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In today’s article, I will review Doodly. A Software for making doodle videos (where hand draw the object).

If you are looking for deep doodly review with pros & cons, price & upsells then you are on the right page.

I will give few words about its alternative.

What is Doodly Exactly?

Doodly is desktop software available for both Windows or Mac Users. It can create whiteboard videos. Videos similar to the following gif.

whiteboard Videos

But not only this, it can create a glass board, dark board, green board, or custom color/image as well.

doodle videos

So it is more than traditional whiteboard video software. That can takes whiteboard videos to the next level.

Doodly recently introduced a marketplace where you can get pre-made templates, prop & character images at additional cost.

Video Demo: Software demo is something that isn’t possible with words. Here is the video walkthrough of Doodle software to know how it works etc.

Except for the whiteboard videos, it can crate glass board and blackboard videos too.

It works on drag and drops technology. Here is the demo video that will show you easy to use it.

Features of Doodly

  • ✅Drag & Drop Dashboard
  • ✅Install on Multiple Computers
  • ✅Add Own Custom Images.
  • ✅Preview Before Exporting
  • ✅Custom Text can be added. Animation also available for Text
  • ✅Add Custom Music and Record Your Custom Voice Over
  • ✅Large selection of male and female hand types
  • ✅Custom Drawn Doodle Sketch Images
  • ✅Royalty-Free Music
  • ✅Free Software updated

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Best Features of Doodly

These are some features that I like about Doodly.

  1. Custom Draw Paths: When you import your own photo inside a project by default it will start drawing from the left upper corner and end at the bottom right corner.

However, you can customize it completely. You will do with the help connecting dots. It will start from the first dot & end at the last dot.

  1. Glassboard & Custom Image Option: No other competitor has this feature. Seriously if you want to create professional glass board videos then Doodly is the best or only choice you have.
  2. Continuous Updates: Did you know that Doodly is launched in the year 2015. But still, people are using doodly because it keeps providing continuous updates.
  3. Import Own Font Family: Another feature that I love about Doodly is that you can import your own font family. If you are a professional video maker then you know the value of importing third-party fonts.
  4. Great Support: For Doodly customers there is a Facebook group. On top of that, you can also get support by email & creating a support ticket as well.
  5. Great library: Library size depends upon the subscription you have. Currently, there are only two plans. Standard & Enterprise.  Enterprise has a much larger number of characters. Characters are well-designed to make videos professional.

What I don’t Like About Doodly

Not everything is great. There are a few areas that I don’t like about Doodly.

The real cost is Hidden: If you want to create colorful videos then you need to purchase the Rainbow add-on. That will cost you an additional $67 one time.

On top of that, it has a course ($100) and market place. Although these two things are conmpletely optional.

Slide Effect: When you go from one slide to another it has a Slide effect. {gif}

It alternative videoscribe has a Camera effect that is much better than the Slide effect.

Limited hands: Another area where Doodly disappointed is the number of hands. Maybe 12 hands are enough But none of the hands can be used from the sliding element from the right, left side. All hands can only draw the elements

Only 3 Text-Templates: Inside the doodly, you have only 3 pre-made text templates. Although you can import your own fonts But lazy people like me need more pre-made templates. I think doodly really need improvement here.

Price & Upsells

Pricing is something that can make or break a game. Doodly sometimes offer a one-time deal $67 of their standard plan. That is generally $39/month. Anyway here is the pricing table 

$39 month or $20 month (Bill annually)$69 month or $40 month (Bill annually)
Create Unlimited VideosCreate Unlimited Videos
Use On Multiple Computers
Use On Multiple Computers
803 Character images
3,596 Character images
1,157 Prop images3,000+ Prop images
84 Scene Templates84 Scene Templates
100 Royalty Free Music Tracks150 Royalty Free Music Tracks
Access to doodly Club – Monthly Membership (Get New Characters & Images Monthly)

Without a doubt, the enterprise plan is much better than standard. I have used so belive me or upgrade later on.

But this isn’t enough for making videos. Did you know that you have to purchase the Rainbow add-on to create colorful videos?

Because none of these subscriptions has ability to create color videos.

The rainbow addon will add colors to an existing character or props that depends upon the plan.

Here is information about all other upsells including rainbow.

1. Doodly Rainbow

Price: $67

Rainbow is an addon that will help to create colorful videos. By default, everything is black and white pros and characters.

doodly raindbow

Using Rainbow you can add colors to your videos. That is obviously necessary for making engaging videos.

2. Doodly marketplace

Visit Here

The market place is their online service where you can purchase extra characters and pros in the bundle.

For example, in the Weight loss bundle, you will get pros and character that can help weight loss types of videos.

doodle videos

Price keeps varying bundle to bundle. On average it will cost you between $27-$37.

3. Doodly Elite Masterclass

Price: $97 Visit here

On purchase, you will get some videos that will explain doodly features.

But the company has even premium training on how to create amazing videos using Doodly.

I think it’s funny. I mean they created software then paid course on how to use software. 😂

Don’t you think it should be free.

In the end, Elite masterclass covers a lot of stuff that free videos don’t cover. My recommendation is to spend some time with free videos and youtube videos.

If in a few weeks you think that you suck at creating videos then purchase this course.

Real price of Doodly With Necessary UPsells

Standard version then upgrades to enterprise plan is necessary along with Rainbow.

Enterprise plan has more characters, pros which you will realise once you start creating videos. Rainbow is also important because we live in 21 century where color videos are must without a doubt.

That’ why real price of Doodly is

$69 monthly + rainbow addon $67

Rainbow is one time fees.

The cost can go up if you purchase any bundle from the marketplace. Probably a lot more than what you have expected in the first place.

Doodly Alternative 

Some people compare Doodly with Toonly. Although both are different software. If you want to know the differences then check this blog post. But if you are looking for software for animation videos then check createStudio. Definitely a much better choice than toonly.

The main competitor of Doodly is Videoscribe.  This is another software for making doodle videos.

And it is more popular as well. Here is the deep comparison. But if you need an answer in a few words then these are the pros & cons of Choosing Videoscribe over doodly.


  • Better Illustrations
  • Better Camera animation: In this camera move one object to another unlike doodly where it moves from one slide to another
  • More Font Options
  • More Hands
  • Import Images inside the project by providing URL.


  • No Custom Draw Paths
  • No Glassboard of Custom Image background option

Unlike Doodly they have a free trial for 7 days. You don’t have to enter a credit card for this. In the free plan, your exported video will have a watermark.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Does my Computer Need to Super powerful To make Videos with any lag?

No, Any computer with 2 GB of Ram can be used. Having 4 GB Ram is Great. You don’t need any Graphic Card.

What if I don’t like Doodly for any reason?

Doodly comes with 30 days money-back guarantee. This is a satisfaction guarantee. No matter what is your reason is they will refund your money. One of my friends did it. It is a legit company.

How is the Support

There is a Facebook Group where you can get help and clear your doubts. On Buying, they provide you a free video where users can learn How to use Doodly.

What payment methods are available?

Paypal, Or By Card. Currently, these are two payment methods are available.

Can I add My own Audio or Music Files?

Yes, you can, Moreover, you can Cut, Edit, split, Raise of Lower the Volume.

My Question is not to Listed here?

Let me Know by the Comment Section. I will happy to assist you.


No Doubt, Doodly is an amazing Product especially for Beginners who do not have any prior knowledge about Doodle Videos. I hope that My Review helped to make a decision is doodly for you or not.

If you still have any doubts in your mind or I didn’t answer your question then let me know by comment section.

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  • You forgot to mention Doodly’s outstanding customer service. I recently took advantage of their reduced-price offer and made a mistake when entering my email address. When I found that I could not access my account, I sent them an email. They responded quickly, then after locating my account in their system, they promptly identified the issue and corrected it for me. The entire process only took 24 hours! While I now need to learn to use the software. However, if the ease of download and customer service are any indication, the rest should be a breeze.

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