Doodly Alternative For Making Whiteboard Animation Videos

If you are looking for a doodly alternative then you are on the right page. Here I will cover the Best Doodly alternative.

Instead of writing hundreds of alternatives, I will write about only a few alternatives that I have tested personally. So you don’t make another search about that alternative.

By the way, you can also create doodle videos using any Video Editor such as Filmora. If you wonder how then watch the following video

Anyway, Here are the alternatives that you can try


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Without a doubt, videoscribe is the biggest alternative to Doodly. Basically is another software for making doodle videos.

Videoscribe has a lot of pre-made hands around 300 and you can save custom hand. On top of that, you can also select one hand for specific object and one hand for whole video.

Unlike Doodly, It has a camera effect instead of slides. Basically to go from one object to another as shown in the gif.


Without a doubt, it is much better than the Doodly slide effect. There are a lot of pre-made fonts in the videoscribe while doodly has only 3 fonts.

You can test videoscribe free for 7 days without entering a credit card. In that period your videos will be watermarked.

But videoscribe is not better than Doodly in every aspect. For example, It doesn’t have a glass board background option. It is available at monthly & annual subscription.

Its pricing keeps changing from country to country. In India, it will just cost you $96 while in the USA the cost is $168 for the same software.

But no doubt, it is one of the best software for making doodly videos.


If you are not familiar with vyond basically it is cloud-based solution for making explainer videos, doodle videos.

In other words, a combination of both toonly and doodly. Without a doubt, it is much better than both products.

But the only problem is the price. It is a very expensive software. It is not available at a one-time cost like doodly or toonly.

Its plans starts at $49/month and this Essential plan has watermark over videos. The next plan is premium that will cost you $89/month or $650 year.

It is good the only drawback is its price.


CreateStudio started as video animation software. But recently they have also included Doodle effect.

So now you can apply the doodly hand effect on the text. So basically you can mix cartoon videos with doodle videos.

CreateStudio is available at a one-time cost of $67. Its first upsell All-Access Pass that unlocks 150 templates & 40 characters etc is available at a monthly subscription.

So you can’t get at one time cost, that is downside.


Renderforest is kind of all in one solution. Similar to vyond it is also a cloud-based platform. But It does multiple things such as

  1. Cartoon Explainer Videos
  2. Doodle Videos
  3. Logo Intro
  4. Website Maker
  5. Logo maker
  6. Mockup Designs Etc

You can create a free account at the renderforest. It will not cost you anything. But your videos will be watermarked.

Here are the price of renderforest

300 MB Storage10 GB Storage20 GB Storage40 GB80 GB
Unlimited 360p video exports7 Export Per month (720P)18 HD720 or 6 HD1080 videos per month60 HD720 or 30 HD1080 videos per monthUnlimited 1080P Videos
Up to 1 -minute videosMax 5 Minute Video15 Minutes Video Length30 Minute Videos Length60 Minute Videos Length
Access to 200k+ Stock videosAccess to 200k+ Stock videos500K+ Stock Videos500K+ Stock Videos500K+ Stock Videos
Watermark on Everything50 + Commercial Music track100+ commercial music tracks200+ commercial music tracks200+ commercial music tracks
Reseller license
Free for Ever$6.99$9.99$19.99$49.99

If you just want to render one or two videos then you can go with pay as go plan.

pay as go plan renderforest

Renderforest is full of pre-made templates. You are never run out of options. But the problem with renderfoest is it doesn’t allow customization, Except a few simple things.

But still, it can considered as doodly alternative.


Probably a lot of you already know about the powtoon. Powtoon is also all in one solution. This is one of the biggest site for making cartoon videos.

You can test it free by making free account. Powtoon is the best solution for making animation videos.

You are never going to run out of pre-made templates or assets for the videos. But the problem with powtoon is PRICE.

It is expensive and its plan are created in such as way to force users for going to annual subsription.

Its Pro that will cost you $19/month in case you build annual or it will cost you $89 if you decide to go with monthly plan.

So yeah price is big issue in powtoon. But it is nice platform for making animation videos.


If you like powtoon & vyond and not ready to buy because of price then animaker is for you. Animaker is another cloud based solution for animation videos & doodle videos.

But it come at affordable price. Like powtoon you can test it features by making free account.

Honestly I didn’t play a lot of with animaker doodle videos. But for cartoon videos it offers some unique features for example you can change face reaction (sad, happy, angry).

That is obviously amazing. Animaker exist from years and definitely it is amazing platform.

Animaker is already used by big cooperates such as Amazon, HP, nokia, unilever etc. Similar to doodly you can also create glassboard and blackboard videos. On top of that, It has Stitchboard and notepad background option as well that even doodly is missing.

Paid plans start at $20/month that will cost you $10 if build annually.

Final Words

I hope you like this article and found some alternative to doodly. If you still doubt in mind which alternative is best one for you then let me know your requirements by the comment section.

I will happy to help you.

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  1. You forgot to mention Doodly’s outstanding customer service. I recently took advantage of their reduced-price offer and made a mistake when entering my email address. When I found that I could not access my account, I sent them an email. They responded quickly, then after locating my account in their system, they promptly identified the issue and corrected it for me. The entire process only took 24 hours! While I now need to learn to use the software. However, if the ease of download and customer service are any indication, the rest should be a breeze.

    • Personally, I haven’t tried our Indian font but I think you should try it. It come with 30 days money back guarantee. You can also ask them by facebook support


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