterAffordable
A lot of pre-made actions
Text to Speech
Video Editor
Amazing asset library
Live Support
And Much More

The only complain I have for animaker is limited number of characters. That I hope that will able to solve in the feature.

Alternative Choice To Make

There is one recently launched software for making animation videos createstudio. It is affordable ($67) and definitely better than toonly. I miss only the speech synthesis feature. Basically, the character will move lips for giving speech effect.

Createstudio has 3D characters and you can also create doodle videos or create promotional videos. Here is the video example of createstudio.

You can read toonly vs createstudio comparison here.


It is always better to go with the best one rather than going with the good looking one. You need the best options for making your videos.

If you are still confused, do let me know – I help you solve your confusion and get you the better deal.

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